The most dangerous children's toys

In an effort to please their child, parents buy him a variety of toys, not always paying attention to the safety of the latter. Unfortunately, some toys do not have a place in the children's room - some of them are toxic, others can be injured, and others often become sources of injuries.

In today's top ten most dangerous children's toys are collected.


  • 10. Gold-plated and silvered toys
  • 9. Children's cosmetics
  • 8. Toys of bright unnatural colors
  • 7. Aromatized toys
  • 6. Weapons shooting small heavy pelts
  • 5. Short kaleidoscope
  • 4. Toys with magnetic details
  • 3Toys producing loud noises
  • 2. Toys made of foam rubber and soft foam plastic
  • 1. Darts

10. Gold-plated and silvered toys

Children's crowns and magic sticks, puppet locks and carriages may representdangerous if covered with gold or silver paint. Typically, these dyes contain lead and antimony in excess of the normal amount.

9. Children's cosmetics

This favorite for many fun can become a source of danger - if the product is missing a certificate, then, as a rule, the content of chromium, cadmium, lead and arsenic is exceeded.

8. Toys of bright unnatural colors

To give the product, for example, a poisonous green color, lead and cadmium are used. Therefore, toys of natural and pastel colors will be safer, as well as, for example, of unpainted wood.

7. Flavored toys

Smelly puffs, baby perfumes, soap bubbles and other popular toys can cause a serious allergic reaction. Therefore, if the daughter persistently asks for a flavored doll, it is worth putting a few drops of essential oil on the hair of any checked doll and let the child enjoy a safe aroma.

6. Weapons firing with small heavy pellets

These pellets often become a source of injury to the eyes and soft tissues. And children under five often thrust small balls into the nose and ears, it is necessary to remove shells in a hospital.

5. Short Kaleidoscope

A toy familiar to everyone must have at least 25 cm in length. However, there are many samples on sale, the length of which is half the norm. Such a kaleidoscope leads to a gradual disruption of vision in the child.

4. Toys with magnetic parts

For three years, more than 1,700 applications to medical institutions of different regions of the Russian Federation have been registered with complaints about a swallowed magnet. It is noteworthy that the age of patients in 70% of cases was from 4 to 10 years. And if one magnet can not cause serious harm, but two or more, attracting each other in the gastrointestinal tract, cause a lot of trouble for surgeons.

3. Toys that produce loud sounds

A sound above 65 decibels, heard from the ear, can cause irreparable harm to the child's hearing aid. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid especially loud dudelok, whistles and pishchalok, and it is desirable to postpone acquaintance with headphones until 12 years.

2. Toys made of foam rubber and soft foamed plastic

This coating is often protected by water pumps, toy guns, balls. A small child with pleasure tears and pulls pieces of material into his mouth or simply tastes foam on the tooth.

1. Darts

The game of darts for children and adolescents is possible only under the supervision of adults. Annually more than 7 thousand children are hospitalized with injuries received in the process of throwing darts. If the child asks for darts very much, then you can buy a model, in which the darts do not end with a metal tip, but with a sucker.