The most expensive flowers in the world

Can a small bouquet cost $ 700?It is quite, if it is assembled from exotic, rare and insanely expensive flowers.

On the eve of Valentine's Day and March 8, the "bouquet" theme becomes especially relevant, therefore in our today's Top-5 is collected the most expensive flowers in the world .Some of them are created by nature itself, others - the fruit of the work of breeders and even just the result of artificial staining.


  • 5. Rose "Pierre de Ronsard".
  • 4. Iridescent rose.
  • 3. Black tulip "King of the Night".
  • 2. Medinill.
  • 1. Orchid "Gold Kinabalu".

5. Rose "Pierre de Ronsard".

Cream or ivory buds have gently pink edges and a round bowl shape. One of the most expensive in the world of roses was introduced to the Hall of Fame of the World Association of Rosewood Societies by results of voting in 37 countries of the world. The price of one stem, which can be from one to three buds, is 15 Euro.

4. Iridescent rose.

A brightly colored flower is created artificially by specialists of the Dutch company Den Bosch. Not every rose can become iridescent. Only the Dutch roses of Vedella are suitable, reaching at least 60-100 cm in height, the flower of which has opened up to 13 or more centimeters. The stem of the rose is split and inserted into it small capsules with dyes. As water absorbs, the paint rises to the petals, coloring them in different tones. A bouquet of 30 roses costs 350 US dollars.

3. Black tulip "King of the Night".

The most expensive tulip in the world appeared in Holland in the 17th century during the "tulip fever" period. For one bulb of black tulip it was possible to get a herd of sheep or 300 liters of excellent wine. Today, the King of the Night bulb costs about $ 20.By the way, in fact the flower is not black, but very dark purple.

2. Medinilla.

A gentle, beautiful and very expensive flower grows in the tropics of Africa, Asia, and also on the islands of the Pacific Ocean. Modern gardeners try to grow medinyl all over the world, however, the flower is very fond of humidity and temperature conditions. A bouquet of touching exotic flowers will cost about 700 US dollars. By the way, some persistent and experienced growers manage to grow medinyl as a houseplant.

1. Orchid "Gold Kinabalu".

This rare kind of orchid is the the most expensive flower in the world .For one shoot, plants will be asked not less than 5 thousand US dollars. After all, this exotic flower grows only on the slopes of Mount Kinabalu of Borneo Island. The first flowering does not occur until the plant reaches the age of fifteen. Moreover, during the flowering period, the orchid produces only 5-6 fragrant flowers with a unique striped color.