Rating SRO of builders of Russia( Top-10)

In Russia, there are many non-profit self-regulating organizations( SROs) engaged in construction, design, reconstruction and nuclear construction. How to navigate and choose the best one? This will help rating SRO builders of Russia in 2016, compiled on the basis of the study of the advertising agency "Dialogue-Advertising."An analysis conducted by marketers and lawyers, as well as surveys of SRO employees, made it possible to identify the best self-regulating organizations whose activities are carried out in full harmony with Russian legislation.


  • 10. Non-commercial partnership "Interregional association of designers" StroyProektBasopasnost "
  • 9." Center for Special Construction and Repair "
  • 8." Regional Alliance of Prospectors "
  • 7. Association of Construction Organizations" PromStroyCenter "
  • 6. Union of Builders" SPETSSTROYSTANDART "
  • 5. Inter-regional association of construction organizations OboronStroy
  • 4. "Regional Alliance of Designers"
  • 3. Non-commercial partnership "Spetsstroynadzor"
  • 2. "Unified association"
  • 1." Self-regulating organization of repair and construction companies "

10. Non-commercial partnership" Interregional association of designers "StroyProektBasopnost"

The Moscow-based organization, which has been operating in the construction market since 2009, opens the top SRO.The purpose of its existence is to protect the rights and interests of SRO participants who are engaged in the preparation of project documentation related to the safety of capital construction facilities.

Clients of SRO NP "SPB" praise the partnership for quick work and pleasant prices.

9. "Center for Special Construction and Repair"

The voluntary construction association, open in 2012, is positioned as a common resource for professional builders. It helps to get SRO admission to construction contracts, and assists in government tenders.

8. "Regional Alliance of Prospectors"

This young Moscow organization( appeared in 2014) works, as the name suggests, in the field of research, namely, it issues permits.

7. Association of construction organizations "PromStroyCenter"

Originated in 2009 in the capital and is one of the participants of the national association of builders. Cooperates with leading training centers, offers accounting support and support for all types of transactions. In the organization, there is a system of relationships between participants, which greatly facilitates the timely response to signals from members of PromStroyCentre.

6. Union of Builders "SPETSSTROYSTANDART"

Once again, the young Moscow SRO( "time of birth" - 2014), pleasing clients both with operational efficiency and with free consulting assistance.

5. Inter-regional association of construction organizations "OboronStroy"

Opens the top five of the SRO rating of Moscow builders one of the oldest organizations( appeared in 2009).In "OboronStroy" apply when it is required to obtain permits in the construction industry. The peculiarity of the SRO is the existence of a compensation fund in case of risk. For Moscow and the regions there are different annual and one-time admission fees:

  • 50,000 rubles annually( for regions) 120,000 rubles for the capital and region;
  • 45,000 rubles one-time( for regions) and 100,000 rubles for Moscow and the region.

The other SROs from the top 10 appetites are more modest: 5 thousand rubles - an entrance fee and 60 thousand rubles - an annual membership fee.

4. "Regional Alliance of Designers"

In addition to the introductory( 5 thousand rubles) and the annual( 60 thousand rubles) contributions, this SRO also has a contribution to the compensation fund( minimum 150 thousand rubles).For customers, there is an opportunity to receive installments, and the cost of work is relatively small in comparison with similar services in the design market.

3. Non-commercial partnership "Spetsstroynadzor"

The Moscow SRO includes about 107 organizations engaged in the construction of highly dangerous and technically unique facilities. The very same "Spetsstroynadzor" is a member of the National Association of Builders.

2. "Unified Association of Designers for the Leningrad Region and the North-West"

The only participant in the SRO rating in construction, based in St. Petersburg. Operates since 2010 and is engaged in issuing permits for design.

1. "Self-regulated organization of repair and construction companies"

SRO from the city of Ufa was established in 2009.Specializes in issuing permits for construction. Most members of the organization( 165 in all) are representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. In the SRO are not only Ufa firms, but also companies from different cities of Russia.