The most strange taxes in the world( Top-10)

The American Forbes magazine published a list of countries practicing incredible and most bizarre taxes. Do you want to know which of them occupy the top lines of such a strange world ranking? Then make yourself comfortable, because reading this list will not only cause you to smile.


  • Tax on gypsum( Australia)
  • Tax on peace( Guinea)
  • Tax on cow gases( Estonia)
  • Sun tax( Belear Islands)
  • Bar tax( Belgium)
  • Disposable tax( China)
  • Piercing Tax( Arkansas, USA)
  • Shadow Tax( Venice)
  • Informal marriage fee( China)
  • Drug tax( Tennessee, USA)

Tax on gypsum( Australia)

The first line of the rating is occupied by Austria, where taxes ongypsum from athletes-skiers come to the local medicalinstitutions.

World Tax( Guinea)

Guinea is in second place. The so-called peace tax is very popular there. It is noteworthy that there are no military conflicts in the country.

The cow's gas tax( Estonia)

The third position is occupied by Estonia, where residents pay a tax for the emission of natural gas by cows. The law, which appeared here more than six years ago, made the population laugh. However, officials found it necessary, since these artiodactyls are the main living beings that pollute the air.

Sun tax( Belear Islands)

The fourth place belongs to the Belear Islands, famous for tax collections in the sun. All guests of the resort islands were required to pay an everyday fee of one euro.

Barcode tax( Belgium)

The fifth in the list of Forbes are the Belgians who pay taxes on barbecue. Ecologists consider this collection appropriate, and the government of the country strictly monitors compliance with the law.

Tax on disposable chopsticks( China)

The sixth position is occupied by the Celestial Empire, whose residents pay taxes on disposable sticks at a rate of five percent from the pair. So the Chinese decided to fight with deforestation and reduce it to a minimum.

Piercing Tax( Arkansas, USA)

Seventh place belongs to the US state of Arkansas, in which everyone wishing to do tattoos is asked to pay a piercing tax. The expenses of the clients of tattoo parlors are about six percent of the total cost of the service.

The Shadow Tax( Venice)

The shadow tax exists in the fairy Venice. Visitors to cafeterias and even restaurants are charged a certain amount if the rest places are equipped with visors from the sun. A similar law allowed to settle the Italian city on the eighth line.

Informal marriage fee( China)

The penultimate place was again given to China. The man and the woman are obliged to make additional expenditures in the case of informal marriage between them, which are about one hundred and twenty euros each year.

Drug tax( Tennessee, USA)

The bottom line is the state of Tennessee, where people who distribute psychotropic drugs pay contributions for these substances. The official paper on payment of taxes, which is in their hands, is a guarantee of softer punishments in court.