Rating of the most popular websites of the Runet

The British company SimilarWeb, which offers analytical services to various transnational corporations, has released the rating of the most popular sites in the RuNet .

This top-10 is based on data from its own SimilarWeb platform. It processes large amounts of information for the accumulation, measurement, evaluation and reporting of behavioral patterns and statistics of the involvement of site users and mobile applications.


  • 10. Maps.yandex.ru
  • 9. Facebook.com
  • 8. Avito.ru
  • 7. Google.com
  • 6. Google.ru
  • 5. Youtube.com
  • 4. Mail.ru
  • 3.Ok.ru
  • 2. Yandex.ru
  • 1. Vk.com

10. Maps.yandex.ru

Online cartographic service owned by Yandex.ru. Here you can find detailed maps of the world's cities, get information about traffic jams in the streets of various cities of Russia, get directions to the destination and see the panorama of the streets of megacities.

9. Facebook.com

A popular free social network that allows users to create profiles, upload photos and videos, send messages to friends, relatives and colleagues. The site, which is available in 37 different languages, offers many useful features, for example: groups( allows people who have common interests to find and communicate with each other) and events( allows to publish events and invite guests).

8. Avito.ru

A site where you can buy and sell almost anything. Furniture, cars, household goods, animals, large and small household appliances, real estate, etc. It's no wonder that he entered the top ten most popular Internet resources in Russia.

7. Google.com

Originally known as BackRub, Google is a search engine, which was launched in 1996 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Larry and Sergei decided to change the name of their "brainchild" and found inspiration in the term "googol"( the number that is represented so - 10100).

In September 1997 the domain Google.com appeared, and the company with the same name was registered on September 4, 1998.

6. Google.ru

The Russian site of the search machine.

5. Youtube.com

Permanent supplier of seals, labutenes, as well as news, music, science and entertainment programs, cartoons, etc. And the TV is not needed!

4. Mail.ru

The portal belongs to Mail. Ru Group, an Internet company that appeared in 1998 as an e-mail service and went on to become a major corporate player in the Russian-speaking Internet segment.

3. Ok.ru

The place of gathering of former and current classmates, as well as one of the most popular social networks Runet, owned by Mail. Ru Group. The site is visited by more than 50 million people a day. In February 2016, Odnoklassniki and VTB 24 introduced a system of money transfers between users of the network, to whose profiles the cards of the payment systems MasterCard, Maestro, Visa are tied. And let the transfer fee is a small commission( 30 rubles from the amount of less than 500 rubles and 60 rubles from the amount of 501 to 8 thousand rubles), but how many social networks can boast such a "chip"?

2. Yandex.ru

The largest competitor of the 7th rating. This search engine will find answers to the most unusual and ingenious questions that may arise for Russian users, even if the error has crept into the search query. The portal "Yandex" presents 50 services, including "News", "Weather", "Search for blogs" and "Yandex. Market."

1. Vk.com

The most popular website of the Runet. This social network, available in several languages, is especially popular among Russian-speaking users. Like other social networks, Vk allows users to exchange public or private messages, create private or public groups and events, share images, songs and videos, play browser games.