The most sexy women in Russia 2015

Maxim magazine compiles every year the list of the 100 sexiest women in Russia .Was not an exception and suitable by the end of 2015.The winners were selected on the basis of the votes of two groups - the readers of the magazine and the expert group.

The first voted on the site for one girl from 50 pairs of participants. And the experts were given a full list of the sexiest girls in Russia and each member of the jury put a checkmark in front of the ten photos he liked. If the readers awarded the girl the first place, and the experts the third, then the second place was considered the final one. If, on the other hand, the average arithmetic coincided with several participants, then the editorial board interfered with the matter and decided to place the pretender in places by strong-willed decision.

Here are the top 10 sexiest women in Russia.

Contents: Contents: 10. Elena Temnikova

  • 9. Irena Ponaroshku
  • 8. Anna Kasteroova
  • 7. Nastasya Samburska
  • 6. Irina Sheyk
  • 5. Natalia Rudova
  • 4. Christina Asmus
  • 3. Anna Khilkevich
  • 2. Maria Gorban
  • 1Vera Brezhneva
  • 10. Elena Temnikova

    In 2014, the singer Elena Temnikova was in the first place in the readers' poll of "the top 100 sexiest Russian women."However, now a young mother, who gave birth to a daughter in 2015, has worries and more important than worried about worsening position in the rating.

    9. Irena Ponaroshku

    Witty and the sexiest TV presenter of Russia, also a great clever woman. She graduated from the Economics Faculty of PFUR, and can work as an interpreter from French and English languages, as there are relevant diplomas.

    8. Anna Kasteroova

    Charming TV hostess from the TV channel "Russia 2" admitted that in her childhood she looked like a barrel, thanks to her grandmother's pies. With the help of persistent and lengthy training, Anna brought her body in order and now even the captious editor Maxim offers Kasterova a place on the cover of the magazine.

    7. Nastasya Samburskaya

    The actress from the series "Univer. New hostel "(Christina Sokolovskaya) has 2.7 million subscribers in the" Instagram ".And she had pierced her navel, and many men would have given a lot to see him.

    6. Irina Sheik

    Ex-girlfriend Cristiano Ronaldo broke up with her boyfriend, finding in his phone "notes" from many girls. But fans were not happy for a long time: Irina has fastened relations with actor Bradley Cooper.

    5. Natalia Rudova

    The fragile blonde starred in many TV series: "Tatiana's Day", "Who's in the House", "Conductor", "Ways" and others. Her goal is to become a well-known actress, like Milla Jovovich. I wonder what would be Rudova in the role of Alice.

    4. Kristina Asmus

    The charmingly naive and big-eyed "Doctor Varya" from "Interns" as a child was engaged in gymnastics and got the rank "candidate for master of sports".Now Asmus works at the Moscow Drama Theater named after Ermolova and breaks the hearts of the audience as one of the most desirable women in Russia.

    3. Anna Khilkevich

    -3 sexy women of Russia opens another star from the series "Univer. New hostel. "It is not for nothing said: gentlemen prefer blondes.

    2. Maria Gorban

    The most sexy actress in Russia. Long hair, languid look, graceful figure. It is not so easy to take and not tick "for".Her popularity was promoted and frank photo session against the background of the sea landscape, published in one of the rooms of Maxim.

    1. Vera Brezhnev

    The sexiest Russian woman in the opinion of the jury, Ukrainian actress and singer, ex-participant of "VIA Gra" Vera Brezhneva. In the rating of readers, she took third place. Alas, the heart of a lovely and smiling blonde is busy. In October 2015, Brezhnev became the wife of Constantine Meladze.