The most unusual students of the world

Universities are designed to help you master the skills of a particular profession. However, who said that we must necessarily study only lawyers, doctors and accountants?

Today there are non-standard educational institutions that offer students training in non-trivial professions.

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    • International School of Sex
      • The International School of Sex
      • The Gray School of Magic
      • The College Training the Professional Cultivation of Medical Marijuana
      • The School of Bagpipe Training
      • The University of Professional Nannies
      • The University of Professional Packers
      • The State College of Meat Cutting

The State University of Lawn Management

The International School of Sex

The Austrians decided, that the sexual life of modern man is the same science as mathematics, philology ornd the other, which should be thoroughly studied, if you want to achieve some success in this area. After attending a course at the International School of Sex you will learn how to properly love your partner, gain reliable knowledge in the field of sex education and develop skills( both theoretical and practical) sex. The cost of one semester of study at this university is 1400 euros. The duration of the training is 5 semesters and 3 special intensive courses.

Gray School of Magic

In this California school you can learn such unusual disciplines as alchemy, working with a magic wand, spells, talking with animals and 12 more subjects. Of course, the idea of ​​creating this educational institution came to the head of the director after reading the books and releasing films about Harry Potter. You can get the right to study at the magic school for only $ 25.

College teaching professional cultivation of medical marijuana

This Michigan school specializes in studying a popular narcotic plant. Here you can learn the history of marijuana, comprehend the principles of gardening and get acquainted with the legal aspects of the medical exploitation of the substance. Just for 485 US dollars you will study the full life cycle of the plant, learn how to provide it with light and nutrients.

School of bagpipe training

All students of this university wear kilt, the symbol of the school is the Scottish terrier. Here you can learn not only the basic principles of playing bagpipes, but also learn the history of the instrument, its cultural significance.

University of professional nannies

Modern society needs graduated nannies, which can be trusted the most valuable in the life of any person - children. In view of the high demand for this profession, a university was established in 1989.

University of professional packers

Here packaging is considered to be a real art form, after passing the training you can become a happy holder of a scientific degree. The university offers students the opportunity to acquire the skills of creating ecological, aesthetic and economical packaging that can be used in everyday life. Graduates of such a university find work without problems in FedEx, Frito-Lay and Snap-on Tools and receive an average of $ 51,000 per year.

State College of meat cutting

If you think that there are not so many people in the world who are eager to deal with this business, you are mistaken, because today there are as many as 2( !) Universities teaching this kind of activity. Within two years you will learn all the aspects that are associated with meat. Many participants receive a scholarship sponsored by the meat processing industry.

State University of Lawn Management

Here you will learn how to create a sports park and a playground, an emerald golf course. Students are invited to take a course on weed science and study the strategy of pest management.

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