The most anticipated gadgets of 2013

Not so long ago we considered the best hi-tech novelties of the exhibition Mobile World Congress 2013. However, not all interesting devices were demonstrated to the general public. Manufacturers have announced, but not yet released in the market gadgets, which are waiting for millions of people around the world.

In our today's top ten assembled the most expected gadgets of 2013 .

In this Top 10 pretty few items went to smartphones and computers. But in it there are truly revolutionary devices, like we have not seen.


  • 10. Reader PocketBook E-Ink Triton 2
  • 9. Xbox One
  • 8. PlayStation 4
  • 7. iPhone 6 / 5S
  • 6. Reinforced reality points from Vuzix
  • 5. Google Project Points
  • 4. Google X Phone
  • 3. Google Chromebook Pixel
  • 2. Apple iWatch
  • 1. Game console Ouya

10. Reader PocketBook E-Ink Triton 2

The device will be equipped with the second generation of color displays E-Ink Triton. These displays have built-in lighting, a resolution of 600x800 and a hugeFor E-Ink, the color palette is 4096 colors. In addition, the touch screen supports multi-touch technology. The operating time of the device remained at the level of black and white devices - about a month.

9. Xbox One

The new game console will receive 8 GB of high-speed ESRAM, an 8-core AMD processor and a specially designed 500 GB HDD in Microsoft HDD.The improved Kinect controller, which recognizes the smallest movements even in low light, and recognizes voice commands, will be delivered together with the prefix.

8. PlayStation 4

The market for Sony's gaming console is planned for this year. It will also have an 8-core processor, developed by AMD for Sony. Video accelerator also from the company AMD will work in conjunction with 8 GB of memory. An interesting feature of the console is the ability to broadcast games to the portable console PS Vita.

7. iPhone 6 / 5S

In autumn, the presentation of the next smartphone from Apple is expected. As usual, the company does not share any information about the new gadget. Let's wait for leaks, because before the fifth iPhone the Internet was full of rumors and supposedly reliable data about the appearance and filling of the long-awaited smartphone.

6. Augmented Reality Glasses from Vuzix

Star 1200 XLD glasses have HDMI and USB interfaces allowing you to use DRM content and connect to 3D video sources. The glasses incorporate motion tracking sensors and a FullHD camera that can combine a user-visible real world and 3D content. Afflicts only the price - about 5 thousand dollars.

5. Google Project Points

One more glasses of augmented reality, this time from Google. Functionality of the device is fully revealed when working in pairs with other gadgets running Android( smartphone or tablet).In addition to photo-video shooting and real-world combination with a virtual one, the device allows you to exchange text, voice or video messages.

4. Google X Phone

Google together with Motorola, is developing a unique smartphone, special attention in which will be given to long hours of work, high-quality materials of the case and camera. Like all devices from Google, the gadget will receive a clean version of the Android OS, which is devoid of all kinds of shells and add-ons, which should positively affect the speed and duration of the operation.

3. Google Chromebook Pixel

Previous Chromebook received a touchscreen display of excellent quality, the operating system Chrome OS and a whole bunch of technologies that positively affect the quality of the image. Spoon of tar was the dimensions of the device, high energy consumption and price. The next version of the gadget will have to eliminate these shortcomings by integrating the latest development from Nvidia SoC Tegra 4.

2. Apple iWatch

iWatch is a completely new gadget in the form of an Apple bracelet. According to rumors, he can partially perform the work of the iPhone and iPad: display the caller's name, call, receive and send SMS, show the position on the map. Also, the device will be equipped with a pedometer and will teach you how to count the pulse of the host.

1. Game console Ouya

An incredibly compact and affordable game console running Android will cost only $ 99.The developers of the first version of Xbox worked on the creation of Ouya. The sales start is scheduled for the summer of 2013.Then the producers promise to annually supply the market with an updated version.