The most expensive jewelry

Jewelry at all times have a special value. Passions were always seething around them. Neither war nor inflation has power over the attractive force of precious metals and stones, skillfully combined by jewelers into uniform compositions. It is the quantity and quality of jewelry that has always measured the prestige of the ruling houses. Today nothing has changed. Still one of the attributes of the power of this world and celebrities are jewelry.

This tradition does not have a limitation period, it was, is and will be. Jewelry will never go out of fashion. The only thing that has changed over time - now the rich women of fashion wear jewelry, and the poor - are looking for where costume jewelry wholesale cheaper.

Jewelers of the business conduct open competition among themselves, demonstrating stunningly complex and costly works that only the very rich connoisseurs can afford.

Forbes magazine published the rating of the most expensive jewelry for today.


5. Necklace Leviev

  • 4. Necklace from William Goldberg
  • 3. Ring from Graff
  • 2. Necklace from Chopard
  • 1. Earrings from Harry Winston
  • 5. Necklace Leviev

    The product of one of the most recognizable jewelry houses in the world. The price is about two million dollars. For more than a year, 97.9 carats of pink and white diamonds, having a globular and drop-shaped cut, were required for selection and planting on the platinum base.

    4. Necklace from William Goldberg

    Filigree work of William Goldberg strikes with its elegance and beauty. The necklace is able to satisfy the demands of even the most sophisticated and demanding women. The cost of creation is exactly two million dollars. It is executed in the form of a ring in which organically combined multi-colored diamonds( 45 carats), framed with gold and microscopic impregnations of platinum.

    3. Ring from Graff

    The price of this work of art is 2.1 million dollars. Blue diamonds are confidently leading in the production of elite jewelry. One of such skillfully faceted specimens of such a rare deep celestial color( 2.4 carats) found its place in the ring from Graff, made of platinum.

    2. Necklace from Chopard

    Decoration is made of Colombian emeralds( 191 carats), considered the best of the existing, and teardrop-shaped diamonds( 16 carats) of purest water. A necklace worth three million dollars is part of the HauteJoaillerie collection and has not yet found its beautiful owner.

    1. Earrings from Harry Winston

    Crochet earrings drop earrings worth $ 8.5 million from the jewelry company HarryWinstonDiamond. They were created in 2006 and are worthy of decorating even the people of royal blood. Earrings are made of 4 pear-shaped diamonds with a platinum setting. The exact weight of the pair is 60.1 carats.