The best resorts in Turkey( top 5)

Favorable weather conditions and four seas in one country attract millions of tourists annually to Turkey. Here, for almost everyone, you can choose the best option for the resort, which would fully meet its needs. A variety of offers can satisfy the needs of lovers of outdoor activities, sightseeing, family and so on. In addition, the country is replete with unique landscapes, natural wonders, which gives Turkey even among the world's resorts.


  • 1. Izmir
  • 2. Kusadasi
  • 3. Bodrum
  • 4. Marmaris
  • 5. Kemer

1. Izmir

When choosing 3 star hotels in Ankara, do not forget to visit one of the largest cities in Turkey - Izmir. It is a large business and tourist center of the country of amazing beauty and crystal clear sea. The city is characterized by a large number of historical and architectural monuments, according to some sources it is believed that it was in this city that Homer himself lived.

2. Kusadasi

The second place is occupied by the resort of Kusadasi, located on the coast of the Aegean Sea. He gained great popularity due to the presence of many sandy beaches, the most famous of them are "Ladies Beach" and Pigeon Island. For diving enthusiasts, Yilanjiburnu can be very interesting. Despite the fact that Kusadasi in the 70's was a small village, today it is one of the most developed tourist centers.

3. Bodrum

Bodrum resort is considered to be the most lively in Turkey, it is often chosen by popular cultural figures, as well as by statesmen. For this reason, the cost of living and service here is somewhat higher, but it corresponds to the level of offers. Bodrum is the main center of the country in terms of nightlife, there are many discos, clubs, theaters and other entertainment that close only in the early morning.

4. Marmaris

The longest waterfront in Turkey boasts Marmaris. Its length is about 4 kilometers, which are densely occupied by all kinds of cafes and restaurants that offer cuisine to countries around the world.

5. Kemer

One of the most picturesque resorts in Turkey Kemer is located 42 km from Antalya. In the recent past it is a small village, but today it was given the status of a city. The service of local hotels is at the highest level, which can also boast the best 4 star hotels. The peculiarity of the resort is constantly warm water, the average monthly temperature is 27 о С, which is appreciated by children. They can blunder in the warm waters of the Mediterranean for almost whole days.