The height of the bar in the kitchen floor: standards and dimensions in the schemes

Location of the first bar counters became North America and Western Europe. And this is connected with the development of the restaurant business in these regions. During the existence of this element of the interior, "experienced" minor evolutionary changes, but has spread worldwide. From a design standpoint, a bar - the central element. Environment is formed around it. In restaurants and bars, its role is to "card". The kitchens feature bar serves dresser or narrow table, but the name stands more apparent. Use racks outside the public institutions have contributed to the fashion trends. Long or partition table is seen as a sign of good taste and desires of the owners arrange interesting design. The worktop is installed in the kitchen areas, between the living room and kitchen, and sometimes in themselves living. When choosing the design of the finished product or the main role is played by the length, width and height of the bar.


  • The bar counter in the interior: the advantages and disadvantages
  • Functional purpose
  • Methods of location
  • species
  • materials of Construction
  • Dimensions: standard and non-standard solutions
    • Height
    • Length
    • Width
  • Features of the calculation
  • The height of the bar stools
  • Interesting solutions in the interior of different apartments
  • conclusion

The bar counter in the interior: the advantages and disadvantages

The bar counter has evolved from an attribute of catering establishments in the design element, and it happened in the last decades. Aspiration tendencies to merge functional use and visual appeal has led to the fact that the rack is now used in kitchens and dining areas suburban areas. The interior of the restaurants and bars of the counter is indispensable, but the introduction of the kitchen space or studio apartments are not always conducive to comfort. Positive qualities as a separation into functional areas opposed restriction patency. Table clean aside in case of need, but the bar - a static element. On the other hand, a narrow partition takes any convenient position for the hosts, even at an angle. Do not become a problem re-equipment of stone under the bar for a drink while preserving the dining table function.

The original bar

Functional purpose

Restaurants Rack role is obvious: her sitting visitors there for drinks and pay for your order. On the part of the bartender counter equips the cash register and bar accessories. The interior of the apartment called a narrow bar countertop and not functional for supplying beverages furniture. Will benefit cupboard, fitted sections for storage of products and devices for the dishes. In addition to the role of the dining room table, the object performs the function of additional cutting surface, and perhaps - and part of the triangle. Sometimes placed at the front washer that adds variants wall use. Most often bar element installed in apartments without partitions - for the sake of the boundaries between rooms or functional areas. The table top is often a separator between one side of the kitchen, and a living room or a bedroom on the other.

Appointment of the bar

Methods of location

In smaller rooms, racks are often "merge" with the wall. Option does not differ comfort, but looks stylish and space-saving. Freestanding cabinets are typically peninsula, island or more elongated, but often used as part of a discontinuous fencing construction. Peninsular adjacent to the walls of the ends. Some racks have separate connection to the ceiling, usually via the tube. Stands there are also built-in, for example, in an opening in a wall or some sort of structure. Worktop often represents a continuation of the usual dining table. In addition to the above-described embodiments, widespread adjacent. They perform as part of the headset. Adjacent racks can both add and deny options in the organization of space. Practically does not reduce space rack-sill - another compact model. Not everyone will be comfortable eating in front of the window, but in the end there is a place under the additional table.

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Location bar


On the configuration choices affect the amount of available space. If in a cafe or restaurant is not special restrictions, the house will have to think about the justification of original solutions. The classical model is a fixed worktop legged or continuous basis. A more flexible option - folding design. It corresponds to a pull-out model, or is carried out in the form of a table with a lifting part. Such a structure is useful for the organization of the aisle. Conventional retractable structure completely tucked in worktop cutting surface or dinner table. Two- and multi-level bar counters are made including the world's leading manufacturers. Due to the level structure, processing and eating exercise at a comfortable height. Also, there are opportunities for people of different heights and options for storage. Island stands harvested in the most spacious kitchens. The larger island, the more basic functional justified transfer devices of the apron.

Bar in the living room

If there are doubts about the correctness of the choice, it is better to purchase folding model - they are at any time can be hidden, including the installation of a new bar.

materials of Construction

Main options:

  1. Artificial or natural stone.
  2. Wood.
  3. Chipboard.
  4. Plasterboard.
  5. Plastic.
  6. Metal.

Plastic - one of the major contemporary materials. Because it is typically formed base. And the best solution for worktops become stone. Under extreme stresses on the counter plastic and wood wear out quickly, so the option of natural or artificial stone would be optimal. Natural or synthetic, this material ensures structural strength and durability. In this original form countertops will long remain unchanged. The integrity of the stone surface promotes hygiene: one movement is enough sponge to remove dirt. However, the low-cost options are possible mechanical damage to the edges. The best material for the self-assembly is a metal. Then the rack is made of slats. If you add in construction and other materials, you get the original product.


Dimensions: standard and non-standard solutions

Standard parameters are not so much. For individual indicators constructs normalized height levels are 110, 120, 125 and 130 cm. They are relevant for factory options. Typical parameters of products, in turn, include a 120-cm length, height 105 and width 55 cm. Garniturnaja racks are part of the furniture, their tops are usually not below 86 and not more than 91 cm. The indicator height then enters the cap height (10, 12, 15 cm) and thickness of tabletop (4 cm). The difference between the total level of these values ​​and corresponds to the height of doors (facades). The length is chosen to meet the minimum interval of 0.5-0.6 meters per person. In this case, unsuccessfully placed a long reception spoil the interior of even a very large kitchen. It is much easier situation with wide table top: it is associated with the ergonomics and the need to save space. Racks are also combined with the indicators corresponding to a detached and garniturnaja and simple, but with a few tops at different levels.

The height of the bar


The height of the countertops are chosen by the highest member of the family. As for all the options, the lowest - ordinary table, simulating the rack. Its height can be 75 cm. Dependent on the kitchen furniture cabinet is often at the level of 86-88 or 91 cm. Free-standing rack have much larger dimensions - 110, 120 or 130 cm. standards in the 110 or 120 suitable for people normal growth. The structure of the bar element is also a multi-level. For example, the connection to the headset can be a working part with a height of 86 cm and a height of 110 bar directly cm - be on. On the rack size affects the thickness of the countertop. Typical embodiments not thicker than 4 cm, but can often make stone 6- and 8 cm. The rack can be placed above the rest of the working surfaces. The height of the bar area in the institutions - and the question of an individual depends on the overall concept.

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The height of the bar


At home, it is not necessary to install cumbersome design, at least, unnecessarily. Length selected in accordance with the surrounding environment and the need for the seats. The total number of tenants, a further 2-3 places. For each result in laying of at least 60 cm. A significant role in determining the ideal length plays appearance. In a large kitchen rack can be too short and funny, but in a small - to pick up a lot of storage space. Total allocated to 3 harmonious lengths in conjunction with the width. For a 40-cm depth countertop needed length 120 cm, but 60 cm - ideal index is 160 or 180 cm. Thus, the dimensions inherent in the ratio 1 to 2.5-3. If the table is playing the role of a separator, the length is selected based on the minimum space required to move between zones.

The length of the bar

The bar counter for the restaurant should be as long as possible - it has a positive effect on revenue of the institution.


First of all take into account the element configuration: single- or double-sided. In the second case, people sit opposite each other. Allowable minimum width is set at 30 cm. At the same time, the experience of previous years and the comfort index rules say about 40 cm. Minimum dimensions in any case refer to the one-sided racks. Options on the two sides is better to do a minimum of 50-centimeter, and ideally - 65 cm. In the latter case will be provided for the convenience of two, and at the same time there is room for the plates in the middle of countertops, a cup of tea or coffee, a laptop, it will be possible for serving meals. The indicator of more than 70 cm wide and is considered to offer a cuisine in which there is no need to save space. The original shape of the structure width should be chosen, given the remoteness of the edges.

The width of the bar

Features of the calculation

The criteria are the convenience, compatibility with the furniture, the dimensions of the room. strut length should exceed the height and width - length to yield at least 2.5 times. One person is necessary to at least 30 cm thickness and 60 cm length. As for the height, it is calculated at the highest, but it should be remembered that the children will be difficult to climb on the big chairs. We can not allow countertop inconvenience - at the ideal height table can put your arms bent at the elbows. The difference in the growth of the family members would be insignificant moment, if the rack on one side equipped with another, higher top. The calculation of the height of the plinth necessarily include, facades lower pedestals, countertops and a raised floor thickness, if any. Repelled and the level of classical pillars - 115 cm above the floor and combined - from 90 cm.

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The calculation of the parameters include:

  • the type of work performed while standing;
  • the amount of time spent by residents in a sitting position at the desk;
  • additional purpose countertop.
The bar counter in the interior

The height of the bar stools

Chairs, in turn, buy or adjustable or standard height. Seat level is typically 75 or 85 cm, but the manufacturer IKEA launches options on the 63 and 74 cm. When selecting chairs for the table are based on the rule of 30 cm gap between the seat and bench. However, in practice it allowed the stock to 15 cm. For a small dining table in the form of extended racks with height 75 cm fit chairs of 45 cm. as a continuation of the wall of the tops become chairs of 62-75 cm. This is the default settings for a number of manufacturers, and the rule of optimal period of about 30 cm in this case, the sacrifice for the benefit of convenience. Freestanding tables have a height of 105 cm and longer intervals of 5-10 cm between the different models. For them produce chairs with seats at the level of 75-85 cm from the floor. For the embodiment 110 cm acquire 75-cm, and for a height of 120 or 130 cm - 85 cm for chairs. Comfort depends on the diameter of the seat.

The height of the bar stools

Interesting solutions in the interior of different apartments

Will not prevent experiments with form and pattern of the bar. Abutting the wall peninsular structure is less dependent on the environment than others. Therefore, there are wide, cascading, undulating options. The wooden houses are popular countertops made of whole logs. Sometimes the bar is completely cut into the opening. The base is accepted to do a solid or open, and in both cases the available designs. For example, such as a Multilevel "puff" rack an empty rectangle with rounded corners. On the "status" of the most stylish solution can qualify with a streamlined shape and wall mount, with a corresponding color and constructive design. The modern studio apartments collect "club" options. Rack then adorn attractive finish, external and internal illumination.

Originality and different options are:

  • in the form of a conventional bar-counter;
  • simulating a rock fragment;
  • entirely of glass.
The original decision of the bar


Bar counter for a restaurant is in the form an elongated structure. Straight shape is very familiar, but in small rooms such as kitchens need a special approach. The interior of the apartment or a country house on the foreground space saving and aesthetic function. For this reason, designers are coming up with more and more compact and at the same time convenient options. Racks are wall-mounted, combined with furniture, individual and so on. Sometimes they make out like an island or part of it. From the materials are almost always used the stone, and in recent years have increasingly used plastic. For tenants first task is to determine appropriate dimensions and designs of chairs thereto. Standard Furniture racks have a height at the level of 85-91 cm. We separate it - 105-130-cm. The width is generally in the range of 30-40 cm for the most narrow and 60-90 for wide models. In cramped kitchens length range is between indices of 1.2 and 1.6 m, and in other cases, the role played by a personal preference.