Top 10 smartest animals in the world

We, people, have the ability to learn, solve problems and create. We have self-awareness, an opportunity to realize the presence, thoughts and feelings of others. We make tools and practice the art of deception. We have a language and we use it to express complex ideas. All this, perhaps, is a sign of intelligence. Scientists can not agree on a better and fuller definition of intelligence - but they generally agree that people are very smart. However, in the realm of fauna there are other creatures that are not much inferior to many people in intellect. Introducing top-10 most intelligent animals in the world .


  • 10. Rats
  • 9. Crows
  • 8. Cows
  • 7. Pigs
  • 6. Octopuses
  • 5. Dogs
  • 4. Whales
  • 3. Elephants
  • 2. Dolphins
  • 1. Hominids

10. Rats

Eternal satellitesCivilizations are usually perceived as spreaders of disease and have a bad reputation. However, any krysovod confirms that his pet is one of the smartest animals on Earth. According to researchers at the University of Guelph in Ontario, rats, although they can not solve cognitive tasks using strategies inherent in people, are often successful on their own terms. Rats very quickly orient themselves in unfamiliar premises and communicate with relatives in the ultrasonic range, so as not to attract the attention of predators. And they can vary the frequency of signals during a conversation and have a stock of screams with different values. In a pack of rats there is mutual assistance. If one rat tries something unfamiliar, the others wait a few days. If nothing happened with the taster rat, her relatives try a new dish.

9. Crows

Have the largest brain of birds, except for some species of parrots. They are smart enough to recognize human faces and hide their food from other birds. Crows use various tools( for example, twigs to get insects hidden under a tree bark).

They also know how to break nuts, dropping them on uneven surfaces. And the crows used stones and pebbles to repel the attack of birds of prey. Voroniy Vocabulary is very rich, it has sounds for courtship, general gathering, swearing, distress signals, addressing to chicks and threats.

8. Cows

Cows seem calm and even melancholic animals. However, they have a rich and complex emotional life. The researchers found that cows have friends and enemies. In addition, these animals are able to feel strong emotions, such as fear and even anxiety for the future.

7. Pigs

Not the smartest animals in the world in the top 10, but one of the most underrated and unfairly ranked as "dirty."They equip their toilet far from home, the main thing is to give them that opportunity. Pigs are one of the most intelligent, playful and social animals. They eat together, play together, and sleep closer to each other. These animals use 20 different types of sounds for communication. Even a newborn pig can understand what the mother wants to tell him.

According to studies in pigs, there is more cognitive energy than in dogs and human babies.

6. Octopus

The most intelligent and sentient beings among invertebrates. They are the only of invertebrate brethren using tools. Small octopuses easily absorb the habits of other octopuses. Octopuses have the ability to change the shape of the body to avoid predators. And they know how to make shelter, using such improvised materials as stones, shells and shells of eaten crabs. In all this "good" octopus makes a crater in which it settles. Sometimes it closes on top of a flat rock, like a lid from a pan.

5. Dogs

The smartest pets( although the owners of cats and mini-pigs can argue with this).Dogs from ancient times were a faithful companion of man. The average dog is smart as a 2-year-old human child. They have a deeper understanding of the human world than any other animals, they have the fastest ability to learn from pets, are able to react to many different teams. With the most trained breeds of dogs can be found in our ranking. The brain of dogs can identify a million types of odors.


whales Because of the huge size of whales, training them is a difficult task for a person. However, social behavior and methods of communication make whales one of the smartest animals in our hit parade. The whales have more brain than any other living thing. Their cognitive abilities are due to the presence of spindle cells in the brain. These cells are responsible for social behavior and consistency between thoughts and feelings. They also have a human, chimpanzees and dolphins. Whales communicate with each other, using complex vocal tones. They are extremely social, travel and hunt in groups. And whale whales can imitate human speech.

3. Elephants

Have the largest brain in comparison with other terrestrial animals. They can recognize hundreds of individual sounds. These gray giants can display a wide range of emotions, such as joy, playfulness and sadness, and also imitate a wide range of sounds. They are able to use various tools to find food.

2. Dolphins

The second position in the list is the most intelligent animals on the planet after the monkeys. People use the intelligence of dolphins to solve many of the mysteries of the World Ocean. These graceful and cheerful children of the sea can express different kinds of emotions, have excellent abilities for learning. During the rest, only one side of the dolphin's brain sleeps, the second is awake to perceive a possible threat in time.

And dolphins are the only marine animals that have successfully passed the test with a mirror. They will recognize themselves in it.

1. Hominids

Monkeys from the hominid family are the smartest animals on Earth after humans. They have a developed and rich social life and are able to express different kinds of emotions. The family includes the anthropoid apes of chimpanzees, orangutans, gorillas and bonobos( a close relative of the chimpanzee).

Hominids can build houses, use various tools to search for food. DNA of gorillas shows similarity to a person. Monkeys can understand what individuality is and can learn the words of the human language, as well as the language of gestures and symbols. They are protected from enemies using tools.

It is impossible to answer the question about which animal is the smartest, until there are numerous tests with the participation of all representatives of this rating. Maybe it's for the best, because for every owner it's his pet that is the smartest.