Kitchen design in a private house 130 interior ideas on photo

The modern style of kitchen design recommends that a set of rules, ranging from home design to finish. Kitchen interior requires practicality, functionality, but it allows you to not adhere to the templates, use bright colors and original solutions. A manifestation of the zeitgeist are simplicity and elegance, clean lines, minimalism.


  • Features
  • The size and shape
  • equipment and construction of principles
  • planning Forms
    • angular
    • parallel
    • U-shaped
    • Straight
    • On the island
    • The working area by the window
  • finishing facilities
  • The color scheme for the kitchen in a private house
  • Natural wood in the design of private home cuisine
  • How to choose the style
    • Provence and country
    • Classic and neoclassic
    • Scandinavian and eco-style
    • Modern loft and high-tech
  • The kitchen in the attic
  • Russian stove and a fireplace in the interior of the kitchen
  • conclusion


The cottage or apartment kitchen is a gathering place for members of the household. Even under a small apartment here tripled chat with friends over a cup of tea. Therefore, the interior of the kitchen in the house with any dimensions trying to give maximum comfort and harmony.

Sizes and shapes of kitchens apartments are about the same. When you move into a private house, especially if it was built with the wishes of the owners do not have to put up with a predetermined plan, any fantasy can be realized. Distinctive features of the kitchen in the house:

  • having more windows;
  • shape of the room which you want to give the opportunity to express individuality;
  • working area in a place conceived;
  • folded oven or fireplace which decorates, serve as the heating element will add comfort;
  • vast space will combine the kitchen-dining room with a living room, accommodate functional elements for the interior.
Kitchen design with built-in lamps and chandeliers hangingWall under a brick in the interiorChest at the tableDark beams in the bright interior of the kitchenChandelier with chains over the table-islandVarious flooring in the kitchen

The size and shape

Not all rooms have the ideal shape. Ready-made housing is often necessary to adjust.

With a square kitchen is no problem, it is easy to imagine, a lot of options. Furniture arrangement is parallel, L-shaped. If the room is large, it is in the middle of the dining table or island.

Dividing the kitchen visually square into two triangles, one of them withdrawn under the work area, the second equips a seating area and a dining table.

Large kitchen with dining area

The narrow kitchen requires more forethought. Furniture and equipment parameters selected with the lowest. Having a window can not be clutter. Narrow room decorate in bright tones, do not use a lot of decorative details.

Rectangular kitchen is almost as perfect as the square. It is divided into two squares or triangles, angles beat. A non-trivial design of the kitchen will create the correct placement of furniture, good lighting and surfaces. Dining table put any shape: rectangular, round, oblong.

Fashion trend is considered to be the union of the kitchen to other rooms, its design is linked to the overall style of the house. Basis becomes simple with no frills, which dictates not the deprivation of facilities and functionality. Utensils and appliances as much as possible to hide in advance worry about purchasing a good hood.

Dark table island and white furniture

Different directions premises underline the bar with chairs, kitchen island, a cutting table. border zones complement glass partition.

When the pass-through option try to arrange the kitchen furniture so as not to interfere with the movement of the corridor to the dining room or on the balcony, it emphasized the border zones. For each set individual light sources, using different patterns and textures of the materials in the floor finish. A cutting table or island features in a way that brought up the space, making it more comfortable.

The open kitchen is convenient and practical, it visually expands the space, do not have to spend funds to finish the "extra" walls, the hostess during cooking freely communicates with the guests and household.

Chandeliers from the vessels in the interior

Kitchen design with floor to ceiling windows has several advantages:

  • a lighted room;
  • area increases;
  • species outside pleasing to the eye, become part of the interior;
  • natural phenomena can be observed from the cozy nest.

Take care of double-glazed windows, the corresponding climatic zone, on the quality of care. Provide security shutters, alarm connection. From inside the approach limit special protection.

Multilevel ceiling with lighting in the kitchenWhite table-island with black countertopsGray in the interior of the kitchen furnitureTile under a stone on the floorThe ceiling of the white lining in the kitchenDesign with natural wood

equipment and construction of principles

furniture, kitchen equipment and appliances takes place after summing up the communication. Everything has to fit the taste owners, their routine, to provide convenience and safety of family members, in Vol. H., Kids and pets. It is important to accurately calculate the size of furniture, taking into account openings, projections, corners, places water supply, sewage and other systems.

An ideal design option there after answering the following questions:

  1. For a number of people room is designed, how many people usually gather around the table.
  2. What, apart from eating, engaged members of the family in the kitchen watching TV, working at a laptop, preparing lessons.
  3. What appliances need, whether it will be built, any size.
  4. On what the maximum power consumption is necessary to count how many and what kind of lighting devices will be used.
  5. What is the sequence of the triangle, and how much storage space you will need some.
  6. Is calculated length and width of the working surfaces, coupling with appliances and washing, the degree of opening doors, drawers convenience location.

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Fitted kitchen corner with the help of furniture and table-island

Do not forget about safety:

  1. Drawers do not have near the hob.
  2. Outlets do not plan to close the shell.
  3. Between the hob and sink a distance of at least 0.5 m.
Refrigerator steel color in the interiorChandelier with candles on the tablePurple curtains in a bright interiorKitchen with working and dining areasThe combination of blue walls and white ceilingWhite furniture with black tops in the interior

planning Forms

On a well-planned kitchen mistress comfortable and convenient. She is not caught between the sink and stove, saves time. In the design of modern kitchen combined three main areas: a place for food storage (refrigerator), the cooking area (cutting surface) washing space (washing). From this is derived the principle that access to any of the vertices of the triangle is carried out smoothly, as well as:

  • sink plate and equidistant from the refrigerator;
  • plate is close to the dining area, but it can not accidentally hurt her standing utensils;
  • refrigerator does not separate space is set closer to the corners, when the door does not interfere with the free movement.
Planning a kitchen corner and a table islandTiles under brick wallsSquare and round windows in the interiorWooden furniture in the kitchenParquet on the floorBright interior with dark kitchen furniture


Versatile option for any kitchen. Furniture, appliances are arranged in adjacent walls. Operating Area detached, we provide a dining area, it is advantageous to arrange an embedded equipment. If the room is too narrow or large, this layout will not work.

Corner kitchen layout in homeWashing windowIndoor tree on the tableStriped chandeliers in the interiorGray furniture in the kitchenFacade of kitchen furniture made of wood


It is used in the design of spacious rooms that may be passing. Wet plate put along one wall, and along the opposite - fridge with cabinets. Plus is the ability to install the necessary equipment, net - limited space, the dining table is often not fit.

A parallel plan kitchen in the houseBlinds on windowsTV on the wall in the dining areaWhite furniture with table tops made of natural wood in the kitchenThe kitchen of the boardThe working area in the kitchen with the television on the wall


This type of layout is applicable in kitchens 10-12 sq. m. Along each of the three walls placed one of the triangle elements. The disadvantage - no through traffic. In small or large spaces with the organization of the dining area and there are difficulties.

U-shaped kitchen layout in homePictures on the wallsThe interior in the style of RussianKitchen furniture with backlitA combination of tile and laminate floorShelves with dishes on the wall


The advantage of such schemes is the possibility of use in small spaces. Furniture, appliances are built along one of the walls. Stove and refrigerator is desirable to dissolve at different sides of the washing. When the length of the working surface is greater than 3 m ergonomic layout is reduced.

Direct plan kitchen in the houseCotton curtainsWindows in an apronWhite and purple kitchen furnitureFurniture with built-in microwave and a stoveRefrigerator near the kitchen unit

On the island

At the island layout is rational to place the hob in the middle. Here are placed and washing, if connected to communications. For ease of use, around the island should be at least 1.2 meters of free space. If the island is small and there provide seating and storage space, the main functional units are arranged in a linear or angular principle, guided by the configuration of the room.

The island kitchen layout in home

Areas where the cooking and washing, a nearby to each owner did not have time to wet hot pan or vegetables cross passage.

Lilac table and white furniture in the interiorUnusual chandelier over the tableCream furniture in the kitchenBuffet-island as a partition between the kitchen and dining roomRefrigerator under the color of kitchen furnitureShelves with banks on the wall

The working area by the window

Installation of kitchen furniture by the window sill with the transformation of the worktop is convenient, especially in small spaces. Well-lit work area in the afternoon will not use electricity. Mistress of cooking at the same time will have the opportunity to have fun, watching the scene on the street.

If you plan to install a sink next to a window, before installation carefully consider the details. The spout must not impede the opening of the valves and the water fall on the window sill. For heating radiators which are arranged under a window, ventilation need to penetrate the warm air.

Kitchen with a working area by the window

Classic curtains superfluous in the work area. Such planning is selected blinds, roman, roller blinds. They blend with any style, if you correctly guess the material and colors.

With a narrow room not use swing doors, and installs modular sliding system with drawers, it is more convenient.

Large windows in the work areaThe kitchen with a bay windowStrict kitchen designBuilt-in lighting of the work areaBlue-white kitchen furniture in the interiorTable-sill in the kitchen

finishing facilities

To finish the kitchen at the cottage, the cottage, there is much more room than in a typical apartment. This is facilitated by the height, area, custom geometry of the room. Run finish in the wooden house easier. Immediately after the construction of the building is reduced to a minimum, for a start you need only to refine the surface of the floor, walls, ceiling bearing structures.

Before the work should take into account that the structure will shrink, with interior decoration of new building does not make sense to use materials that form cracks. The level of shrinkage depends on the type of wood. Glued lamella prosyadut least of all, the walls are made of logs "lead." The wooden house where the walls are not sufficiently dried out, will lodge a fungus.

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Wooden kitchen

When decorating the walls of the timber is often used slide fasteners which do not allow skin to crack. Utilities are not recommended to install inside the walls, they are mounted open way, hidden in special boxes. Against the background of the tree looks nice entry in the retro style.

Heating appliances, fireplace, boiler in a wooden house be sure to insulate the floor and walls to prevent fire. Harmoniously looks insulation made of stone. No less than six months after the construction of wooden surfaces inside the house clean, polished and treated against mold and corrosion in areas where metal fasteners are planned. After embarking on the decoration lacquer, paints, sheathe plasterboard, paneling, ceramic tile.

Facing the apron of the tiles under brick

In the panel and frame houses nails, screws are attached only to the frame of the building. Hanging cabinets hung on pre-fixed rail.

In interior decoration stone houses its own characteristics. Final finishing precedes the alignment surfaces by means of plaster. After these works the walls are smooth, homogeneous, ready for pasting wallpaper, tile finish, spray a variety of decorative plaster, paint. Plaster layer also performs the function of thermal insulation.

Buffet island with marble worktop

Alternative plaster - sheets: GCR, GVL, the DSP. When smooth the walls of their attach directly to the wall, which reduces the cost and time of work.

To close the wooden interior, is used for the cladding board, boards, facade boards or block-house. The use of the valuable species due to the aroma will create the feeling of living in a wooden house.

The walls of the stone house is lined with tiles, stone, wall panels made of wood, PVC. In suburban areas using unheated facade materials: brick, fiber cement panels, fa├žade plasters, they are not afraid of summer and winter temperatures and moisture attack.

Stone in the interior of the kitchenWall paneling on the walls and ceilingBuffet-island with the area in the kitchenApron MosaicInterior with kitchen furniture in oakBuffet-island countertop with orange

The color scheme for the kitchen in a private house

Modern kitchen combining all the materials that are popular with owner. The color scheme is desirable to group composition and pitch around some emphasis in a single style. The main color is chosen blue, green or orange in the palette kitchen practically no restrictions. Designers are always recommended to use light shades. But since the space of a private house is quite spacious, there are used all colors to black.

Bright colors the most versatile, associated with purity, white and light furniture does not weigh down the space combined with any style, from classic to modern. The wooden house on a white best not to get hung up. The use of wood in the floor and wall coverings, furnishing contributes to harmony, making the room warm and cozy.

Furniture and ceiling, dark wood kitchen

In a bright room with large windows look noble dark kitchen facades, diluted chrome luster, light tops, colorful mosaics. White wall opposite the window or bright shade of one of the surfaces give life to brighten the interior.

When you take into account the color design of a kitchen:

  • Where to watch the windows of the room, using the corresponding warm or cold colors;
  • size and number of windows, scenery behind them;
  • how harmonious color scheme in relation to the premises adjacent to the kitchen.
Interior with multilevel ceiling and spotlightsThe bright colors in the interior of a private home cuisineWood and stone in the interiorBuffet island with fridgeExhaust HoodTable with chairs near the window

Natural wood in the design of private home cuisine

In a wooden house is appropriate finish of the same material. Natural materials create a unique look, meet sustainable housing concepts. Do not forget about the susceptibility of the material to temperature fluctuations, reaction to the high humidity in the kitchen microclimate.

After proper surface preparation the most economical way would be processing decorating varnish and paint. In order not to lose the natural color of the wood, they should not be opaque, and transparent. Use also tinted, tinting agents, which will emphasize the structure of the tree.

The tree in the interior of a private home cuisine

To preserve the wood paneling of the interior and MDF panels ideal. They both can hide communication, heater, do not require additional treatment. Strips laid in different directions, combining methods.

a spacious kitchen wall clapboard, bars. The effect creates a log laying finishing block house, which does not crack, easy to install. On the floor of organically look planed boards or laminate budget. For the aesthetic concealment of communication on the ceiling the most suitable material lining. Cable channels on the surfaces of the color of the skin is selected.

Typically, the structure of the laminated veneer lumber draw up, using a variety of materials and styles. In the wooden house is desirable to keep the open surface of the pre-processed impregnations, varnish or paint.

White furniture against the backdrop of the walls under the treeCorner sofa with a table by the windowWall under a stone in the dining roomThe clock on the kitchen wallGreen wall in the working areaMirrors of different sizes on the kitchen wall

How to choose the style

Before you choose furniture, kitchen accessories, you must decide on the future style. In a wooden house embodies any design from classic to hi-tech or pop art. But to hide from the eyes of the beauty of the natural material makes no sense, while there are different solutions in order to emphasize the effect of a natural interior.

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The kitchen in the English style in the houseIndian statue above the refrigeratorThe clock on the wall of wood in the interiorRed chandelier in the kitchenCeramic tiles on the kitchen floorCabinets on the walls

Provence and country

Rustic style is best suited to be placed in a wooden house. With it, pay attention to the rough shape of furniture styled dishes. The main range of selected white, beige shades. Complement interior forged, woven elements, doors used instead bright textiles. Even the presence of flaws in the finish will be a highlight, cracks on the walls of the timber will fit into the interior.

Kitchen in the style of Provence in the houseShelves with dishes on the wallThe carpet in the kitchenThe kitchen in the country styleChairs with carved backs of the tableShelf with utensils over the stove

Classic and neoclassic

If you want to stand in the kitchen at the same time classic and modern style, combine elegance, luxury with minimalist functionality, you get a room in the neoclassical style. Characteristic architectural techniques will arches, columns, bay windows, stucco rosettes, various wall decorative items. In a private house ideally emphasizes expensive finishing materials, the use of ceiling beams, plaster, furniture made of solid wood. Grace give carved elements, mirrors, pictures with heavy wooden frames.

Kitchen in classical style in the houseThe mural on the wallThe patterns on the ceilingThe kitchen in the style of neoclassicismElegant chandelier in the interiorThe combination of blue walls and white furniture

Scandinavian and eco-style

A distinctive feature of the kitchen, decorated in accordance with the requirements of eco-style - is the predominance of bright colors, the use of natural materials, no plastic. Located at the height of fashion Scandinavian style also tends to be clear, simple forms, which, along with the use of beige, sand, white - business card. Furniture strict rectangular forms of natural materials adjacent to the metal elements of the refrigerator, the dishwasher. Large dining table, as a rule, absent. It is replaced with a small table, a narrow bar. An abundance of natural light provide the most open windows with a bit of tulle or no. Paul bleached board wall too bright. Eyes will be pleased with mats, tablecloths, blankets, bright textiles with traditional ornaments, clay plates, pots of flowers.

Kitchen Scandinavian style homeThe clock on the wall under a brickRug in the kitchenKitchen interior eco-stylekitchen design with lots of woodShelves on the wall in the occupied zone

Modern loft and high-tech

Loft is great for a wooden house. The walls of the timber are in harmony with high-tech elements, appliances and furniture parts with glass and metal. In the course of the rough zero trim, the wood is treated only protective compounds used panoramic glazing. Often the free plan kitchen, at least the walls, partition walls, high ceilings, functional furniture. Pipes, wiring, ventilation left open. Use non-standard accessories of different styles: road signs, vases, pictures, wallpapers with simulated brick or stone wall.

The kitchen in the loft in the houseRaspberry white refrigerator and kitchen furnitureDifferent design tiles under brick wallsThe kitchen in high-tech styleGlossy kitchen furnitureCeiling with LED lighting in the interior

The kitchen in the attic

Kitchen under the roof - effective solution. The main task - to think through a communications network. If the attic has a large slanted window, and in its decoration using wood, it will be twice as warm and welcoming. When making a room used multilevel furniture with a sloping top. Heavy headsets prefer lightweight, modular options, complete with wheels. It is useful to be rails, other new storage systems.

For maximum convenience, the kitchen in the attic should be adjacent to a dining area, its complementary access to the outdoor terrace. Best option plan - studio. Undesirably high partitions, zoning use low shelves or sofa with a bar. The staircase to the kitchen under the roof should have a wide stage, equipped with handrails.

The kitchen in the atticDining table by the windowThe working area under the slant of the roofRed Apron in white interiorKitchen furniture with purple facadeDecorative letters in the kitchen

Russian stove and a fireplace in the interior of the kitchen

Live fire will create an atmosphere of relaxation. It is important to find the right approach to the selection of materials, well thought-out design room where the stove or fireplace is present.

As soon as "dancing on the stove," and now focus - is a central place, all the furniture is arranged around it, preferably at a respectful distance. The room is made in rustic style, the hallmark of which - a large number of items made of wood. Interior items are selected simple, calm colors. If the oven is decorated with tiles, they become a decorative center.

Household appliances offer clear, unobtrusive lighting do. If there is a bench, it is decorated with rugs, bulky cushions, blankets in patchwork technique. When using the modern style decoration of the hearth used artificial stone, clinker brick. Furniture buying leather, the space complement stylish accessories.

Russian oven in the kitchen of a private houseFacing stone ovensLamps on the ceilingFireplace in the interior of the kitchenThe clock above the fireplaceThe combination of brick and wood kitchen


For kitchen design is of great importance finishing surfaces. It is important to observe the technology requirements, choose the right class of materials, the method of fixing. The main wish of the regeneration space - comfort, practicality and functionality. This is achieved by careful planning of the work, thoughtful selection and placement of furniture, art and accessories.