The most ancient buildings on Earth

The mysteries of ancient civilizations stir the minds of hundreds of researchers around the world. Especially since the peoples who left the history left us dozens of buildings for study. The oldest surviving man-made structures date back to the fourth millennium BC.

In our today's top ten are collected the most ancient buildings on the Earth , of interest, both for scientists and tourists, who visit these historical and architectural monuments with pleasure.


  • 10. Caucasian Dolmen, Russia.
  • 9. Kivik Tomb, Sweden.
  • 8. Stonehenge, United Kingdom.
  • 7. Treasury of Atreus, Greece.
  • 6. Karal, Peru.
  • 5. Pyramid of Djoser, Egypt.
  • 4. Hulbjerg J? Ttestue, Denmark.
  • 3. Newgrange, Ireland.
  • 2. Sardinian ziggurat( Monte D'Accoddy), Sardinia.
  • 1. Maltese megalithic temples, Malta.

10. The Caucasian Dolmen, Russia.

These stone tombs are found on the territory of the Krasnodar Territory, Adygea, Stavropol Territory and Abkhazia. They built most of these structures at the end of the third millennium BC.Scientists know about 3 thousand dolmens on the territory of the Caucasus. Unfortunately, many of them were badly affected by vandals and natural influences. Almost all dolmens are free, they are not fenced in any way and, alas, are not protected by anyone.

9. Kivik Tomb, Sweden.

This structure was built on the territory of modern Sweden more than 3,000 years ago. For a long time, local peasants used ancient stones for their own needs, until in 1748 the scientific study of the object began. Today the Kivik Tomb is open to visitors.

8. Stonehenge, United Kingdom.

This megalithic structure is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Scientists believe that the construction of Stonehenge took more than one century. The main moat and the most ancient boulders were erected between 3020 and 2910 BC.e. The latest works were completed around 2100 BC.e.

7. Treasury of Atreus, Greece.

This tomb in Mycenae is about 3200 years ago. It was first investigated from a scientific point of view in 1879 by Henry Schliemann. A monumental ancient building is one of the most important monuments of Mycenaean civilization.

6. Karal, Peru.

One of the oldest settlements on Earth existed about 4,600 years ago. Scientists find it difficult to answer which civilization the city belonged to, because the Olmecs and other Indian tribes lived in South America thousands of years later. At present, ancient buildings are cleared of sand and soil. But due to lack of funds, research work was suspended.

5. Pyramid of Djoser, Egypt.

The oldest of the Egyptian pyramids was built about 4,700 years ago. The more famous pyramid of Cheops is larger, but for as long as 2 centuries younger than the pyramid of Djoser. The youngest of the pyramids of Giza are dated to the beginning of the second millennium BC.

4. Hulbjerg J? Ttestue, Denmark.

An extensive tomb in which the remains of 400 people were found, was built about 5000 years ago. One of the detected bodies struck researchers with traces of the work of an ancient dentist.

3. Newgrange, Ireland.

Megalithic construction is a corridor tomb, which is part of the huge complex of Brune-on-Boyne. The construction of Newgrange dates from around 2500 BC.e. It is the oldest building in Ireland, 40 km from Dublin.

2. Sardinian ziggurat( Monte D'Accoddy), Sardinia.

One of the oldest buildings on Earth has an age of 5,5 thousand years. This ancient megalithic monument was built by the Ozieri culture, and then it was repeatedly built and rebuilt. The latest reconstructions were carried out between 2600-2300 BC.

1. Maltese megalithic temples, Malta.

A group of prehistoric churches is listed as a UNESCO heritage site. It is believed that the most ancient buildings of man on Earth are located here. Colossal temples were built by the islanders 1,000 years before the Egyptian pyramids.