Rating of the most expensive cities in the world

The next rating of the most expensive cities in the world was published by Mercer Human Resource Consulting. The research was carried out on 214 cities, which were evaluated by experts on a scale of 200 criteria: prices for housing, clothing, food, transportation, etc.

It is noteworthy that in the main the leading positions in the rating are occupied by Asian cities, while life in Europe is cheaper due to the crisis. Among the Russian cities in the Top 50 came Moscow and St. Petersburg: 4 th and 28 th places, respectively.

The Pakistani city of Karachi, which occupies the 214th line of the rating, remains the most affordable for the second consecutive year. We offer to your attention the top ten most expensive cities in the world.


  • 10. Nagoya( Japan)
  • 9. Hong Kong
  • 8. Zurich( Switzerland)
  • 7. N'Djamena( Chad)
  • 6. Singapore
  • 5.Zheneva( Switzerland),
  • 4. Moscow( Russia)
  • 3.Osaka( Japan)
  • 2. Luanda( Angola)
  • 1. Tokyo( Japan)

10. Nagoya( Japan)

is the first of three Japanese cities in the top ten. The country of the rising sun is traditionally famous for its high cost. The fourth largest city in Japan is famous for its sights, so tourists are not deterred even by "biting" prices.

9. Hong Kong

regularly takes the leading positions in ratings like today, due to fabulously expensive housing. Both apartments and rooms in hotels here are distinguished by small areas, they can afford to pay for luxury apartments.

8. Zurich( Switzerland)

is traditionally considered a city for wealthy people. A strengthening of the Swiss franc makes the cost of living here more expensive for foreigners. Zurich ranks third in the world for the high cost of hotels, so tourists prefer to stay in the towns nearby, coming to the city only for sightseeing.

7. N'Djamena( Chad)

was in the rating due to the fact that as reference products and services, experts consider housing, food and other goods familiar to New Yorkers. In most of the African capitals, housing and services of this class are classified as "luxury" and are respectively.

6. Singapore

- a decade ago it was considered quite cheap by European standards city. However, today life costs one and a half times more than in New York.

5.Zhenev√°( Switzerland),

, like Zurich, maintains its position in the rating due to the high exchange rate of the national currency. A quiet harbor in the midst of a crisis Europe can afford to keep prices at a high level, and, nevertheless, remain extremely attractive for both tourists and businessmen.

4. Moscow( Russia)

takes the fourth place in the Mercer rating for the third time in a row. The main contribution to the high cost of the Moscow "consumer basket" is the prohibitive cost of renting decent housing. Experts also note the high cost of clothes and imported goods of international brands.

3. Osaka( Japan)

climbed three lines compared to last year. The city's high cost is felt directly "from the doorway" - landing prices at the local airport of Kansai are prohibitive, for example, from each Boeing 747 they charge a fee of $ 7,500.

2. Luanda( Angola)

last year topped the Mercer rating. The scarcity of quality housing and the high cost of imported goods make this African capital extremely expensive for living.

1. Tokyo( Japan)

- is the most expensive city in the world .And if a cup of coffee in an inexpensive cafe for $ 8.15 does not yet shock, then not everyone can afford to rent a two-room apartment without furniture in the Japanese capital. It is worth this $ 4766 monthly.