Top 5 amazing plastic surgery

When mentioning plastic surgery, most people are likely to think about expensive procedures that are needed for purely aesthetic purposes. Of course, this is an element of truth, since the vast majority of plastic procedures are associated with a change in the shape of the nose and augmentation of the breast. However, the pioneers of plastics had quite practical goals and objectives. Here is the top-5 amazing operations from the history of plastic surgery .


  • Italian method of rhinoplasty
  • First successful breast augmentation
  • First kidney transplantation
  • Selfie and plastic
  • Complete facial transplantation

Italian method of rhinoplasty

Documentally, plastic surgery dates back to the 16th century when Italian surgeon Gaspare Talyacozzi, using the methods describedin the ancient Indian treatise, restored the injured nose of the patient. For this he used tissues from the forearm.

The operation was conducted in several stages. Initially, the flap of the skin from the biceps was not separated to the end, but fastened to the tip of the nose with a connecting clamp and left for 20 days. At the same time, the patient's hand was fixed with a hard bandage and attached to the nose, so that the skin flap fit well the remains of the nose. Then Tagliakozzi completely cut off the skin from the biceps. It is difficult to imagine the sensations of a person forced to walk almost a month with a motionless hand suspended to the nose. In addition, the result of an unusual operation was not guaranteed, and the risk of infection was quite large.

First successful breast augmentation

The first breast enlargement surgery was reconstructive. Because of the tumor, part of the left breast was removed from the patient. German surgeon Vincens Czerny used a lipoma - fatty benign tumor from the back of a woman to restore her breasts.

An amazing operation was carried out in 1895, and the surgeons spent the next 70 years trying to come up with a viable material for creating breast implants. What just did not try to put in the female breast: and paraffin and glass balls and beeswax and even elephant bone. Fortunately, in the 1960s, surgeon Frank Jirou invented a silicone implant. His first experimental procedure was performed on a dog. And the first woman to insert silicone implants was Timmy Gene Lindsay.

First kidney transplantation

Although most people do not think about transplantation procedures as having a direct relationship to plastic surgery, they include many similar methods, in particular, the reconstruction and re-implantation of nerves and tissues. Therefore, the first successful kidney transplantation was included in the top 5 amazing plastic surgeries. It was performed by the famous plastic surgeon Joseph E. Murray in 1954.The twin donor of the patient became the donor of the organ.

Selfie and plastic

In 2013, the compilers of the Oxford Dictionary chose SELFI "the word of the year."The habit of photographing oneself in different situations for many has become an element of everyday life. Men and women, young and old, upload their photos to social media sites, such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter. Even though the act seems innocent, it allegedly causes the growth of plastic surgery.

According to the American online edition of Huffington Post, several people have done cosmetic procedures with the sole purpose of increasing the attractiveness for selfie. This, in part, is clear: who wants to see the "deslay" under his own photograph?

Complete facial transplantation

The rating of unusual facts about plastic surgery is headed by a tragic story with a happy outcome. In 2012, surgeon Eduardo Rodriguez performed face transplantation to Richard Norris, who, due to a drunken quarrel with his mother, shot himself in the face with a shotgun. This was, perhaps, the most intensive and complex procedure of plastic surgery ever conducted before this time. It lasted 36 hours.

Despite the fact that Norris can not be called a handsome man, and he must take medicines to keep the immune system at "half power", his new face is mobile and plastic. And this fact is amazing, considering that at the shot it literally exploded.