Top 10 Best Gifts for March 8

March 8 is not far off, now men are thinking about what would be interesting to give to a beloved woman, mother, sister. We present to your attention the top of the best gifts that have ever received a beautiful floor for March 8th.


  • 10. Coffee in bed
  • 9. Gift made by own hands
  • 8. Verses
  • 7. Couple gift
  • 6. Romantic dinner at home
  • 5. Travel certificate
  • 4. Jewelery
  • 3. Flowers
  • 2. Dateon the roof
  • 1. Ideas and dreams

10. Coffee in bed

Well, what a woman refuses a cup of coffee in the morning. Moreover, if his beloved man, and even in bed. A good start to a great day.

9. Gift made by own hands

Here the main thing is fantasy, and of course, that the hands from that place grew. Joke. So, you can make an absolutely incomparable photo gift, or family tree. Another option is charming paper flowers in a basket. Especially popular now are decorations with their own hands. You can make 2 identical bracelets and wear them as a symbol of your love.

8. Verses

Such a surprise on March 8 often make their favorite pop stars. Last year it was done by Dmitry Pevtsov. If you have a son, you can attract him to reading poems. It will be doubly spectacular.

7. Couple Gift

This refers to the thing that complements the other. It can be a large double umbrella, mittens, cups, heart-shaped pillows, a T-shirt with an inscription that you can read if you put them together.

6. Romantic dinner at home

Candles, delicious dishes, beautiful music are the main attributes of the evening.

5. Pass, certificate

You can go to another country, escape from cares, look at the world. The certificate is also an excellent choice. It can be for the purchase of some kind of service or thing.

4. Jewelry

Of course, the girl's best friends are diamonds, but in our time, among jewelry there are many worthwhile things. Uniquely it will be possible to pick up a refined unique decoration. The main thing is not to get lost in this abundance.

3. Flowers

A banal and familiar gift to all on March 8.But we suggest a little different in this presentation. Let the flowers bring their beloved woman to work. It will be more spectacular, so you will kill two birds with one stone: make a surprise for your beloved and tell others about your love. A woman will appreciate it.

2. Rendezvous on the roof

Be gallant, compliment and a woman such an evening under the stars will never forget.

1. Ideas and dreams

For this gift you will need savvy. Find out from the woman what she dreams about, what she wants, but so that she does not betray herself. Fulfill her desire. Perhaps it will be a balloon flight, a parachute jump, a recording of a song in the studio, a professional photo shoot. Or maybe she had long dreamed of riding together on horseback. There is where to turn around. By giving such a gift, there will be no doubt whether he will like it or not.

The most important thing is to love your woman , pay attention to her, say pleasant things. Sometimes this is enough for a loved one.