The most comfortable prisons in the world

The "Forbes" edition was an amazing rating, which included the most comfortable prisons of the world .Indeed, some places of detention more like a hotel with its own vast territory, equipped with all sorts of amenities.

Naturally, most of these comfortable prisons are located in the Scandinavian countries, which are famous for their social orientation.


  • 10. San Pedro( Bolivia)
  • 9. Cereso Chetumal( Mexico)
  • 8. Viru( Estonia)
  • 7. Horserod State Prison( Denmark)
  • 6. Vestre F? Ngsel( Denmark)
  • 5. GelsenkirchenGermany)
  • 4. Halden Fengsel( Norway)
  • 3. Justiz Zentrum Leoben( Austria)
  • 2. Butner Federal Prison( USA)
  • 1. Bastoey( Norway)

10. San Pedro( Bolivia)

The men's prison is designed for 1,500 prisoners. This complex is more like a reservation, where not only convicts live, but also those who wait until the end of the trial and investigation. Conditions of stay depend on the availability of money. For $ 10 a month they settle in a small hovel, and for $ 1000 you can spend time in luxury apartments.

9. Cereso Chetumal( Mexico)

Men's prison for 1100 people. Here, malicious criminals are serving time, but in 10 years no cases of violence were recorded. Prisoners have the right to work, and for received money, for example, they can equip a camera with a TV.Among the prisoners there are sports competitions, including the famous boxing fights.

8. Viru( Estonia)

The prison for men and minors is designed for 1075 convicts. The construction of the prison cost $ 120 million. On the territory there is a gym, a school, workshops for work, a chapel. All cells are double and are equipped with a toilet. The camera is allowed to install your TV.For good behavior you can get a vacation - 21 days a year.

7. Horserod State Prison( Denmark)

A comfortable prison with 221 seats is designed for the stay of women and men. This includes convicts for less than 5 years. On the territory there is a church, a shop, a library, running tracks. Once every 3 weeks, every prisoner has a day off at his will. Those who study are released to classes almost daily. In the family department of the prison, prisoners can live with their spouses and children.

6. Vestre F? Ngsel( Denmark)

Men's closed prison for 530 seats is equipped with a gym, a library, a medical center and a non-alcoholic shop. Prisoners are paid a daily allowance of 7 Euros, and those who wish can earn extra money. Once a week the prison is visited by a dentist. There are more servicemen in prison than prisoners.

5. Gelsenkirchen( Germany)

A closed prison for 558 prisoners of both sexes cost the country EUR 92 million. Prisoners live in male and female barracks, there is a sports field, a church, a library, a school. Psychologists, teachers, social workers, clergymen work with criminals. Women are allowed to walk under supervision outside the prison.

4. Halden Fengsel( Norway)

A closed male prison with 248 seats is equipped with a sound recording studio, cooking courses, guards do not have weapons, and there are no lattices on the windows. The camera resembles a room in an inexpensive hotel. Prisoners regularly fill out questionnaires on the basis of which the prison authorities make a plan for improving the content.

3. Justiz Zentrum Leoben( Austria)

The prison is designed for 205 seats. The high-tech prison was designed by the famous architect Joseph Hohenzim. In the courtyard there is a garden with tables for playing tennis and a horse farm, the building has a gym, a library.

2. Butner Federal Prison( USA)

The men's prison is designed for 3,600 prisoners. Among the famous "guests" of the prison is the founder of the largest financial pyramid, Bernard Maydoff, who was assassinated by Reagan John Hinckley and the leaders of large companies convicted of economic crimes. The cells are cable TV, on the territory there are centers of medical and psychological assistance.

1. Bastoey( Norway)

A comfortable institution with 115 seats is the world's first environmentally friendly prison. Here, electricity is received from solar panels, trash is sorted, and fruits and vegetables are grown on its territory. In the process of serving a prison, all prisoners are involved, so the content is inexpensive. Convicts are allowed to swim in the sea and make horse walks.