Refrigerator in the interior of the kitchen 75 photos and advice in choosing

If earlier to buy a refrigerator, you had to stand in line to buy, now home appliance stores offer refrigeration units for every taste and budget. Modern refrigerator in kitchen interior is of paramount importance. Without it is impossible to store many products, as well as to cook dishes such as ice cream or jelly. How to choose the right place and in the kitchen area a much needed thing?


  • What to consider when choosing
  • accommodation options
    • In the corner
    • Near the door
    • Under working area
    • Built and disguised as headsets
  • Color: what to combine
    • White
    • The black
    • Steel
    • Color
  • conclusion

What to consider when choosing

First, how to begin selection of the refrigerator - the definition of its dimensions. The height and width for each food are practically essential. Little space suggest the presence of small devices in large kitchens of the refrigerator can be a two-door.

Next, what it is to decide - is the volume and the number of cameras. Single Chamber usually presented in older models, and the freezer compartment them uncomfortable, because it has too small an area.

Modern interior of kitchen with a fridge

Two-compartment model are the most common and convenient. In the freezer compartment and food storage is always different door.

Three-compartment versions designed for those who cook a lot and with the soul. Enjoy exotic products with strict requirements for storage? Then the third chamber with zero temperature would suit you perfectly.

Furnished with wood facade

The volume of the refrigerator depends on how many people will use it. Large family use a lot of frost, so in this case it is better to choose the freezer compartment of more than 90 liters. Camera for a large family should be at least 200 liters.

All refrigerators up to 180 cm in height have a storage capacity of up to 350 liters. If the device reaches a height of 210 cm in height, then its volume can be even 800 liters.

A niche in the wall

As if he had heard the prayers of all the housewives of the world, manufacturers have come up with such refrigerators that no longer need to be defrosted. This invention can be considered a real technical breakthrough. Without this feature, the model of the cooling apparatus now looks shabby. Such a function is marked as «No Frost». These refrigerators have a forced ventilation system. But there is a small minus, these models are a bit more dried products, as well as a little more noisy. However, not as much as the Soviet refrigerators.

Conventional refrigerators have the evaporator, due to operation of which the formation of frost on the walls. The noise level in them reaches 42 dB, and they are cheaper than more functional counterparts. But the freezer they have defrosted regularly.

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Lamps on the cabinet

Antibacterial - Required each refrigerator. Although many bacteria and suspend their reproduction at low temperatures, but there are such that the cold is not a hindrance. Therefore, this new-fangled device is also located in a cooling trend.

Efficiency of the refrigeration device is an important point when choosing a model. marked "A" class of the most fuel-efficient models. Sometimes this labeling manufacturer adds some "+", that means increased energy efficiency. Class "C" is considered the most "voracious" in terms of energy. Here the choice depends on the availability of models and material possibilities.

Kitchen with marble worktops

The last selection criterion - the design of the refrigerator. White, steel, black, beige, brown and even red - that's what cell phones can be seen on the market. Color future mate should be combined with the overall design of the kitchen, it is preferable that the tone of the refrigerator without distracting from the overall ensemble of kitchen units.

The combination of yellow and gray walls of the refrigeratorTurquoise stove and refrigerator in the kitchenBlinds on the windowKitchen with a U-shaped layoutLockers with shelves on the wall in the occupied zone

accommodation options

In fact, each functional element of the kitchen has its own particular place for a reason. Stove and sink are located where the drain and provides outlet for them. Refrigerator according to the placement rules should form with hotplates and sink working triangle.

According to the laws of ergonomics place for the refrigeration device is isolated from the door or window. Since neither sink nor slab to not deliver, and looks the refrigerator where the most harmonious.

Refrigerator in the working area of ​​the kitchen

Design course, where the stove and refrigerator are placed on one line, may be in a small kitchen. There is space saving makes its own adjustments. Placing furniture in the kitchen is linear, you can not put the cooling unit near the heating system, because of the excess heat reduces its effectiveness.

When the kitchen is compact footage, you can put the freezer and refrigerator compartment under the work surfaces, but it will have to be purchased separately.

Chandeliers in the form of a flower in the interiorCabinets with built-in microwaveWhite furniture in the interiorBuilt-in fixtures on streamFloor boards in the kitchen

In the corner

In the corner of the refrigerator put when the kitchen area more than the average square footage. So the refrigerator is fully integrated into the ensemble kitchenette.

Refrigerator in the corner of the kitchen

Corner helps create a real work triangle. With such arrangement to wash and to cook foods much easier than other housing options.

Black kitchen furniture in white interiorApron black tilesKitchen with orange furnitureilluminated cabinetsGlass in the interior of the apron

Near the door

Location near the kitchen door is a definite advantage. Bringing the purchase to the house, they can be easily and quickly placed in the refrigerator before leaving for work. In addition, the inward opening door is a little bit to cover the refrigeration apparatus, thereby saving space.

Refrigerator near the door in the kitchen

In those homes where the kitchen is almost not at all, you can use the original board and put the refrigerator at the entrance to the apartment. It can be hidden between the cabinets in the hallway. Or even disguised as one of them.

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Interior with orange fridgeRug in the work areaThe clock above the doorSeat cushions against the wallKitchen furniture with a lemon-colored facade

Under working area

not be able to hide under the work area a unit. Therefore, the freezer and the main chamber is placed near, but separately.

Refrigerator under the work area in the kitchen

Separate refrigeration apparatus consume more power than a single refrigerating system.

Another refrigerating device under working area can not have a large displacement. These refrigerators are designed for use by one person.

Boxes with productsRefrigerator in the tableSelf-leveling floor in the interiorTable fridgeKitchen furniture made of natural wood

Built and disguised as headsets

Those who are worried about the aesthetic appearance of the kitchen, suitable refrigerator disguised as a kitchen. Previously used in this way to hide a dishwasher, is now a large wardrobe for the cooler can be ordered with other cupboards.

Refrigerator built-in set in the interiorThe combination of black and white colors in the kitchenPurple walls in the interiorLight green furniture in the kitchenThe clock on the wallRed furniture in the interior of the kitchen

Color: what to combine

Color refrigerator, most often used to create the style of Provence in the interior. Famous lavender and turquoise refrigerators can be seen on Provencal cuisine quite often.
What combines a certain color? Consider the options of combinations more:

cooler color combinations of options
The black With a kitchen in beige, gray and lemon tones.
Steel With lavender, blue, white and gold basis.
White With almost all versions of cuisines.
Red With the gray aprons and walls.
Blue With brown, pistachio, olive and green colors.
Orange With a kitchen in shades of lime, as well as with dark interiors.
Beige Universal for all interiors.

For lovers of all bright and unusual, suitable refrigerator, pasted stickers with special interior design. So great helper turns into an English phone booth, or becomes a picture, where the Eiffel Tower is visible.

Combination steel and a dark refrigerator in the kitchen furniture

Colored surface is not as durable as the standard gray or white. To clean them Do not use aggressive detergents.

How to fit in interior design unusual colors and models of refrigerators? the following tips can be used to solve the problem:

  • Silver and reflecting light of the refrigerator - it is better not to put in front of the window, a reflection of it will regularly create unwanted glare;
  • On the tiny kitchen any color device narrows the space even more. Black and gray or gray-beige options here are not suitable. To visually expand the space, or need to make a refrigerator in the living room, or to pick up the color so that it is fully blended with the interior;
  • The refrigerating device of the classic hue is not necessary to combine with the advanced design trends.

In all other cases, the model should be approached on the basis of the choice of its characteristics. After all, you can change the color of always using the paint or decoration different stickers.

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White interior with gray furnitureCeramic tiles on the floorCorner window in the kitchenThe combination of white and turquoise colors in the interiorA large mirror on the wall


White refrigerator - the king of all refrigeration systems. The purity and whiteness of his mistress colors from around the world watched very carefully.

White refrigerator in the kitchen

Therefore, care for them can not be called simple. On the other hand, such a model is a classic and very stylish. Suitable for many designs kitchens. Visually increases the space of the room.

The less color detail on a white refrigerator, the better. By the way, eye-catching magnets on it did not look at all, but family photos without frames look out there like a white canvas.

Sand kitchen interiorThe combination of gray walls and blue furnitureGreen apron in white interiorLamp over the dining tableThe window in the working area

The black

Black version is a fashionable accessory. His greatness can overshadow all other cooking utensils, because it is designed to create a powerful accent in the kitchen design.

Black refrigerator in the kitchen interior

Not easy in combination with other colors, but the monumental element looks luxurious and expensive. And caring for virtually minimal.

Kitchen Scandinavian styleBar stools at the table-islandKitchen with strict designThe combination of black floor and white wallsTV on the wall


Steel cooling device can be created as stainless steel and plastic. This option is versatile, malleable to the different decor and color combinations. And with an electronic scoreboard looks like something cosmic.

Steel refrigerator in the kitchen

Steel refrigerators according to statistics are the most models to buy. It is not surprising, because they are suitable for almost all.

Extractor hood with lighting above the stoveBamboo blinds on the windowBrick wall in the interiorWashing windowKitchen-living room


Color device always uplifting. He fits perfectly into a bright kitchen. But demanding the attendant nuances and fine details.

Red refrigerator in the kitchen interior

Its beauty lies in the color of purity. Here is the rule: the brighter, the better.

Fireplace in living roomShelves on the wall in the occupied zoneBlue fridge in the kitchenColored tiles on the floorThe combination of mustard and red furniture refrigerator


The choice of the refrigerator - is not easy. Previously, it was chosen for decades to come, and sometimes even hereditary. Modern cell phones also serve quite a long time. And manufacturers today can be found in almost every country.

When choosing a model, refer to its parameters. There is nothing worse in the kitchen than a refrigerator that does not cope with the required functionality. For example, gourmets fit models with built-in cooling buckets for caviar and champagne. Vacationers will appreciate the enormous refrigerators freezers and bachelors are quite satisfied with built-in headsets compact version.

White furniture and turquoise refrigerator in the kitchenWhite table and gray furniture in the kitchenChess floor and walls in the interiorInscriptions on the fridgeShelves on the wall near the table

Most creative models of refrigerators worldwide reputation for being a transparent structure, which is visible to all, stationed there, the food. Second in this ranking are refrigeration units, the height of which can be assembled yourself. And in third place are refrigerators, which can be a marker to write on all sides. Still wondering about what kind of device you choose? In any case, the decision is yours.