The most respectable hotel in St. Petersburg: "Vvedensky"

Hotel "Vvedensky" has long been considered one of the most respectable and cozy places of St. Petersburg, for individual and family holidays. Already from the first minutes of staying at the hotel you begin to understand that everything is done in the best domestic traditions in order to attract the attention of foreign tourists for whom it will be a curiosity.

The administration of the hotel made a responsible step - for the design was taken by the classic architectural and interior forms, which made it possible to make all rooms without exception, spacious, bright and at home.

And that only there is a graceful furniture which numbers are completed! The convenient location of the hotel in the center of St. Petersburg is another unique feature and advantage for the guests. They can leave the city at any time of the day, admire the surrounding buildings and the beauty of the city as a whole.

Regular clients of the hotel can count on serious discounts and bonus programs, which were provided in advance. This allows you to make your stay even more interesting and memorable. In total, the hotel has 180 rooms of different classes. There is an own restaurant and cafe, a hall for organizing and conducting business negotiations( presentations).

Hotel Vvedensky also offers services of a sports and cosmetic complex, which are equipped with everything you need. At any time of the year, guests can quickly book a suitable room and settle into it for any period. This is a distinctive feature of the hotel itself, for which it is loved by numerous clients.

Additional evidence of this is the positive feedback from the guests who had to be accommodated here. With meals in the morning, at lunch and in the evening there is no problem. On a choice living are offered various dishes and the drinks prepared under national recipes. Especially popular is the European cuisine.

If you want to choose the most comfortable and spacious room in the hotel, we advise you to choose the appropriate options in advance. This will make sure that immediately upon arrival at the hotel you will be able to settle into the room. For payment, there are various ways that make living more comfortable.

Thus, if you first came to St. Petersburg and do not know where to stay for a certain time, then the Vvedensky Hotel is always open to residents.