Rating of the best residential complexes in Moscow 2016

Moscow continues to be intensively and dynamically built and developed. Over the past few years, many architectural projects have been created to build the remaining unoccupied areas of the capital. The most interesting of them is presented in the rating of the best residential complexes of Moscow , compiled on the basis of the award-winning list of the Urban Awards, a prestigious award marking the application of the latest achievements in science, engineering and design in housing construction.


  • 10. AS Rublevo Park
  • 9. Mon Cher
  • 8. Gorokhovsky, 12
  • 7. TechnoPark
  • 6. Glade / 44
  • 5. Union Park
  • 4. City on the Tushino River - 2018
  • 3. RedSide
  • 2.Wellton Park
  • 1. Nikolin Park

10. Rublevo Park

This project is likely to become one of the most beautiful residential complexes in Moscow. Buildings of small number of storeys( 4 and 8) are designed taking into account the peculiarities of the local landscape, and through panoramic windows a fantastic view will open to either the embankment of the Moskva River( the picturesque bay) or to a forest nearby. And for fans of HLS there is a sports district, where there is a fitness center, a ski resort, yacht clubs and other joys of an athlete. True, this miracle of nature is still under construction, that's why it is on the 10th place.

9. Mon Cher

From the very beginning, the project Mon Cher sets a high bar, claiming to create an atmosphere of French chic, possession of aristocratic art nouveau style and the spirit of the French Impressionists. In practice, it will be a prestigious club house for 26 apartments, where all 26 are elite housing. On the ground floor there are boutiques, a beauty salon and a French restaurant( for those who wish to enjoy the art of fine cuisine right in their apartment).

8. Gorokhovskiy, 12

New building in the historic area of ​​Moscow - Basmanny, is located in Gorokhovsky lane. Nearby there are many monuments of architecture, including Elokhovsky Cathedral, Razumovsky Manor and Musina Pushkin House. In this rich cultural environment there is a new seven-story brick house for 71 apartments and an underground parking.

7. Techno Park

The future 2.5 hectare complex is located in the southern part of Moscow and is a comfort-class apartment. From the windows of all five buildings there will be a view of the Moscow River and the nearby park. There are many apartments for every taste, and with the possibility of pooling. The whole complex will be self-sufficient in terms of infrastructure.

6. Polyanka / 44

The architects of the elite housing complex "Polyanka / 44" faced a difficult task - to preserve and restore the three historical buildings and create five that will perfectly fit into the historical environment of the center of the capital and at the same time bring the relevance and freshness. This is the responsibility of the international architectural bureau John McAslan + Partners, and the inner garden( extraordinarily large for real estate in the city center) is the creation of the Gillespies landscape office, which excelled in its work in Bradford and London. Not surprisingly, with such data, the block has all the prerequisites for obtaining the title "the most expensive residential complex in Moscow".

5. Union Park

The quarter is distinguished from other business class buildings by original decoration - the architects have relied on the bright figure of the facades. Own park of the residential complex is created on the idea of ​​the Versailles park, with strict geometry and at the same time small cozy places where you can engage in various activities - from playgrounds to tennis courts. Also in the quarter there will be a children's educational center, shops, pharmacies and fitness clubs. All this together turns Union Park into potentially one of the best residential complexes in Moscow.

4. City on the Tushino River - 2018

This project is still under construction and will be completed only in two years. For him, the territory of the former Tushino airport is used in 224 hectares, and on it will be located a whole new district for 19 thousand inhabitants.

3. RedSide

And this is a premium-class accommodation, located between the Garden Ring and the third transport, in the Krasnaya Presnya district. The total territory of the complex will be 5 hectares, and it includes eight houses with a total capacity of 950 apartments. The choice is for every taste - from one-room( 45 sq. M.) To seven-room( 350 sq. M).The quarter is built according to the popular principle of its own infrastructure in walking distance.

2. Wellton Park

A business class residential complex was built in the district of Khoroshevo-Mnevniki in SZAO Moscow. It consists of ten high-rise buildings, of which most are already settled, and the rest are being completed. The project was created in cooperation with well-known European bureaus in order to give a bright individuality to residential complexes, create a magnificent landscape design and build the most comfortable housing. Judging by the award of the Urban Awards, the developers reached their goal.

1. Nikolin Park

The best elite residential complex "Nikolin Park" is located not far from Moscow, three kilometers from MKAD.LCD which includes 11 houses with a relatively small number of storeys( 5-9 floors) and all necessary infrastructure, from shopping areas to a kindergarten, is surrounded by a forest. For connoisseurs of space, there are apartments with ceilings 4.8 meters high. And for busy people - the apartments are completely "turnkey".