The most expensive brands of cars in the world

Analytical agency "Autostat" published a rating which included the most expensive brands of cars based on the weighted average cost of cars on the Russian market. In total, 34 brands are included in the rating, for which the sales volume of new cars for January-April 2015 amounted to more than 1,000 copies.

According to "Autostat" the average price of a Russian car is 482.5 thousand rubles, and foreign cars - 1 352.7 thousand rubles.

The last line of the rating is occupied by cars of the Japanese brand Datsun. Their average price is 425 thousand rubles. One line of the Japanese was overtaken by the Russian Lada( 461.9 thousand rubles per car).

Here's what the top ten most expensive car brands look like:


  • 10. Honda
  • 9. Toyota
  • 8. Audi
  • 7. Volvo
  • 6. Infinity
  • 5. Lexus
  • 4. BMW
  • 3. Land Rover
  • 2.Mercedes-Benz
  • 1. Porsche

10. Honda

The insurance company Warranty Direct recognized the engines of this brand's cars as the most reliable. And the price of the machine must match its quality. The average cost of Honda in Russia is 1,721.8 thousand rubles.

9. Toyota

The cars of this Japanese brand of expensive cars have slightly outperformed their compatriots from Honda. Their average cost in 2015 was 1 964.7 thousand rubles. Russian buyers have shown an increased interest in expensive Toyota models. The share of Land Cruiser Prado, Land Cruiser 200, Highlander accounted for about a third of all sales in the car market.

8. Audi

The cars produced by the "daughter" of Volkswagen AG are famous for their elegant design and excellent handling. The weighted average price of Audi cars on the Russian market is 2,338.5 thousand rubles.

7. Volvo

The average price of a "rolling" car( "roll" - this is the established translation of the word "Volvo") - 2 351.1 thousand rubles.

6. Infinity

The cars of the luxury brand of the Japanese company Nissan Motor are sold in Russia at an average price of 2 961.5 thousand rubles.

5. Lexus

Under this brand Toyota Motor Company produces expensive premium cars. In the top five leaders of the average price for cars Lexus entered with an impressive figure - 3 096.9 thousand rubles.

4. BMW

One of the most expensive brands. On the domestic car market, the average price for a car produced by BMW is 3 145, 2 thousand rubles.

3. Land Rover

The luxury "Englishman" of increased terrain, on average, will cost the Russian motorist a total of 3,928.7 thousand rubles. The brand-owning luxury SUV Range Rover Evoque is among the most stolen cars in Russia.

2. Mercedes-Benz

The second most expensive car in Russia. The weighted average price of these representatives of the premium class is 3,928.7 thousand rubles.

1. Porsche

The most expensive car brand in the world in 2015 is the German company Porsche. This is the most profitable automobile enterprise in the world. And it is not surprising, because the average price for a car is 6 034.9 thousand rubles. The lion's share of sales of the company fell on the models Cayenne and Macan.