Top 10 fastest growing cities in Russia

Despite the emerging stagnant phenomena in the economy, which are quite understandable in the crisis, in many regions there is an increase in business activity, production and an influx of labor.

Today we offer an up-to-date list of top-10 companies that included the fastest growing cities in Russia , the rating is compiled from the research materials of the RBC publication.


  • 10. Tyumen
  • 9. Saratov
  • 8. Nizhnekamsk
  • 7. Izhevsk
  • 6. Engels
  • 5. Syktyvkar
  • 4. Abakan
  • 3. Stavropol
  • 2. Belgorod
  • 1. Krasnodar

10. Tyumen

In 2013the population of Tyumen grew by 3%.Among all participants of the Top-10 in Tyumen, the highest average salary is 41,410 rubles. The main industrial branch in the city is the production of petroleum products. Financial stability, as well as the high purchasing power of the population, makes the city attractive for investment.

9. Saratov

The city is a well-known in Russia center for education and a variety of research activities. In Saratov machinery, chemical and oil industry are very developed. The city is one of the most attractive regions for business development.

8. Nizhnekamsk

The growth rate of the service sector in the city for 2014 was 1.09.In addition, the petrochemical and energy industries are developing in Nizhnekamsk. The construction, in particular, of retail space, is growing rapidly.

7. Izhevsk

The capital of Udmurtia is an economic, commercial, cultural, and educational center. The city has developed defense, metallurgical and machine-building industries.

6. Engels

The city in the Saratov region is famous for such enterprises as "TrollZa", "Engels Pipe Plant", Confectionary factory "Pokrovsk".For a year the population of the city grows by about 2%.

5. Syktyvkar

The capital of the Republic of Komi is a major industrial center - there are more than 40 enterprises of federal significance here. Also, retail chains are actively developing here, in particular, local ones - "Econom" and "Assorti".

4. Abakan

The smallest city in our Top-10, nevertheless is an important center of industry, energy and transport network of Khakassia. It is noteworthy that the number of enterprises in the city in 2013 grew by 10%.

3. Stavropol

The city with a population of 420 thousand people is experiencing a period of growth, based on the traditionally strong agricultural sectors for the Stavropol region. The growth of the population of Stavropol is about 2% per year.

2. Belgorod

The Belgorod region is one of those agrarian regions that demonstrate steady growth. In addition, industrial production is developing in Belgorod. A The growth rate of the service sector in 2014 was 1.04.

1. Krasnodar

The city is a little underdog to the rank of a millionaire with a population of just over 890,000 inhabitants. Modern Krasnodar is more attractive than ever for retailers. It is here that the "Magnit" network is based, as well as younger, but promising ones, for example, "Sangi Style".