The most disgusting alcoholic beverages in the world

"Russia is the joy of pity, we can not, without that being. .." These words are attributed to Prince Vladimir Krasno Solnyshko. However, at the feasts Vladimir did not serve with the most disgusting alcoholic beverages in the world , which can be harmful to health. But modern Russians should be more careful with exotic spirits. We list the most dangerous of its varieties.

  • 7. Tsongsul, South Korea
  • 6. Chicha, South America
  • 5. Gilpin whiskey, Britain
  • 4. Vodka with mice, Asia
  • 3. Changaa, Kenya
  • 2. MOLORT, USA
  • 1. Cocktail with humantoe, Canada

7. Tsongsul, South Korea

Opens our top-7 most nastiest alcohol in the world with a soft and aromatic alcohol-based beverage, based on waste of life. Simply put - feces of human or animal .They are mixed with pleasantly smelling medicinal herbs and for a long time insist on alcohol. In Korea itself Tsongsul is not very popular. But tourists who do not know what this type of alcohol contains, they love it. Or they know and take for souvenirs. Suitable for a gift to the enemy.

6. Chicha, South America

To produce this ancient drink reminiscent of beer, women chew solid corn seeds , spit this pasty raw material into a vat and insist on water for 6 months. The corn contains starch, and when chewed, the enzymes of saliva turn it into sugar. Fortunately, "trash beer" is not prepared in this way everywhere, but only in some villages. In large cities chichu fermented from corn flour, adding to it the juice of pineapple, anise and cumin.

5. Gilpin Whiskey, Britain

Is a collectable alcohol that is made to order. It was invented by James Gilpin, and an integral part of the drink is urine of a diabetic patient of the second type .The liquid is filtered through a water filter and added to the whiskey. According to reviews, its taste combines bitterness with mild tartness.

4. Vodka with mice, Asia

The recipe for one of the nastiest spirits is simple: you need to take a few three-week-old mouse cubs ( they have not yet become overgrown with wool), put in a bottle and pour rice vodka. The bottle is in a dark and not too hot place for a year, after which the vodka is ready for consumption. It is used not only for feasts, but also for preventive purposes. On assurances of manufacturers of mouse alcohol to those who drink it, no illnesses are terrible.

3. Changaa, Kenya

A literal translation of the name of this moonshine from sorghum or corn "kill me quickly".This is all you need to know about its effect on the human body. A disgusting and dangerous brew with a fortress of 50-60% is made in Kenyan slums, where the words "unsanitary" do not know. For unforgettable taste and aroma changaa season with battery acid, kerosene or liquid for embalming. Well, the fact that there often gets sand, dirt or human stools - little things in life. According to statistics, such a poison takes up to 15,000 lives per year.


This wormwood schnapps, whose recipe was brought to Chicago from Sweden - is the most disgusting alcohol in the world. Risk it try only fans of thrill, and those who still tried, describe the taste as "a rare rubbish", "inexpressible muck", "disgusting."

1. Cocktail with a human toe, Canada

The strangest and most disgusting booze in our rating is the signature cocktail of the Canadian bar "Sourtoe Cocktail Club" in Dawson City. You can drink it fast, you can slowly, but sooner or later your lips will touch the toe - an obligatory cocktail element.

The legend of the first "Sourtoe" dates back to the 1920s. Two bootleggers - Louis Linken and his brother Otto - during the transition with another batch of alcohol across the border fell into a terrible blizzard. Louis descended from the sleigh to guide the dog team, but fell through one foot under the ice and lost his boot. Fearing that the police would come out on their trail, the brothers continued their journey. Unfortunately, due to prolonged exposure to cold, Louis's big finger froze. In order to prevent gangrene, the faithful Otto performed an amputation using an ordinary ax and rum for anesthesia. In commemoration of this event, the brothers kept a finger in the bank with alcohol. Many years later this bank was discovered by Captain Dick Stevenson. After consulting with friends, the captain created the cocktail club Sourtoe and developed the rules of an elite club, membership of which is impossible without the use of paltsoderzhaschuyu booze.

Since the opening of the bar, he has already donated 10 fingers. The permanent members of the club have their own "fingers", but newcomers get second-hand.