The most modern ambulance Gazelle Next

As expected, as soon as the new Gazelle Next came out, immediately began to appear all sorts of modifications and special cars on its base. Moreover, Gazelle's modular design allows us to quickly develop and implement all kinds of new designs not only to the Gorky Automobile Plant itself but to a wide range of third-party manufacturers.

And all because GAZ spare parts for modular construction types are interchangeable.

It so happened that one of the most familiar and recognizable special machines based on van gazelle is a medical car. To compete with him in terms of prevalence could at one time only modify the fixed-route minibus of a recognizable yellow color. Therefore, it is not surprising that one of the first special machines on the basis of the successor to the old Gazelle was just an ambulance. He was presented at an exhibition called "Integrated Security" in late May 2013.

This is a medical vehicle of class C, that is, an ambulance. To learn in it its predecessor is almost impossible - only the family features of the cabin itself were left. If previously produced medical vehicles Gazelle on the basis of all-metal wagons, the new car is built on the basis of a "bare" chassis. A specialized medical module is installed on the vehicle's frame. The car looks unusual for Russia. Medical special cars of this form are familiar to us rather from American films: immediately behind the car the car expands substantially, and the module itself has the form of a parallelepiped.

This form of resuscitation car is the standard in the whole world: it allows placing in the module much more important medical devices and means of rescue than the standard all-metal body.

In this module, you can provide quality medical care, reanimatologists are not forced to work in constrained conditions, as it is today.

At the same exhibition, in addition to the reanimation modification of the Gazelle Next Nizhny Novgorod showed another special vehicle: the patrol and postal modification of Sobol for the needs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In this modification there is a place for a crew of four, a system for storing special equipment and firearms, as well as an integrated video surveillance and video fixing system. Another model shown is the off-road modification of the Sable of wide use.