10 most expensive breeds of cats

How much are you willing to pay for a kitten? For example, Arab sheikhs in recent years carried away by exotic breeds, laying out for kittens for 10-20 thousand US dollars.

To determine the The 10 most expensive breeds of cats were taken by Forbes experts. As a result, a rating has appeared, which we are now offering to your attention.


  • 10. Turkish van( $ 0,4-1,5 thousand)
  • 9. Laperm( $ 0,5-1,5 thousand)
  • 8. Peterbald( $ 0,7-3,5 thousand)
  • 7. The Maine($ 0,75-2,7 thousand)
  • 6. Burmilla( $ 0,8-4 thousand)
  • 5. Toyger( $ 1-5 thousand)
  • 4. Bengal( $ 1,1-4 thousand)
  • 3. Elf$ 1,3-3 thousand)
  • 2. Khao-mani( $ 1,5-2,5 thousand)
  • 1. Savannah( $ 4-20 thousand)

10. Turkish van( $ 0,4-1,5 thousand)

The VanThe cat was chosen as the emblem of the Turkish campaign to join the European Union. It is believed that the Turkish van was present in the life of many key figures of Turkish history. Even the favorite of the prophet Muhammad allegedly belonged to this breed.

9. Laperm( $ 0,5-1,5 thousand)

The history of the breed began in 1982.A curly kitten was born because of a natural mutation and became the founder of a new breed. Cats Laperme is curled not only with a long silky coat, but with a mustache.

8. Peterbald( $ 0,7-3,5 thousand)

Naked Petersburg cats - the pride of Russian felinology. Flexible elegant body, elongated muzzle and long tail are very much appreciated in the US and Europe. Another advantage of these unique creatures is their hypoallergenicity, although doctors argue that the reaction in humans can be caused not only by the pet's hair, but, for example, by its saliva.

7. Men's tailless( $ 0.75-2.7 thousand)

The breed appeared on the Isle of Man isolated from the mainland in the Irish Sea. Why these cats have no tails is for certain unknown. According to legend, these cats were the last who got into Noah's Ark, where the poor people just tied the tails with a door.

6. Burmilla( $ 0,8-4 thousand)

A cross between Persian and Burmese cats has silvery fur and expressive appearance. The breed was bred quite accidentally in the early 1980s, but very soon became popular among European aristocrats.

5. Toyger( $ 1-5 thousand)

The name of this breed can be translated from English as a "toy tiger".Today breeders have achieved almost perfect tiger strips on the cat's fur, the next stage is work on getting rounded ears. So the development of this expensive breed is in full swing.

4. Bengal( $ 1,1-4 thousand)

The ancestors of these large exotic cats were wild Asian leopard cats. The breed was officially recognized in 1987.The popularity of the breed is promoted by the "wild" appearance in combination with the size of the domestic cat. The Bengals are well developed hunting instinct, however, they are nekvovozhadny and not aggressive. The most expensive variety is snow Bengal or force-lynx.

3. Elf( $ 1,3-3 thousand)

The appearance of elven cats produces, rather, a repulsive impression. The folds of bare skin and huge curved ears conjure up associations with extraterrestrial intelligence and fantastic novels. The breed is relatively young, she is only 6 years old, but already extremely popular among the stars of politics and show business.

2. Khao-mani( $ 1,5-2,5 thousand)

The history of this breed began in Siam several centuries ago. For a very long time, snow-white beauties lived exclusively in families of rulers and aristocrats, and the death penalty was imposed for the theft of kao-mani. Today, large Thai businessmen choose only cats of this breed.

1. Savannah( $ 4-20 thousand)

The original spotted color of these cats allows the owner to feel himself the owner of a real leopard. Pretty exotic millionaires are ready to shell out 20 thousand dollars for a kitten with a good pedigree. By the way, savannas - are the largest among domestic cats .The weight of adult pets reaches 15 kg, and height - 50 cm.