TV in the kitchen: 75 ways to place on a photo

It is hard to imagine a modern kitchen without a television. It may be old and small, but always present. Usually it is put on the refrigerator or on the window sill, but such an arrangement does not always correspond to the style decision apartment and kitchen. Before installing any equipment in the kitchen it is necessary to consider all the details, consult with the designer and look ready design projects in the network or in the thematic magazines. Much depends on the size and shape of the kitchen facilities. Plan the placement of TV panels in the kitchen is recommended before the start of repair or during the preparation of the design project. Moreover, we should focus not only on fashion trends, but also on the habit. If a person used during cooking or eating always listen to the news or watching movies, then the kitchen should put a big TV panel. When this habit is not, suitable for kitchen small TV.


  • select the Features
    • To size
    • Additional functions
  • accommodation options
    • Built-in option
    • Accommodation in a niche
    • On the shelf
    • angular placement
    • In the swing arm
    • Hidden placement method
    • folding TVs
  • Determine the installation height
  • Tips on decoration wall TV
  • conclusion

select the Features

When you select the TV panel to the kitchen takes into account the many nuances. The technique should not interfere with the process of cooking. But the screen must be visible not only to those who prepare food in the working area of ​​the kitchen, but also for those who are sitting at the dinner table. If you allow the financial capabilities, it is better to buy expensive equipment. The cheapest models are set low quality matrix, which distort the image on the screen, if you look at it sideways. Watching TV, being from him too close, dangerous to health, so when choosing a plan need equipment immediately place "remote" location. For small kitchens are not suitable large TV panels, which are ideal for studio kitchen combined with living room or dining room. Choosing a TV for the kitchen, it is necessary to plan ways of installation devices.

On a shelf above the ovenOn the wall to the accentual colorBetween the shelves and cabinetsOn the wall in the pictureunder drawersOn the free wall

The technique must be well secured, or it can be accidentally hurt and drop.

To size

Area kitchen facilities affects the size of the acquired technology. For kitchens and 8 sq.m. fit a small TV with a diagonal of up to 22 inches. Also, for small spaces should choose devices with moisture-resistant screen, because there is a risk of such kitchens splash and stain the display during cooking. Kitchen area of ​​9 to 15 sq.m. suitable television panel with a diagonal of 32 inches. But the device at a distance of 3 m from the human viewer to avoid excessive load on the eye. A larger area can be installed kitchens entire home theater with a diagonal of 32 inches. But these kitchens are the most common in private homes or are obtained after connecting kitchen and living room in an apartment. For standard housing fit TVs with a diagonal of 22 inches:

  • LG 24MT58VF-PZ;
  • Philips 24PHT4031;
  • Samsung T24E310EX;
  • Hyundai H-LED24F402BS2.
A small TV on the wallsmall TVa medium-sized TV for drawersA small TV in the cornerPlasma on the wallI built a small TV

Additional functions

Modern TVs have a lot of additional features, the presence of which is a nice bonus for the owners. Device with wi-fi connected to the Internet directly, without using a computer to a projector. Also, access to the Internet with the TV provides the feature Smart-TV. As part of the Smart-TV on the modern "smart" TVs exists gestures and voice control system that allows you to turn the device or change channels without using the remote. But watch interesting films or TV program can not only through the Internet. Today, most of the models support USB, which allows you to watch video from removable drives or burn them interesting programs. Smart appliances worth more than conventional devices, but it is convenient to use and can perform several functions. The most popular models of smart TVs include:

  • Telefunken TF-LED48S39T2S;
  • Sony KDL-48WD653
  • Samsung UE49MU6100U;
  • LG OLED55C6V.

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TV near the barSmart TV StoveSmall TV near the doorSmart TV on the tableEquipped with wi-fiIn the kitchen, between the shelves

accommodation options

When placing the TV in the kitchen it is necessary to take into account the natural light in the room. If the windows overlooking the sunny side, the equipment installed in the shadow of the room close to the entrance. Otherwise difficult to see the screen, and the TV will overheat and quickly break. No need to install the TV next to the sink or stove. On display will be the fall of water drops or splashes of fat, which has a negative impact not only on the appearance of the device, but also on its useful life. It is better to install the equipment away from sources of heat and evaporation. It can be put on a shelf or attach to the wall. accommodation option depends on the size of the room, and the type and size of the TV. Some TV panels can not be installed on the shelf, they are fixed to the wall with special screws (at least two) or functional brackets.

On the wall near the windowIn the niche between cabinetsOn the shelfon the chest of drawersOn the wall in the kitchenunder lockers

The device must integrate harmoniously with the interior of the kitchen.

Built-in option

If it is good to dream, you can find a lot of unusual locations for the built-in TV. TV panel is sometimes placed over the apron of glass which is used for finishing of the working area. In this case, the TV screen will not be splashed and stained, as hidden behind heavy glass partition. Built-in appliances can be installed on a special kitchen counter. Moreover, the rack can be integrated not only television but also a microwave, coffee maker and broiler. But the technique is often hidden in the furniture. Today, TVs are often set for the cabinets. There are special retractable mounting, in which the device is fixed. When a button is pressed on the remote TV panel leaves the top of the kitchen units. By popular embedded TVs include:

  • Avel AVS220K;
  • Avis AVS220K with a black frame;
  • LG 32LH570U;
  • Samsung UE22H5600AKX with LCD;
  • LG 28LK480U;
  • Samsung UE-22H5600;
  • Fusion FLTV-32B100T.
For TV glass surfaceEncased in a pencil caseBuilt above the refrigeratorBuilt behind the glass apronBuilt above the shelf for wineIt is built into the countertop

Accommodation in a niche

The TV in the kitchen are placed in special niches. This may be part of the kitchen unit opposite the dining room table or a soft group. Technique is set in the recess of the second tier of any section of kitchen units. If the panel is fixed rigidly, watching TV will open only when the wings locker, which is not always convenient. If the kitchen remained unoccupied wall shelves, you can create a special niche for the TV from sheets of drywall. Niche size is determined by the dimensions of the device. You can paint the back wall of the niche in the color of the kitchen units or adjoining panels, so that it is not so much conspicuous. Niche for TV panels can be placed at eye-level or high to the ceiling. Its location depends on the size of the area of ​​technology and kitchen facilities.

TV in a nicheThe shelves around the TVIn the niche of technologyinstead lockerNiche plasterboardMounted on the wall

On the shelf

Setting the TV on the shelf - the most traditional way of placing it in the kitchen. If the device is small, it is quite possible to put on a small shelf next to the kitchen unit or over a dining group, if property owners prefer to watch TV only during cooking food. And this may not be the regiment in the literal sense, its role can perform any hanging lockers. This open shelf allows you to rotate the TV in different directions, which is very convenient for its operation. As for the size of the shelf or cabinet, it must conform to the dimensions of the TV panel that all looked harmoniously. To do this, you can choose a device the size of an open shelf or ordering of kitchen units to ask the masters to make a shelf in size already purchased the TV.

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On a shelf in the kitchenOn the shelf above techniqueIn a corner of the kitchencountertopabove the fridgeTV on the shelf

angular placement

Often the TV in the kitchen is in the corner of the headset on the bracket. Such an arrangement is suitable for small devices. It is also a technical device can be placed over a sofa set on a special shelf. Sofa can be fitted with bloat to the window for a better view. When angular placement should not choose LCD-model, and TV panels with LED-display to the screen easily visible from various points in the kitchen. If the corner of the kitchen units is washing, then install it on a conventional TV set is not desirable. It is worth to buy a model in a protected enclosure with IP65. Such TVs mounted even in the bathrooms, they differ in the absolute moisture resistance. But here on the electric or gas stove TV host is not necessary, they can quickly come into disrepair.

In the corner on the shelfIn the corner of the doorIn the corner near the windowThe retractable worktopIn the corner of the mountsover cabinet

In the swing arm

TV in the kitchen can be placed on the special swing arm. Bracket size depends on the dimensions of the equipment, but there are universal adjustable model suitable for different-sized devices. They are more expensive than conventional brackets, but are suitable for different TV models. There are 4 main types of swing arms mounted, tilt-swivel and tilt. Inclined fasteners allow vertical angle of 20 degrees in the art. Tilt-swivel designs allow to rotate or tilt bracket 180 degrees. Ceiling brackets can be rotated or tilted structure 360 ​​degrees. Also, modern swivel design can not only turn the television, but also push it forward. In addition today sold "smart" brackets can change the position of your TV using the remote control or even via wi-fi.

In the swing armunder drawersOver the tableat the doorThe color of the kitchenindexing mechanism

Hidden placement method

Focus on the TV in the kitchen makes no sense, so it can be hidden in the closet. At the rear of the enclosure must be openings for cords, so as not to pull the wire through the entire set. You can also hide the TV behind sliding or pivoting panels. Last accommodation option looks very elegant, but requires a large space because panel TV should turn in a niche at 180 degrees. If within a design project in the kitchen, you can install a mirror or a picture, you can hide behind them a small TV panel. Effectively looks nightstand or table with a flip top, where the TV is fixed. If you allow the kitchen area, the TV can be hidden with the help of functional console. This variant is particularly suitable for kitchens in styles:

  • high tech;
  • Art Deco;
  • constructivism;
  • pop Art;
  • minimalism;
  • kitsch.
Pull-out table topHidden under the cabinetFor glass surfaceThe kitchen apronAnother option drawerIn the closet

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folding TVs

Stylish and unusual look at modern kitchens folding TVs. They can be mounted on a wall or under a kitchen cabinet. Of course, for these purposes, especially thin models, which when folded take up very little space. Equipment is insensitive to moisture and heat, which ensures a long service life. Folding TVs are functional and easy to integrate into "smart house" system. They can be switched using the w-fi or Smart-TV due to the voice control system or gestures. If the apartment or house to install GSM-alarm signaling, the technique can include even remotely. Folding TVs are ideal for small kitchens and are suitable for those who are used while cooking TV shows to listen rather than watch them. Due to the functional characteristics of these devices can not be large.

folding TVBuilt-in cabinetsUnder lockers hingedThe individual coloniesBehind the glassOn extendable structure

Determine the installation height

Clear requirements and rules about the height of the installation of the TV does not exist. If family members comfortably, it is placed even on the ceiling. But in small kitchens is most conveniently placed at eye-level technique that enables you to watch TV shows or movies for a long time in a comfortable position and not lift my head up high. For smaller spaces the optimal placement of TV panels at a height of 1.2-1.5 meters from the floor. The minimum height of the television from the floor must not be less than 1 meter. If the owners are accustomed to watch programs while cooking, then set the TV to be higher. In large kitchens allowed to place TV panels directly to the ceiling. If this will cause darkening of the image, the TV will be installed with a flexible arm.

In the box were at eye levelAt eye levelUnder a cabinet in the cornerIn the corner on a level with a fridgeIn the center of the roomBetween the kitchen and dining room

Tips on decoration wall TV

TV panel in the kitchen can be placed in the finished furniture modules or in one of the cabinets headset. Then specifically draw this wall is not necessary. If the TV is worth on the open hanging shelves, then it is possible to put a stylistically appropriate statues or paintings. Niche of drywall can be painted in the color of the walls or the kitchen, decorate with unusual designs or built-in lighting. Also, the TV can be installed on the vivid released panels. They are made of wood, plastic, metal, marble and other materials. The panels look elegant and stylish, but not suitable for small kitchens. If the TV is mounted directly on the wall, next to it is recommended to hang pictures or photos of family members. This alternative design is available even with a minimum budget and fits into any design project.

Wall IlluminatedThe shelves around the TVOn a brick wallOn the white wallDecorative plasterAbove the fireplace with a pattern


Kitchen Design with TV does not have any difficulties, if from the beginning to focus on the functionality of the room and integrate this device into a system of "smart home". Television panel must not interfere with the process of cooking. TV sizes depend on the area of ​​the kitchen. The huge screen in the little kitchen is able to cause only a headache and pain in the eyes, it is just uncomfortable to watch. When installing the kitchen, many owners hide TV panels due to a variety of stylistic solutions. If the design project allows, the technique does not hide. Sometimes television equipment emphasize with special panels, illumination in the niche or bright stylish paintings. As for fixtures, for the installation of television sets should be chosen swivel and angled brackets.