Best gifts for February 23, version of men

The Day of the Defender of the Fatherland is getting closer, awakening in the women's souls excitement and anxiety: what to give, how to invest in one small subject the whole amount of joy, respect, love and care? We present the 10 best gifts for on February 23, according to the men's version.


  • 10. Cosmetics and perfumes
  • 9. Alcohol
  • 8. Wardrobe items or accessories
  • 7. Gift card
  • 6. I remember a wonderful moment
  • 5. For my favorite toy
  • 4. War is a matter for young
  • 3. The gadget orIT-accessory
  • 2. Eternal child
  • 1. Best gift is you

10. Cosmetics and perfumery

Shower gel, shaving foam and a bar of soap in a transparent cellophane package tied with a blue ribbon. Top gifts by banality. But even a gift from this category can be successful under three conditions: it is expensive;it is qualitative;he is guaranteed to like the addressee.

Pros: quickly.

Cons: pleasant little after six months to discover your gift untouched.

Preparation: month. During this time, you can carefully try out the recipient's preferences by offering to sniff a few probes.

9. Alcohol

Such a gift will always be in demand - if not right now, then after a while for sure.

A good option: expensive brands of cognac, whiskey, rum, absinthe, tequila, calvados in a beautiful package.

Bad option: cheap wine, vodka, home tincture.

Cons: it's hard to find anything truly original if you do not have connections in an Indian village, where once in 100 years shamans make tincture of cactus on the tears of a virgin.

8. Wardrobe items or accessories

Good option: stylish leather belt, neck scarf, smart watch, expensive and quality sunglasses, purse.

Bad option: packing of socks, regular tie, pack of handkerchiefs.

Plus: is fast and simple.

Less: The gift may seem boring if it's not a one hundred percent hit right in the heart.

7. Gift card

. .. for goods, services or entertainment - the best gifts for February 23 colleagues. Only the amount must be substantial.

Plus: quickly;the gift will be claimed 100%.

6. I remember a wonderful moment

Men can also be romantics! A good option: dinner by candlelight in a checked restaurant, a certificate for massage, a trip for two( from a bungalow in Thailand to a horseback tour of Altai), tickets for a concert of your favorite band.

Not the best gifts for men on February 23: spa, kayaking, if he is allergic to mosquitoes.

5. For your favorite toy

Does the addressee have a four-wheeled friend? Then a good option of a gift is to choose something that will facilitate the work of car everyday life. It will be well received: a set of automotive tools, universal charger, a new model of the DVR, GPS-navigator.

Plus: uses, so it remembers.

Preparation: a month to ascertain preferences and time to explore a new area.

4. War - the cause of young

Bury the mammoth! To live a year in the hut amidst the wild, full of dangers of the forest! Stand on the edge of a cliff on the roof of the world! The heart of every man will tremble at these words.

Good option: handy and beautiful hunting knife, snowboard wax, ski goggles, tent, a warm and light sleeping bag, a set of wobblers for pike and so on.

Pros: you know exactly what your gift will be appreciated.

Cons: will have to make an effort to find out the recipient's preferences;to explore a new area of ​​knowledge for yourself;choose the best.

3. Gadget or IT accessory

An external high-capacity hard drive, portable speakers with excellent sound, the latest model of a smartphone, tablet or laptop is a good gift for a guy on February 23rd. Or some gadget, about which a man sighs the last year, like a quadroopter, or a lens for macro photography.

Attention: the case for a flash drive in the form of a plastic naked woman or a fancy mouse( they look good, but it's always inconvenient to use them).

2. Eternal child

There is a child in the soul of every person, and he also needs attention and care. We guarantee that these will be the most original gifts for February 23!

A good option: radio-controlled cars, helicopters, game console, collector models.

Bad option: plastic statuettes of superheroes from the "Children's World".

Caution: must know the tastes of a man well.

1. Your best gift is you

And here is the leader of the ranking of the best gifts for February 23rd. You can: dance the dance of wild horses in the costume of a cowboy girl, pretend to be Odalis from the harem of the great sultan, an Egyptian priestess or to appear in the form of Deyneris - this is up to you.