Shelves in the kitchen 75 ideas placed on the wall with his hands

Many women use the shelves in the kitchen. They are very practical, they are convenient to arrange cooking utensils, food, condiments, and other large and small items. It is the perfect solution for any area on the premises. They can become a good alternative to bulky cabinets. However, such a design is accompanied by a number of difficulties associated with the need to maintain order and cleanliness.

This element has not only a practical function, used to store a variety of things, but also aesthetic. For interior decoration use different materials, color, texture, make the original placement on the wall, hang them horizontally or vertically, or a ladder in a chaotic manner. Furniture perfectly complements styles such as Provence, Scandinavian, country.


  • Features kitchen design with shelves
  • Types of kitchen shelves
  • Materials - Advantages and Disadvantages
    • Wood
    • MDF and particleboard
    • Metal
    • Glass
    • Plastic
  • Shelves in different styles
    • In the style of Provence
    • In the high-tech style
    • In the Scandinavian style
    • The loft
  • Ideas and options for the location of the shelves in the kitchen
    • Using angular shelves
    • Shelves for flowers
    • Wine shelf
    • Shelf under the window sill
    • Shelves on the table
    • Roof with outboard flanges
  • Decorative lighting shelves
  • Production versions shelves with their own hands
  • Care: about cleanliness and how to avoid clutter on the shelves
  • conclusion

Features kitchen design with shelves

Open shelves - a complete furniture. She is very comfortable and stylish. It allows you to organize the space, make it more full. Therefore, it is not necessary to refer this item to the secondary. Using the products instead of bulky cabinets makes it possible to make a highlight in the interior, thanks to the open position of cans, plates, pots, candles, boxes and other things.

Kitchen with shelves look very spacious, visually appear larger. At the same time all the necessary items close at hand. When positioned correctly utensils will be clearly visible to the mistress of love and systematization order, in any case it would have to raise in this attribute, because all the elements are on the mind.

white shelves
Many shelves in the kitchenShelf in the kitchenShelf Metalwooden shelvesbright kitchen

However, such a decoration requires constant maintenance on unprotected surfaces attract dust, which will be evident. Also, you can not flaunt unpresentable things they should hide or dispose. For small rooms will be very problematic to place everything necessary on the shelves. If you increase the number, the room becomes too cluttered.

Types of kitchen shelves

Shelves are very convenient object, allowing to use the space efficiently. They can be closed, presents a standard cabinet, open in a horizontal crossbar secured to the wall. To achieve harmony in the kitchen designers often combine both options. The following types of products can be distinguished by their appearance and way of installation:

  • Wall. This is the most common design, which are set along a flat wall. They have a variety of shapes and sizes. There are single, stacked models.
  • Floor. This is a transitional species, which may be called the rack, outdoor cabinet. Mounted on the floor, are fixed to further stability to the partition.
  • Soaring. Attached to the wall of an open shelf, with no visible fixing elements. Can be located along the walls in the corner.
  • Corner. It is ideal for a small kitchen. They allow you to use free angles that are rarely used for any purpose.
  • Glowing. This item will help to transform the interior. In fact, the chemically treated any surface, you can get the desired effect. Fluorescent liquid, luminol is used to create the effect.
  • With backlight. For this furniture set LED Light Strip. It is quite thin, so it is not evident.
  • Suspended. Good models for large buildings on the square. With the help of a rope, cable, chain, they are fixed on the ceiling, wall beam can be placed in any convenient place, pressed against the wall, hang above the island part of the kitchen area.
wall Shelves
Shelf floorMany shelvesTwo shelves in the kitchenHanging shelvesWall shelves in the kitchen

Materials - Advantages and Disadvantages

Shelves much needed furniture element. It is difficult to find a material that could not be used for their production. Domestic craftsmen in this business greatly succeeded, they use different approaches, make products of any assistants means, for example, from old boxes, trays, made of glass, plastic bottles, from cans, slate, other available of things. In the industrial production of these raw materials are used:

  • wood;
  • MDF and particleboard;
  • metal;
  • glass;
  • plastic.
Shelf cabinet instead

The material depends on the purpose of the shelves, the style of its execution. This circumstance is taken into account when selecting the final product, which should fit harmoniously into the interior of the kitchen. In order to truly make a decision to stay at the most appropriate option, consider in detail the main types of raw materials used.


Wooden shelves are suitable for virtually all styles of interior. Natural wood is a win-win situation. Products made from this material are found in most kitchens. They can be of simple and complex shape, placed horizontally, vertically, in a corner. With this raw material is easy to work, so you can make your own hands shelf.

When choosing a product, independent production, in the first place should pay attention to the quality of the board. It must be perfectly smooth, without voids, cracks, chips, knots. The most affordable items at the price and handling, made of softwood: spruce, pine. Better models that are strong and durable, available in oak, ash, larch.

Shelf made of wood
Shelves with illuminationKitchen in country styleShelves in the interior of the kitchenBright kitchen utensils on shelveswooden shelves

For fixing of wall shelves to a wooden surface, you can use self-tapping screws to the brick - wall plug, to the concrete - the anchor bolts.

The main advantages of open structures made of wood are:

  • Environmentally friendly. Raw material does not emit harmful substances.
  • Durability. With careful use of wood will last more than one year.
  • Beautiful appearance. The presence of a natural picture always looks original.
  • Strength. The material is resistant to mechanical damage.
  • Prestige. Interior with wooden furniture with a rich view.

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  • Fear of moisture. Without treatment a special water-repellent composition wood can swell.
  • Complex care. If cleaning can not use detergents.
  • It does not tolerate direct sunlight. Under the action of their surface burns.
  • It absorbs odors.
kitchen shelves

MDF and particleboard

A cheaper option compared to the array tree stand shelves made of MDF or particle board. Both materials are made of sawdust, but chipboard glued with formaldehyde resins, so it is necessary to choose a product with emission class E1 or E0. Let us consider separately each kind of raw material.

  1. MDF. Literally, the abbreviation stands for the fraction of very fine. Manufactured by molding chopped chips under high pressure and temperature. Of the main advantages of the material can be identified: environmental friendliness, ease of handling, aesthetics, a wide choice of colors. The disadvantages include: high cost in comparison with the DSP, the fear of water.
  2. Particleboard (chipboard). Produced by compacting swarf mixed with substances not of mineral origin. If used chipboard, then the external characteristics of MDF is not inferior, but in the price range significantly superior. However, the raw material has limited resistance to moisture, low strength, it can not be done shaped cutouts, it releases harmful substances.
Shelves made of MDF
White shelves and dishesLocation of MDF shelvesShelves made of chipboardLocation shelves in the kitchenkitchen shelves


It is the most durable material. Products are characterized by reliability. Design are indispensable in the regeneration of solid supports for storage of heavy items. They are very convenient to use in places with excessive dust and humidity. They are an excellent complement to both professional and individual cuisine.

metal shelves well with cooking headsets, on the facade of which the metal elements are present. They allow you to design the interior in style. And if before the elements associated with serious subjects, but now manufacturers produce thin-wall shelves, characterized by elegant forms.

Variant of metal shelves

Metal products are characterized by the following positive features:

  • long service life;
  • good durability;
  • ease, especially model made of aluminum;
  • not sensitive to humidity, high temperatures.


  • item must be periodically paint for surface protection against moisture;
  • not suitable for all interiors;
  • forged models are very expensive;
  • to make their own very difficult, it requires special tools, skills grinder and welding.
Location of metal shelvesMetal ShelvesMetal shelves in the kitchenShelving in the kitchenmetal shelves

To avoid corrosion, do not skimp on the paint. It is necessary to choose high-quality dyes, intended for metal.


Glass products are more accustomed to the bathroom. However, these models are very popular with many designers and townsfolk. Material is neutral to the water does not absorb odors. Glass visually not clutter the space, transmits light well, it attaches any room lightness and ease. Items looked at ease, so many began to decorate their small kitchen.

When choosing a suitable option in the first place should pay attention to the corners, they should be rounded, smooth to the touch. Sharp edges will lead to cuts during cleaning. Another important parameter is the thickness of the material, it should be at least 5 mm. A better option would be toughened laminated glass and multi-layered, which are characterized by increased strength.

Glass shelves in interior
Glasses on a glass shelfCups on a glass shelfGlass shelvesGlass shelves in the kitchenglass shelves

The main advantages of the shelves include:

  • neutrality to moisture;
  • transparency;
  • durability;
  • large variety of forms, unusual design;
  • attractive appearance.


  • the fragility of most models;
  • small load-carrying capacity;
  • complex care, fingerprints remain on the surface;
  • the high cost of high-quality products;
  • a lot of weight.


Along with other materials, plastic shelves it is also in demand. They fit well into the interior of the premises. Manufacturers produce different models, which differ in design, type, color, texture. However they are presented primarily multilevel embodiments applicable for pots and pans, food.

Plastic shelves in the kitchen

Plastic models can not hang over the kitchen stove, near a heater. The surface under the influence of heat can deform. Also, they can not be overloaded by various heavy objects. When choosing it is not necessary to give preference to cheaper products, they quickly change their color. A ribbed surface is very difficult to clean.

Articles made of plastic has certain advantages:

  • affordable price;
  • a light weight;
  • neutrality to moisture;
  • large selection of colors and shapes;
  • easy installation;
  • simple maintenance.


  • fragility, fear of mechanical damage;
  • small bearing capacity;
  • harmful when heated releases harmful substances;
  • short service life.
White plastic shelves
shelving plasticWhite plastic shelfgreen regimentShelves for foodplastic shelf

Shelves in different styles

Suspended, table, floor structures for storage should be in harmony with the overall style of cuisine. They can be found in many interior design. The wide variety of materials, shapes and designs, can choose any successful combination with garniture, surfaces and other elements. It is important to choose the right color, given the purpose of the shelf, the location, its perception in decorative lighting.

In the style of Provence

Racks and shelves in the style of Provence are aged look as if hanging in the kitchen for several decades. Added to the credibility of multiple cracks, bumps, rough spots. Create a design impression of the last century with the help of materials processing in special techniques.

Shelf in the style of Provence

Ideal for Provence - shelves made of wood. But because of the high cost of the natural beauty of the wood is replaced by MDF, wrought iron design. The color of shelving should be in harmony with the headset, textiles, surfaces. It should not be bright. Suitable beige, sand, coffee, light pink.

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Kitchen in the village of Provence many items and accessories are in sight, so the open shelves can be very useful. They placed all kinds of baskets, pottery, fine decor and even pots.

In the high-tech style

Modern cool design high-tech or modern accepts only practical materials. Perfectly fit the shelves of metal and glass. If this other materials, they must be painted in black, white, blue, gray and shades. Free standing structures suitable for rails, suspended or floor. The main rule - nothing more, only a direct functional purpose.

Kitchen in the style of hi-tech

Large iron racks can be used for storage of utensils. On wide shelves placed appliances, TV, the minimum number of decorative elements. Designs should have clearly defined lines, no arc shape and rounded corners. Often mount additional lighting in them.

In the Scandinavian style

The kitchen contains predominantly organic materials. Shelves suitable tree. Excellent effect gives the combination of open and closed shelving, painted in white color. For doors can hide the dishes are rarely used items. Parading expose jars with spices of original design, glasses.

Kitchen Scandinavian style

Shelves should be spacious. It is not allowed the simultaneous presence of functional items and decorative elements. The main purpose of the shelves in the kitchen in a Scandinavian style - emphasis on the stylistic direction. Fortunately emphasize the original design will help the following items:

  • Photographs, paintings, animal paintings, sea, nature;
  • Green house plants (potted flowers, ornamental grass);
  • Natural stones, straight candles;
  • Large letters (forming arbitrary or labels);
  • Books with recipes, magazines.

The loft

Attic style rejects the massive shelves made of different material. The main thing - to observe the same direction with a common interior. Usually the kitchen loft is spacious and bright, so will look great long single shelves tree, corner brick construction, stainless steel lining on the protruding tubes and other details communications.

The kitchen in the loft

Wall in the dining area of ​​the shelves can be decorated inverted plywood boxes, racks resting on a concrete wall. Despite the strength and a large mass of structures, they do not carry functional promise. The main emphasis is on the emphasis of the industrial areas.

Ideas and options for the location of the shelves in the kitchen

Open kitchen shelves never lose their practical value. Excellent decorative element may be formed in any style. Original interior decoration - perfect for a small kitchen. By selecting a good location, they can be used to increase the space, hide finishing defects, to create a cozy atmosphere. Shelves should be carefully written in the set, to avoid violating the symmetry.

Placing shelves in the kitchen

Using angular shelves

Ideal for space saving. You can use a lot of ideas for their strategic location. An interesting option for a small room - shelves to the ceiling. Wooden beams in the corner will look like decorative beams, at the same time fulfilling its intended purpose.

Corner design can be attached at the extreme headset box and place them on the frequent use of the items. It can be glasses, containers with spices, cookbooks. Decorating their illumination, can be identified at an angle off the light and create an atmosphere of comfort and peace.

Corner shelf in the kitchen

Airiness give the kitchen "floating shelves." Wide base will relieve a closed storage area, taking over part of the function. The design and materials can be arbitrary.

Shelves for flowers

Traffic this stand as close as possible to the window, because the plants need light. Dimensions and features of the shelves will depend on the number of colors and their species. Design can be wall-mounted or floor standing, single or multiple.

Small pots can be placed on the corner shelves, fans of climbing plants underceiling options fit anymore. If space allows kitchen, an excellent option position will be outdoor racks. On the lower tiers can put large pots with older flowers, decorate the top small-leaved shrubs and lush.

Shelves for flowers

Narrow shelves of lightweight plastic will look good on a window sill. Also in the window space fit glass shelves on suckers with violets, decorative grass. Fortified at base design can withstand up to 10 small pots one middle flower.

Wine shelf

To store wine at home has developed many systems, meeting all the requirements. In addition to decorative functions, shelves for bottles must fulfill their direct purpose - to keep the taste qualities of the noble drink.

Improper positioning of the wine racks can adversely affect the color, consistency of drinks. Key factors that could spoil the contents of the bottle - in direct sunlight, excessive humidity, high temperature and vibration. When choosing a place for the wine in the kitchen shelf, you must consider not only the design of the premises and personal preferences. Important type of construction and the method of placing the bottles. Storability of the product will provide the following options:

  • Vertical shelf for 5-10 bottles. The design is ideal for small kitchens. The elongated strip is mounted vertically to the wall. The wine is placed in a hole in the neck of a checkerboard pattern;
  • Horizontal suspension structures. Semi-boxes are also fixed to a wall. The bottles are placed in a row at the bottom of the rails can be made for the storage of glasses;
  • Diagonal. The bottles are laid on grades in certain cells. This allows you to create optimal conditions for storage;
  • Inclined. Universal design for simultaneous storage of wine in a comfortable position and glasses;
  • Presentation. Suitable for large kitchens. The simultaneous combination of large sloping horizontal shelves and drawers.

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Shelves for wine
wine shelfShelf for wine bottlesShelves for wine in the kitchenwine shelfWine shelf

Shelf under the window sill

In a small kitchen does not always have enough space for the required items in the home. The space under the windowsill often remain empty. If there is no hidden battery and do not pass important communication, this place can be allocated for the organization of convenient shelves.

design size will determine the height and depth of the window sill. Material, design style should match the overall finishing room, then original shelves will appear part of the headset. Positioned under a window sill can be dishes, preparations for the winter, and other items that do not have specific storage requirements. It is necessary to take into account the peculiarity of the darkened space. On the mundane shelves do not place live plants, decorative items.

Shelf under the window sill

Shelves on the table

Make the kitchen neat and clean and spacious countertop. Usually this tiered structure with narrow shelves. They can accommodate a lot of useful things (the salt shaker, napkin holders, Stands for knives and other items).

The shelves of several floors can have different shapes and features. The choice of the most convenient options will depend on the location of the table, the apron design, the presence of suspended structures.

Shelf on the table

Roof with outboard flanges

Practical, fashionable solution for the kitchen. Construction look light and airy, but at the same time very robust and reliable. A variety of shapes and sizes to select a suitable design railing with hanging shelves.

Most often in the roof rail can meet hooks. They hold items with handles, pot holders, scissors, and other household stuff. If there is no need for a large number of such objects, you can use the structure for mounting shelves and expand their functionality.

Reiling with shelves
Reiling with shelvesReiling on the wall in the kitchenRail for kitchenSuspended shelves in the kitchenReiling in the kitchen

Before selecting shelves necessary to define its purpose. It is important to immediately indicate the approximate weight of the items for future storage sizes. You should also take into account the weight of the product, the presence of the flanges. for railing shelves may have very different shapes. They can be hung in the corner of the countertop or the sink.

Decorative lighting shelves

Correctly selected decorative lighting should naturally fit into the interior of the premises, to supplement it. Its main feature is that the light source is trying to hide. The main function - to emphasize the expressive lines, the beauty shelves. Moreover, their contents will be clearly visible, search for the desired object will not be hampered by lack of light. Arrange the lighting, you can use:

  • Spotlights. They have not only a decorative function, but also allow you to organize the local lighting to illuminate the work area.
  • LED clip. Allow to organize the backlight glass shelves. They are small, do not interfere with a room.
  • LED strip. She was very thin, with proper installation will be unnoticeable. With the help of the controller is adjustable brightness diodes separately for each color.
Backlight corner shelves
How to make the illumination of shelvesLights for kitchen shelvesbacklight optionLight shelvesHighlighting shelves

Production versions shelves with their own hands

With self-manufacturing shelves are mainly used for processing materials are available, which include wood, MDV, chipboard. To work with metal, glass, stone require special tools and equipment, as well as the skills of their treatment. Often use the materials at hand, for example, skates, backs of chairs, trays, old furniture.

The simplest single-level model can be made of planks and rope. It is enough to choose the right for a plate width, drill four holes at the edges, thick rope skip them and mounted on a wall. Of course, pre-need to smooth out the corners, smooth the surface, treat the product moisture repellent agents, paint, varnish.

The manufacturing process of shelves

Self can be made multi-level, withdrawable trolley design, making the angle options, floating models, panels of shelves. Everything depends on the intent of the author. They may be given the original form in the form of various geometrical figures, animals, abstractions. Paint homemade shelves should be in the appropriate color of the interior, in addition to decorate.

Care: about cleanliness and how to avoid clutter on the shelves

the kitchen cleaning is much more common than in other rooms. This is due to the specifics of the room. Reduce the number of general cleanings to maintain a simple procedure you can, if properly organized storage system. Proper arrangement of shelves and racks to minimize contamination of surfaces and decorative items.

It is necessary to take a responsible approach to the issue of choice of materials and colors for the shelves. Glossy dark surfaces get dirty quickly, they remain divorces. If you do not want to rub them to a shine every day, from such an option should be abandoned. Hanging shelves, floor racks must meet the following requirements:

  • No fear of contact with moisture and chemical cleaning agents;
  • Easily cleaned without disassembly;
  • Be roomy, fit purpose.
The order on the kitchen shelves

To avoid confusion in the kitchen, must be timely to review the contents of the shelves and clean up unused items. Every thing must have its place. If a rack is used for decoration or plants, it will not be forgotten places dirty spoon, a roll of paper towels.


Shelves in the kitchen - this is not a tribute to the latest trends and the necessary useful item that will fulfill the decorative and practical function. They help to transform the interior and make it unique. However, at the same time there is a number of problems caused by the open position of many things.