Top 10 most dangerous breeds of dogs in the world

1 American Pit Bull Terrier 3397 2110 295
2 Rottweiler 535 296 85
3 German Shepherd 113 73 15
4 Dogo Canario 111 63 18
5 Siberian Husky 83 27 26
6 Akita 70 52 8
7 Boxer 64 31 7
8 Chow 61 40 8
9 Labrador( USA) 56 45 3
10 Great Dane 37 19 3
11 Mastiff English 28 17 5
12 Doberman 23 12 8
13 Cane Corso 21 12 2
14 Bulldog English 20 14 1
15 Australian Cattle Dog 20 5 0
16 Alaskan Malamute 15 5 6
17 Healer Australian 13 5 1
18 St. Bernard 12 7 1
19 Golden Retriever 11 7 3
20 Australian Shepherd 11 5 0
21 Plotthound 10 1 0
22 Belgian Shepherd Dog - Malinois 7 4 0
23 Sharpei 6 6 0
24 Basset 6 6 1
25 D Shi Tzu 5 5 0
26 Jack Russell Terrier 5 2 2
27 Brazilian Phil 5 1 1
28 Dogo Argentino 5 3 1
29 Pyrenean Mastiff 4 2 1
30 Poodle 4 1 0
31 Collie 4 3 1
32 Bulldog 4 1 1
33 Breton epanol 4 1 0
34 Beagle with a black mask 4 4 0
35 Beagle 4 3 1
36 Springer Spaniel 3 4 0
37 Shiba Inu 3 1 1
38 Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier 3 2 0
39 Dalmatian 3 3 0
40 Kunhaund 3 1 1
41 Chesapeake Bay Retriever 3 2 0
42 Bull Terrier( English) 3 1 0
43 West Highland White Terrier 2 1 1
44 Weimaraner 2 1 1
45 Rhodesian rtjbbek 2 2 0
46 Ret-terrier 2 1 0
47 Bobtail 2 0 2
48 Bordeaux dog 2 1 0
49 Cocker spaniel 2 2 0
50 Briard 2 0 1
Location Breed Assaults Mangled Deaths

For centuries, people trained dogs to attack, hunt and, in some cases, even kill. While many of the dog owners prefer to keep and train small and extremely loyal to other people pets, there are people who plant the most dangerous dogs in the world .

We present you the list of the top 10 which included the most dangerous dogs selected based on the statistics of the attack of dogs per person in the US and Canada between September 1982 and December 31, 2014, according to Petolog and Dogsbite.

In Russia there are no such data in open sources.


  • Statistics of dog attacks 1982-2015
  • 10. Labrador
  • 9. Chow-chow
  • 8. German boxer
  • 7. Akita-inu
  • 6. Siberian husky
  • 5. Wolf hybrids
  • 4. Canary dog ​​
  • 3. GermanShepherd
  • 2. Rottweiler
  • 1. American Pit Bull Terrier

Dog Attack Statistics 1982-2015

10. Labrador

Number of deaths of people during the reporting period - 3.

Cases of injuries as a result of attack - 45.

Open our rating of the most dangerous breeds of dogs Labradors,which few associateXia threat. It is a companion, guide, the best friend of children, but it is very difficult to imagine a Labrador attacking a person. However, according to a study conducted by Animal Friends, Labradors often attacked postmen and postal couriers. Apparently, they considered the stranger entering the house to be a threat to the "flock".At the same time male postmen labradors bitten more often than women. In summer, when children and dogs spend a lot of time outdoors, attacks increased by 10%.There is only one way out for postmen: to bribe the four-footed guards with treats and make friends with them.

Fans of the breed will be pleased to learn that with proper training, the retriever will become the most kind dog.

9. Chow Chow

Deaths - 8.

Uvechiy - 40.

The breed appeared in Mongolia thousands of years ago, and then was introduced to China. In the photo, these fluffy "dog friends" with a blue tongue, because of which they received the nickname "dogs that licked the sky," look extremely attractive. Unfortunately, the chow-chow is very aggressive towards strangers.

In addition, chow-chow sometimes attack strangers and even the owners when they lack exercise or are simply bored.

8. German boxer

Deaths - 7.

Uvechiy - 31.

The German boxer can be described as very smart, loyal and harmless to its owner and family members, but these dogs are extremely suspicious and suspicious about strangers.

7. Akita-inu

Deaths - 8.

Uvechiy - 52.

Hachiko, of course - the most loyal friend, however, to outsiders the Akita Inu can be treated far less friendly than to the master. These cute looking Japanese dogs were originally bred for hunting. Also they were used for one time for dog fights. Akita-inu is very territorial animals and should not live together with another Akita-inu of the same sex, so that there is no fighting. An attacker can end up fatally on an alien who enters a protected area, and the dog can also attack, and given the size( up to 70 cm at the withers) and the weight( up to 45 kg) of the animal.

6. Siberian Husky

Deaths - 26.

Mobility - 27.

It is believed that the husky is one of the oldest breeds of dogs that exists in the world. Like their fellow malamutes, they are used mainly as sled dogs, and must be constantly active. These photogenic, intelligent and beautiful dogs are usually loyal and friendly to man. But with poor training or lack thereof, they show signs of aggressive behavior and can attack children and small animals. Thus, according to the survey for 1982-2014, out of 83 Husky attacks per person, 51 attacks were carried out on children.

5. Wolf hybrids

Deaths - 19.

Mangle - 49.

The fifth place on our list was the breed that appeared as a result of crossing a dog and a wolf. Wolves are the ancestors of modern domestic dogs, and are known as one of the most dangerous predators in the wild. Even with the correct crossing, domestication and training, the wolf hybrids retain most of the wolf instincts, which makes them very dangerous when kept as pets. Volkosoby - the most evil dogs, if you let their socialization on its own. Due to their cunning and power, they are dangerous not only for other people, but also for their owners.

4. Canary Great Dane

Deaths - 18.

Uveichi - 63.

These massive dogs with powerful limbs were first used in Spain to guard cattle and as household watchmen. They are very independent, stubborn and spiteful towards strangers, which makes them not only an ideal guard for family property, but also an obvious threat in the hands of a weak or mentally unstable person.

3. German Shepherd Dog

Deaths - 15.

Uvechii - 73.

German Shepherds are a fairly new breed of dogs, whose history begins in the 19th century, when the German Shepherd Club in Germany worked to create the perfect breed to protect the herd in rural communities. An adult German shepherd can weigh 40 kg and at the withers reach 62 cm, which is roughly comparable to the size of a malamute.

High intelligence and aggressiveness makes German shepherds one of the best guard and police dogs. And 15 cases of fatal attack leads them to third place in the top 10 most dangerous dogs in the world.

2. Rottweiler

Deaths - 85.

Uvechy - 296.

The Rottweiler is one of the most powerful dogs in the world with a developed guarding instinct. Adult males are about the same size as the German shepherd, but they are much heavier, some of them weighing about 50 kg. Bitches slightly smaller - weigh up to 42 kg.

Most Rottweilers tend to show dangerous behavior due to host's irresponsible behavior, lack of socialization and training. Rottweiler is known for its extremely powerful bite.

1. American Pit Bull Terrier

Deaths - 295.

Uveichi - 2110.

Remember, pit bull terrier is the most dangerous dog with a strong jaw .If you are looking for a dog that will protect your property from thieves without sparing your stomach, then it's better than American pit bull terrier not to find. He is powerful, hardy, brave and aggressive. But without proper training, pit bull is the most evil dog in the world. These dogs need extensive and regular training to curb their aggression. Pitbull Terriers can attack children, even if they are not provoked. This is not the dog that the inexperienced dog-owner should start.

The fact that a dog of any breed has attacked a person does not mean that it is necessary to condemn the breed as a whole. Each dog has a unique character and is formed under the influence of the environment in which it grows. Even a small but ill-bred chihuahua becomes a real monster and can attack other people and animals, thinking that it is protecting its territory or its owner. Therefore objectively the most evil breed of dogs or the most kind breed of dogs does not exist. There are only breeds that require a lot of attention and need experienced and knowledgeable how to properly train your dog owners.