Top-7 of the best restaurants in Moscow for the New Year

Why go shopping for crab sticks, stand all day at the stove, prepare a variety of dishes, cut sausage with cheese and crumble salads, if you can safely get ready, dress nicely and go to a restaurant?

We selected seven of the best restaurants in Moscow for the New Year's Eve together with the hotel manager Romani. In the hotel's luxury rooms visitors can stay in Moscow, who decided to celebrate the New Year in the capital.

There and the decor is already thought out, and the festive table is covered with the dishes of the best Moscow chefs, and the entertainment program is developed with the participation of pop stars, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. Which restaurant to choose?


  • Panoramic restaurant "Sixty"
  • "Сhâteau de Fantômas"
  • "Hugo"
  • "City Space"
  • "White Rabbit"
  • "Buono"
  • "Turandot"

Panoramic restaurant "Sixty"

Situated on the 62nd floortowers "Federation", this institution offers a stunning panoramic view of the city. Attractive interior, beautiful serving of dishes, special atmosphere and high-quality food from one of the best chefs of Moscow - that's what awaits those who decide to celebrate New Year in "Sixty".In general, this panoramic restaurant will please the guests with European quality of service and, of course, a large wine list.

"Сhâteau de Fantômas"

This closed club is located on the Marsh Quay, and opens its doors only to the elite. But every guest, be it a Russian, or a tourist from another country, can become that very chosen person. The closed nature of the institution gives visitors the opportunity to spend time in a unique atmosphere, to enjoy the taste of excellent French wines, to enjoy delicious dishes and to admire the tempting interior. On New Year's Eve, Fantômas with his team is waiting for visitors - a specially prepared entertaining and not quite ordinary program.


An excellent French restaurant under the name of a writer, who was beloved by many people. The institution is located on the Great Yakimanka, and the atmosphere here is thoroughly imbued with France. You can even say that through the threshold - both through an invisible border between the two countries.

A notable feature of the restaurant is that there is a library here, and everyone can read, if not read, the book by Emil Zola, Victor Hugo or Alexandre Dumas. But apart from spiritual food, there is an opportunity to get a gastronomic pleasure from eating French cuisine."Hugo" will be a great place to go to meet the New Year 2017 for people who are not indifferent to France.

«City Space»

Another panoramic restaurant located on the 34th floor of the hotel "Krasnye Holmy".It is a domed structure, which opens a breathtaking view of the Russian capital. In addition, the hall is completely glazed, so that vacationers can choose exactly the table, behind which one or another part of the city will be visible.

The chef pleases guests with dishes from different cuisines of the world, including Japanese. An ideal place for a New Year's Eve, because all the salutes will be right in front of your eyes.

"White Rabbit"

The restaurant, which took 18th place in the ranking of the best restaurants in the world in 2016, is located on the 16th floor of the Smolensky Passage, and a festive night will cost the guests an average of 35,000 rubles. The chef of the establishment - Mukhin Vladimir - will always prepare a lot of unusual delicious dishes, for example, a jelly from a king crab or a goose with a rowan jelly. In addition: wine, champagne, cocktails and other drinks. To entertain guests will be foreign pop stars.


The chef of the panoramic restaurant, opened on the 29th floor of the Radisson Royal Hotel, is Christian Lorenzini, a man who has been preparing since the age of 15.And who, if not the Italian, is able to cook dishes of Italian cuisine as tasty and quality as possible? !This restaurant is the best institution for those who can not live without fish and is at the same time a demanding gourmet.


Probably every person at least once read "A Thousand and One Nights".So, this restaurant on New Year's Eve gives its guests an amazing and very beautiful program. These are performances of fakirs and dancers, a fascinating show of snake charmers, delicious food and fragrant drinks. Also, visitors will have the opportunity to choose an unusual outfit, which will help the beauty guide. Why not even for one night turn into a shamakhan queen, or get yourself a robe of Maharajas, in which you can spend the remaining 1000 nights?

The editors of Basetop thank the administration of Hotel Romani as the source of objective information about the best hotels and restaurants in the capital.