Top 5 rules of blogging

Every person has personal flaws, and they are capable of tormenting him literally every day. Some simply do not pay attention to them, but the fact remains! There is a shortcoming, well, let's live with him. So many people think. In the work of a freelancer, bad habits and shortcomings are unacceptable. It is necessary to keep your diary properly, and do it as high as possible.


  • How to raise traffic?
  • People do not want to be deceived
  • Maintain tension among the audience
  • Need to emphasize the uniqueness of
  • Less self-punch

How to raise traffic?

Bloggers are constantly looking for the answer to this burning question. And, unfortunately, not everyone knows that there is no one answer to this question. In order to attract people to your site, it would not be a bad idea to have a personal diary, whose task will be to work with the content of the site. We need to make it fascinating and tempting, and what is superfluous, we will find out later.

People do not want to be deceived

Try not to emphasize your high intelligence. Your high mental faculties can shock some of your readers. The information should be reported to the reader on a silver platter, i. a simple and understandable language. If a person wants to know about a blog, let him know what a blog is and why he needs it. The simpler, the better. Express your ideas as simply as possible, this will only affect the plus in the future.

Maintain the tension of the

audience New material should appear every day. Thanks to this, the reader has a desire to constantly return to the site. Very often sites and blogs are not updated by the month, or even by the year. After that, they crawl down the line of search engines down and down every day. The site needs to be updated and supplemented every day.

It is necessary to emphasize the uniqueness of

Do not try to pointlessly repeat that everything was like everyone else's. Clearly formulated ideas and plans are needed. A person will follow only a person with their own concepts and ideals. Which is also true for blogging. Show yourself as a unique person with a permanent and irrevocable position on every issue. Show your character will be needed daily, since all the multifaceted personality displays the content of the site. Do not copy other people's content, do not search for articles on other people's sites. It would be nice to use this time to find a personal idea that people will like. It is not superfluous to conduct surveys among readers on the topic of what they are most interested in in your blog.

Less self-pity

Very often bloggers make their own personal self-piracy. Do not start articles with your own self-promotion, it's better to pick up the non-headlines and continue them further in the meaning of the post. It is necessary to use all methods for high-quality content of the site, right up to the creative, but do not put emphasis on self-promotion and self-advertising.