The most popular topics for discussion in VKontakte in 2015

The official page of the VKontakte team has a list of the most popular topics for 2015.It is based on an analysis of the number of publications and discussions of users of social networks.

Here is the top-10 most popular topics of the outgoing year .


  • 10. Show "Voice"
  • 9. "Star Wars: Awakening Force"
  • 8. Champions League
  • 7. Currency exchange
  • 6. Igil
  • 5. Crash of Su-24
  • 4. Terror acts in Paris
  • 3.The tragedy over the Northern Sinai
  • 2. Syria
  • 1. The 70th anniversary of the Victory

10. The Voice Show

The distinction of "Voice" from other entertaining programs is the lack of inter-command competition. That is, the competition for reaching the final is conducted within the teams of performers, and not outside them. In addition, Golos seeks a universal performer who can sing in different languages ​​and in several genres.

In September 2015, the winner of the 4th season of this music show on the basis of the audience vote was the 29-year-old Hieromonk Photius.

9. "Star Wars: Awakening the Force"

The continuation of the cult Star Wars led the rating of the films of 2015 and simply could not help but be included in the list of the most discussed events of the year. There are too many loyal fans of the movie. In addition, additional noise made an ambiguous choice of actors for the main roles. Black-skinned stormtrooper, a man like the young Severus Snape. .. No, we will not spoil him, let the reader see everything himself.

8. Champions League

The Petersburg football club "Zenith" together with the Belgian "Ghent" reached the 1/8 finals of the League. In case of victory of "Zenith", he would become the 6th team in the history of the League, which could win all the matches of the group tournament. However, the "Ghent" had its own plans in this regard, and the victory went to the Belgians with a score of 2: 1.

7. Currency exchange

Given that many VKontakte users make Internet purchases not only for rubles, it is not surprising that the fluctuations in the dollar rate raise the question: "Why does the ruble fall?"Yes, and the reasons for the depreciation of the national currency, nothing but grief does not cause, because it means a decrease in the purchasing power of Russians.

6. Igil

The crimes committed by representatives of this terrorist group( prohibited in Russia) are one of the most popular topics for discussion not only in Runet, but also beyond. And the head of the group was even nominated for the title "Man of the Year 2015".

5. Crash of Su-24

Sudden and unmotivated attack of a Turkish fighter on the bomber of the Russian Air Force led to a significant deterioration in Russian-Turkish relations. And although the sale of permits to Turkish resorts was terminated on the recommendation of Rosturizm, many Russian citizens wrote on the forums that they would not go to Turkey after the Su-24 incident.

4. Terror acts in Paris

The tragic events in the French capital are not the first terrorist attack in modern history, but the largest in terms of the number of victims in all of French history. In the death of peaceful people, the IGIL group is to blame. After these events, extreme right-wing sentiments have intensified in France, and citizens can be understood: so far the policy of tolerance and the reception of refugees does not justify itself.

3. The tragedy over the northern Sinai

The bombing on board the A-321 aircraft, in which tourists from Russia flew from Egypt, flew home from Egypt, caused a shock among the Russians. For the information about who organized the explosion and who executed it a huge reward - $ 50 million. At the same time, airplanes are still the safest mode of transport.

2. Syria

Information on the topic "what is there in Syria" eclipsed the relevance and discussion of the topic of Ukraine. In one of the polls by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center, 43% of respondents named Russia's actions in Syria as the most important event of this year.

1. The 70th Anniversary of the Victory

The memory of the victory of the Soviet people over fascist Germany does not disappear over the years. Therefore, on May 9, 2015, both Russians and citizens of other countries paid tribute to people whose unparalleled steadfastness and courage enabled them to protect the world from the "brown plague."

The Victory Parade demonstrated that the rating of our army and weapons is in high positions all over the world.