The most powerful speaker system in the world

The world's most powerful acoustic speakers for music playback were created by Bose. The most surprising thing is that this company was not a world-famous brand, before this product the company remained in the shadows. Such columns were designed to perform a special task - the sounding of large open areas like stadiums. The customer of such an unusual device was Sir Paul McCartney, who needed powerful acoustics to organize the most mass festival in honor of the Beatles.

If you combine the power of all acoustics and amplifiers, it turns out that it had the following parameters: power 4900 watts and maximum volume 139/145 decibels.

It should be noted that the company-developer claimed that 4900 watts is not the maximum power of the speakers, they could reach even 11000 watts, but this is too big a figure. If you believe the press and the media, then from too loud a sound at this festival suffered a minimum of 70 people. Most of the victims are people who were near the columns. Within a week after the festival, all these people had headaches and tinnitus. Such unpleasant behavior of the nervous system was caused by a powerful sonic boom.

In spite of everything, all these people again arrived at the next event in a month. This event was held with the participation of Sir Paul McCartney himself. At the event, this powerful speaker system was also exhibited. In fact, there is information that there are more powerful speakers. The fact is that they were manufactured by an illegal Japanese company, and their capacity can reach even 7800 watts. Nevertheless, the most powerful sound system in the world is just Ultra-Slim ARRAY from Bose , because the Japanese product was not registered and launched into production by legal means.

At the festival, Sir Paul McCartney, a large stage was installed, where the installation was placed in the form of huge columns of the company Bose. The acoustic systems consisted of three long columns in the center of the podium, as well as two canopies above the stage. Also there were two bundles of small columns on the edges of the stage. This is not all - just under the bundles were put up two large amplifiers. It is not known how people felt after the performance who happened to be on stage.

The company Bose was so pleased with his invention that for 2011 a new improved version of this acoustic system was announced. According to the developers, the new columns improve the frequency range, as well as the harmonic ratio. This time the company did not increase the power of the speakers. First, higher power is unlikely to be used anywhere. The current indicators are already too large. Secondly, the company worries about possible various injuries and injuries in people when listening to music through this system.