The best cities in Russia for doing business

Forbes regularly conducts analysis of Russian cities for their attractiveness to entrepreneurs. Experts assess the availability of skilled labor, the lack of legislative barriers, the availability of office space, land, communications, tax burden and administrative pressure.

Today, in our top ten, assembled the best cities in Russia for doing business according to Forbes analysts.


10. Saratov

  • 9. Kazan
  • 8. Kemerovo
  • 7. Irkutsk
  • 6. Togliatti
  • 5. Omsk
  • 4. Tomsk
  • 3. Krasnodar
  • 2. Ufa
  • 1. Kaliningrad
  • 10. Saratov

    Despite thea high level of debt, which is about 80% of budget revenues for 2013, the authorities are trying to attract investors with tempting offers in the form of a lightweight tax burden. So businessmen who invested more than 50 million rubles in any industry( except construction) in the region's economy expect only 13.5% of profit tax, instead of 17.5%, as well as a property tax of 0.1%

    9. Kazan

    At present, a building boom is observed in the capital of Tatarstan. As part of the preparations for the World Universiade, Kazan authorities have been actively distributing construction contracts throughout the past year. True, priority was given to local companies. Only 7% went to out-of-town contractors.

    8. Kemerovo

    Kemerovo is confidently growing in the rating due to the development of infrastructure. Not so long ago, a four-lane highway connecting the city with Leninsk-Kuznetsk was put into operation. By the way, this is the first and only in Siberia highway, where the speed limit is raised to 110 km / h. In general, over the past 10 years, investments in the fixed capital of the city have reached 43 billion rubles, showing an increase of almost 10 times.

    7. Irkutsk

    It can be said that almost all the major industry in the region is under the control of federal financial and industrial groups. Governor Sergei Eroschenko and mayor Viktor Kondrashov came to power from business. However, according to one of the leaders of the "Delovaya Rossiya" party Oleg Yatsenko, business in the region is developing not through, but in spite of the actions of the authorities.

    6. Togliatti

    Since 2010 in Togliatti they are constructing an industrial park "Zhigulevskaya Dolina", which should solve the eternal problem of single-industry towns - a low level of economic diversification. Now in the city, except Avtovaz and chemical enterprises, high-tech companies began to appear.

    5. Omsk

    Production of T-80 tanks, Proton carrier rockets, repair of Mi-8 helicopters - these are just a few touches that make it clear that the city has a large number of qualified specialists and a developed infrastructure. Foreign investors in the face of the French Decathlon and the Czech PPF Real Estate Holding are going to build shopping centers here.

    4. Tomsk

    The industry of the university city is based on the processing of gas and oil. In 2011, Russia's first factory producing 4G base stations opened in the local Special Economic Zone. This was facilitated by the availability of a trained workforce, low interest rates on loans, and relatively tolerable tax burden.

    3. Krasnodar

    The capital of the Kuban made a breakthrough in the rating, because in 2012 the city was only 10th in the list. Among the largest companies in the region are JSC "Tander" Sergey Galitsky, which owns a network of grocery stores "Magnit".The economy of Krasnodar is actively developing in all directions, only in housing construction there is a decrease in demand. It is much more profitable to buy inexpensive real estate in neighboring Adygea.

    2. Ufa

    The most significant branch in the economy of the city is oil production, processing and chemical industry. However, in Ufa there are all favorable conditions for small business. There are a lot of skilled labor, fairly simple conditions for obtaining land, available energy capacity.

    1. Kaliningrad

    The leadership of Kaliningrad in our Top-10 is largely due to the presence here of the Special Economic Zone. The largest enterprise of the city is Avtotor, which provides jobs for thousands of residents. The evolving infrastructure of Kaliningrad favors the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, which in a variety of are opened here, attracted by tax breaks.