Top 20 most exotic fruits of the world

What do we associate with the phrase "exotic fruit"?Banana, pineapple, kiwi, mango, avocado. .. All these overseas fruits have taken places on the shelves of Russian stores for so long that they can not be called exotic ones.

Therefore today in our Top there are really rare delicacies, which are practically not exported from the places of their growth. Participants The top-20 most exotic fruits of the world is not easy to find on sale, and to buy such "yummies" is better at home, where they are assembled really ripe and ready to eat.


  • 20. Flake Annonomy( Sugar Apple)
  • 19. American Apricot( American Mom)
  • 18. Cherimoya( cream apple)
  • 17. Platonia remarkable
  • 16. Cocoon
  • 15. Bakery
  • 14. Langsat and Dooku
  • 13. Dacriodes edible( African pear)
  • 12. Jabotikaba( Brazilian grape tree)
  • 11. Rambutan
  • 10. Noni( Great Moringa, Indian Mulberry)
  • 9. Marula
  • 8. Blackberry
  • 7. Baltic herring( snake fruit)
  • 6Bail( a stone apple)
  • 5. Chrysophyllum( the starry I(
  • ) 3. Horned melon( African cucumber)
  • 2. Pitaya( cactus fruit)
  • 1. Magic fruit

20. Annone scaly( Sugar apple)

comes from the American tropics, Pakistan, Indiaand the Philippines. These fruits with a creamy taste have a diameter of about 10 cm and form resemble a cone.

19. American Apricot( American Mom)

was first discovered in South America. Large mamei berries have a diameter of about 20 cm. Edible sweet orange pulp, hidden thick skin.

18. Cherimoya( cream apple)

grows in South America. The soft creamy pulp of exotic fruit tastes like banana, pineapple, papaya and passion fruit.

17. Platonia is remarkable

grows in the tropics of Brazil and Paraguay. Fruits the size of an average orange. White pulp has a sweet and sour taste.

16. Cocoon

grows in the mountains of South America. The berries can be orange, red and yellow. The taste is unusual, reminiscent of a tomato with a touch of lemon flavor.


bakery tree grows in the Philippines and the islands of Southeast Asia. In the ripened state the fruits taste like a banana. The immature fruit can only be eaten after heat treatment.

14. Langsat and Duku

are two similar exotic fruits growing throughout Asia. The difference between langsat is that it is more difficult to peel it from the peel containing latex. The fruits are sweet, and the seeds, on the contrary, are bitter.

13. Dacriodes edible( African pear)

grows in tropical Africa. Fruits resemble eggplant in their dark blue or purple color.

12. Jabotikaba( Brazilian grape tree)

is growing in Brazil. Sweet fruits are attached directly to the trunk of this exotic tree.

11. Rambutan

is a native of Southeast Asia. Fluffy balls of red-orange color have a diameter of 3-6 cm. The taste is sweet and sour.

10. Noni( Great Moringa, Indian Mulberry)

grows in Australia and Southeast Asia. Round fruits in their raw form are eaten with salt, and more often they are used in the prepared version.

9. Marula

is from Africa. Ripe fruits have a yellow color and a pleasant aroma. The inner white pulp is tender and juicy.

8. Powder

is found in Siberia, in the middle zone of Russia and the Far East, and also in North America. It looks like a raspberry. They eat it raw, and also use it in the preparation of wine, jam, confectionery.

7. Baltic herring( snake fruit)

is from Indonesia. Fruits are covered with a red-brown skin, reminiscent of snake skin. The taste is sweet and sour, the pulp looks like an apple in consistency.

6. Bail( stone apple)

is an Indian fruit of yellow, gray or green color. Hard rind has to be opened with a hammer. The flesh is eaten raw and dried.

5. Chrysophillum( star apples)

grows in Central America and India. The round fruit is covered with a dense purple skin. Pulp is sweet to the taste.

4. Carambola( star fruit)

grows in Southeast and East Asia, South America. A longitudinal star is formed on the longitudinal section of this ribbed fruit. The ripe fruit is juicy and crunchy.

3. Horned melon( African cucumber)

grows in Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Chile. The jelly flesh has a bright green color and banana taste.

2. Pitaya( cactus fruit)

grows in Asia, America, Australia. The American look is more sour. Red, yellow or purple fruit has a pleasant aroma.

1. The magic fruit

has the special property of making the sweet taste of any product eaten within an hour after this unusual fetus. A native magical fruit from West Africa.