Splash - the most compact family car from Suzuki

Suzuki Splash is a modern family car that can be classified as a mini MPV class. When creating this model, the task was to develop an economical and fairly compact version of a family car. And, judging by the fact that the model has become very popular both in Europe and in Japan, the developers have coped with this task perfectly.

The first serial production of this model was made in 2008.And right away, Suzuki Splash had loyal fans. After all, this model is a universal vehicle, which combines compactness, the highest level of safety and the unchanged quality inherent in Japanese manufacturers.

The official dealer of Suzuki in Russia testifies that this model is very popular among our compatriots. What was the key to success? In addition to the above advantages of this Japanese model, it is worth mentioning the fact that Suzuki Splash is very economical, it has good maneuverability, and also has an affordable price, because this model was designed as a car designed for young families, who tend to have limitedbudget.

As the Suzuki Splash was selling well, the automaker decided to support the demand by releasing an updated version in 2012.The main changes in the exterior of the novelty touched its front. The model received a new bumper, the shape of the radiator grille was changed, and the fog lamps were replaced. At the back, updates are less significant. The graphics of the taillights changed somewhat and small decorative gratings appeared on the rear bumper.

As for the technical "stuffing", the engines that are installed on Splash are the own development of suzuki engineers. These are motors that are economical with a balanced power, and fully meet the requirements set by the Euro-4 standard. Three-cylinder liter engines are installed on this model, as well as four-cylinder engines with a volume of 1.2 liters. The gearbox on the Suzuki Splash is either mechanical( five-speed) or automatic( four-band).

Distinctive feature of Suzuki Splash - unique shock absorbers, which ensure smoothness and ease of movement of the model and excellent handling, so necessary in the conditions of the modern city.