The 10 tallest trees in the world

There are many tall trees around the world, whose unusual height has been exaggerated and controversial. Nevertheless, with the help of the newest measuring instruments, such as laser rangefinders and measuring the fall of the tape, it was possible to find out the real height of giant trees. Here are the ten highest trees in the world , which remain unchanged until the world changes around them.

Almost all of the presented trees are so high that it is completely impossible to photograph them completely. Dense vegetation also hinders this.


  • 10. Mendocino
  • 9. Paradox
  • 8. Rockefeller
  • 7. Lauralin
  • 6. Orion
  • 5. National Geographic Society
  • 4. Stratospheric giant
  • 3. Icarus
  • 2. Helios
  • 1. Hyperion is the tallest tree
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10. Mendocino

The height of the tree is 112.20 m.

Located in Montgomery Woods( a nature reserve in the USA), Mendocino wore the title of the highest tree in the world from 1996 to 2000.Next to Mendocino grow other sequoias, but if you look at them from above, then the giant rises above his fellows the same way as Arnold Schwarzenegger over the kids in the movie "Kindergarten policeman."

9. Paradox

Height - 112.56 m.

The tree in the John Davison Rockefeller Forest in Humboldt, USA, was considered the tallest tree on the planet to the tenth of our rating, that is from 1995 to 1996.On the diameter of the trunk, it is inferior to Mendocino( 3.9 meters against 4.19 meters).And it was very difficult to find it for explorers and just curious, since there were no photographs or coordinates of Paradox at that time. Of all the giant trees known to date, the Paradox stands out for its beauty.

8. Rockefeller

Height - 112.6 m.

Paradox's neighbor, also native to the Californian Humboldt Redwood National Park and the eighth longest tree on Earth. Named after a billionaire, famous not only for his fortune, but also for the number of years he lived. The long, slim body of Rockefeller always admires those who are lucky enough to see him. And it is not easy to do this, because the exact coordinates of most tallest trees are kept secret( it's easier than protecting them 24 hours a day from vandal tourists), and from the bottom to distinguish Rockefeller from other secows is not so simple. Its trunk diameter has not yet been measured.

7. Lauralin

Height - 112.62 m.

And again in the top 10 giant trees got a "resident" of the park Humbolt. It was discovered by Paul Zink and Al Strangenbourg. Like other redwoods, Lauralin is an entire ecosystem, birds nest in it, insects live, lichen and other representatives of the local flora grow. It is noteworthy that the location of Lauralina is not hidden from the public.

6. Orion

Height - 112.63 m.

One of the tallest trees grows in California's Redwood National Park. The search for Orion is almost impossible task, because the tree giant is close to two other giant sequoias, although twice as large as their size,when viewed from a height. The age of Orion is about 1500 years.

5. National Geographic Society

Height - 112,71 m.

The giant with its long name, belonging to the redwoods, was opened in 1994.At that time it was considered to be the largest known tree in the world and held this title for a year. The tree is near the Redwood Creek River, but its exact location is kept secret. The diameter of the trunk is larger than Mendocino and Paradox( 4, 39 meters).

4. Stratospheric giant

Height at the time of detection - 112.34 m

This worthy representative of the highest trees was found in 2000 in the territory of the Humboldt National Park. Then the tree was 112.34 meters high, but it continues to grow. In 2010, it reached an altitude of 113.11 meters. Like all the other numbers in our hit parade Stratospheric giant belongs to the redwoods and is blocked by a lot of trees, which are almost as tall. The exact location of the tree is hidden so that it is not damaged by overly active citizens.

3. Icarus

Height - 113.14 m.

The third place in the chart of the longest trees is the sequoia, found by Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor in Redwood Park, California. Icarus got his name for the dead, sunburned "crown".However, Redwood lacks other trees, with dead tops, so it will be difficult to find Ikara, and where exactly it is not publicly reported.

2. Helios

Height - 114,58 m.

Another high-growth tree, found in the Redwood park area by Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor in July 2006.It is not much shorter than the competitor that occupies the first line of the rating.

1. Hyperion - the tallest tree

Height - 115.61 m

Tops the top 10 tallest trees in the world of sequoias from Northern California, bearing the proud name Hyperion. The volume of its trunk is 502 m³, and the age is estimated at 700-800 years. Indefatigable naturalists Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor discovered a tree in the Redwood National Park and believe that the height of Hyperion could be greater if it were not for woodpeckers. They damaged the trunk of a titanic tree on its very top. The last measurement of Hyperion was conducted in 2015.

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The back side, they are red trees, are the highest kind of trees on Earth. With them could compete representatives of the species "fir pretty"( she also fir Douglas) and eucalyptus in Australia, but the largest of these trees were ruthlessly carved. By the way, Hyperion was waiting for the same fate, but for his happiness the Redwood Valley in the 70s of the last century became the Redwood National Park and tree cutting there was banned. At present, there are hundreds of secovas exceeding the height of 100 m and there are no living trees of other species exceeding this height.

Although the length of the trunk of Hyperion is unsurpassed, in volume, weight and age, it is inferior to a sequoia called General Sherman. The height of General Sherman is modest, compared to other representatives of the highest tree rating - 83.8 m, but the mass is a record 1,900 tonnes, the volume of the trunk is 1487 m³, and the age ranges from 2,300 to 2,700 years.