Best rates Rosselkhozbank for deposits of individuals( as of October 2014)

For those who are inclined to trust state banks, Rosselkhozbank is the best choice, becausethis bank is 100% state-owned( for comparison, the state's share in the Savings Bank is 50%).At the same time, Rosselkhozbank is among the five largest banks in Russia in terms of assets, which adds to its reliability. But it is worth considering that the Agricultural Bank is now under the sanctions of the West.
In this rating we will consider the most beneficial deposits of Rosselkhozbank offering maximum interest rates for individuals. The data is relevant for Moscow in October 2014.

5 place. Deposit "Pension Plus" .It is opened upon presentation of a pension certificate or document on the appointment of a monthly lifelong maintenance from vessels entering the judicial system of the Russian Federation. If you reach the appropriate age: for women 55 years old, for men 60 years old, and also when there is no more than two months before the old-age pension, no pension certificate is required. The interest rate is 8.20% for a period of 1 year and 8.60% for a period of 2 years. The deposit is opened in rubles. The minimum amount is 500 rubles. There is a possibility of replenishment and partial withdrawal.

4 place. Deposit "Maximum savings" .The deposit is intended for large( from 1.5 million) amounts in rubles for a period of 180 to 730 days. The maximum interest rate on this deposit for an amount exceeding 20 million rubles and a term of 730 days is 8.70 percent per annum. There is a possibility of replenishment. The maximum amount of the deposit is 150 million rubles.

3 place. Contribution of "Formula of Success" .9 percent per annum in rubles for a period of 540 days. This contribution can be opened on February 9, 2015 inclusive. The minimum amount is 3 thousand rubles. If the deposit is requested ahead of schedule, interest is paid at the rates of early withdrawal of the deposit, for example, if the term exceeds 365 days, it is 7%.

2 place. Contribution of "Classic" .The deposit can be opened in rubles, dollars or euros for a period of 31 days to 4 years. The minimum deposit amount is 3 thousand rubles or 100 dollars / euro. When making a deposit through an ATM and an Internet office, the deposit rate is higher and reaches 4,40% in rubles for a term of 4 years. For deposits in foreign currency, it does not matter whether a deposit is opened in the bank's office or through an ATM / Internet, the maximum rate is 3.35% in dollars and 3.25% in euros for a period of 4 years. At a term of 1 year, the interest rate is 9.00% in rubles( when making a deposit through an ATM and an "Internet office") or 8.80%( in the office), 1.70% in dollars and 1.65% inEuro. Replenishment and partial withdrawal is not provided.

1 place. Deposit "Gold" .The minimum amount of the initial installment is 1.5 million rubles / 50 thousand US dollars / 50 thousand euros. The term is from 3 months to 4 years. The maximum interest rate in rubles is 10.67%( for a period of 4 years, over 30 million rubles and interest at the end of the term), in dollars - 4.00%, in euros - 3.75%.At a term of 1 year, the interest rate ranges from 9.00% to 9.45% in rubles with interest paid at the end of the term, 3.30% in dollars and 3.05% in euros.
Detailed conditions for this and other deposits of Rosselkhozbank can be downloaded in the attachment to the article.