The most dangerous and extreme Selfies( Photo + Video)

Sometimes the passion for fashionable now pictures of "SELFI" crosses the boundaries of the reasonable and makes reckless daredevils take pictures of themselves in the most extraordinary situations.

There are a lot of fans of dangerous photos, which after being shown on a hospital bed. Fortunately, in the pictures that were included in our today's collection, it all ended well. So, today we present the Top-10 most extreme self .


  • 10. Selfies with furious bulls
  • 9. Kirill Oreshkin on star
  • 8. Sulfi pilot of Swiss Air Force
  • 7. Selfi "Burning man"
  • 6. Selfi on volcano
  • 5. Selfie after plane crash
  • 4. Selfie on topthe Christ Statue in Rio
  • 3. The Sulfi with the
  • tornado 2. The Shifi with the shark
  • 1. The Selfi in the orbit

10. The Selfi with the furious bulls

The madman, registered in the network under the nickname "Christian", filmed himself during the participation in the bull races inTexas. It was not known whether the crazy selfie had been posted. But on the Internet there was a photo made by one of the spectators - it shows the process of making that selfie.

9. Kirill Oreshkin on star

Oreshkin is an ardent fan of extreme selfies. He often places photos taken at incredible height. One of the most popular was a photo, in which Cyril photographs himself, standing on a star adorning the spire of a high tower. However, similar fans of photos on high-rise buildings every day becomes more and more on the Web.

8. Sulfi pilot of the Swiss Air Force

The pilot of the fighter must once be entertained with photography. However, one of the pilots Schweizer Luftwaffe managed to still capture himself during the flight. Also in the frame were two fighters from the same link.

7. Selfi "Burning Man"

One of the most stupid "crossbow" could end badly. The circumstances under which such an "incendiary" picture was taken were not disclosed.

6. Selfie on volcano

Canadian George Kuronis made an extreme selfi on the edge of the crater of the volcano Ambrim, filled with burning lava. A snapshot of the crater was posted on Twitter with the comment "When simple selfies are not extreme enough."

5. Selfy after the

crash In December 2013, an engine from a small Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft overflew the ocean. The plane landed on the water a kilometer from the shore. And immediately one of the passengers did not fail to make an extreme selfi in a lifejacket.

4. Selfi at the top of the Christ statue in Rio

Famous traveler, photographer and blogger Lee Thompson captured his happy face, as well as a panoramic view from one of the world's tallest statues. In order to make such a self, it took a special permit from the authorities of Rio.

3. Sulfi with a tornado

Australian Terry Tafferson watched a huge tornado from the car window for a long time. And then, in search of a successful shot, the Selfie ran to meet the whirlwind and photographed himself against his background. By the way, after making a self-portrait, the author barely managed to hide in the car.

2. Self-made shofi

A large white shark is one of the most dangerous predators on the planet. However, this did not stop the reckless diver from making selfies against the backdrop of the angry fish. True, judging by the lath in the background, the photographer is protected by a steel cage.

1. Selfi in orbit

Colonel of the Air Force astronaut Mike Hopkins on December 24, 2013 made the Selphi in near-Earth orbit during the repair work on the ISS.Following Hopkins, the "arrow" from space laid out in Instagram another astronaut Stephen Swanson.