The most expensive coins of the USSR

Numismatics can become not only an interesting hobby, but also a source of additional income. You just need to know exactly which coins are really valued highly. True, these enthusiastic collectors will never let go of a coveted coin, even if the price of the matter exceeds a thousand dollars.

In today's Top-5 we have included the most expensive coins of the USSR .Those who received a grand coin of Soviet coppers from their grandmother, it is worth reading our list with special attention.

Unfortunately, none of the coins of the USSR is one of the most expensive coins in the world.


  • 5. Coins of 1925
  • 4. Coins of 1927
  • 3. Silver coins of 1931
  • 2. Coins of 1958
  • 1. Coins of 1947

5. Coins of 1925

The circulation of 1925 was quite small, and todaythese coins are almost not found, which explains the high price. For example, a copper coin worth 2 kopecks can cost about 65 thousand rubles. And if you're lucky enough to find half a penny of the same year, you can help out to 90 thousand. Surprisingly, copper coins of 1925 are valued higher than, for example, silver rubles in 1922.

4. Coins of 1927

Especially valued two-kopeck coins made of aluminum bronze. A few years ago the cost of such a coin reached 5 thousand dollars. Then the owners of the "grandmother's piggy bank" became more active, and there were more coins. Today the price of 2 kopecks in 1927 is about 50 thousand rubles. But coins at 3 and 5 cents will not cost more than 10 thousand.

3. Silver coins of 1931

Coins of 10, 15 and 20 kopecks in the distant 1931 were made of silver of 500 samples. Today the price of such a coin starts from 65 thousand and reaches 95 thousand rubles. True, in the numismatic market, counterfeits of coins of 1931, which are stamped from copper with the addition of nickel, are not uncommon.

2. 1958 coins

The coin value of 1, 2, 5, 15, 50 kopecks starts from 50 thousand rubles.3 kopecks and 2 rubles are valued less, since they are not so rare. More than other coin collectors appreciate 5 cents of aluminum bronze. The circulation of this coin is unknown, and the price reaches 70 thousand rubles. In 1958, coins began to be coined from such modern materials as nickel alloy - from that time the "pyataki" gradually cease to be exclusively copper.

1. 1947 coins

All without exception, coins, regardless of denomination, issued in 1947, are highly appreciated. On numismatic forums for them collectors offer from 50 to 100 thousand rubles. By the way, in 1947 - one of the last, when the most expensive coins of the USSR were minted from pure bronze without the addition of impurities of aluminum and other metals. So, perhaps, a valuable coin from your piggy bank is simply hidden under a layer of green plaque, which often covers bronze products.