The most original accessories for a smartphone

The modern market is filled with a wide variety of smartphones. The number of accessories to them - even more. Let's consider the most original and at the same time practical ones.

    • virtual keyboard
    • USB Cigarette Lighter
    • News in the air
    • Anti-slip car mat for the
    • Gadget Anker Astro 5600
    • Pocket with the built-in SIM card

Virtual keyboard

The virtual keyboard is a truly promising gadget. It works so far only with devices BlackBerry, Apple and Windows laptops. It connects to a computer or smartphone via Bluetooth. In appearance it is a small cube that is able to design an image of a conventional keyboard on any more or less flat surface. The keyboard is fully working. You can buy such a joy for $ 150.


All you need to do to make a phone call is to buy an iphone 5 16gb in Moscow or present a hand to your face with a gesture "tube".The principle of operation is quite simple: a microphone and a speaker are attached to the little finger and the big finger. The signal from the phone is sent using a Bluetooth headset connected to the mobile phone. You can buy such an accessory on average for $ 60.

USB Cigarette Lighter

This device provides smokers with an original opportunity to light a cigarette without a cigarette lighter. Looks like USB Cigarette Lighter on an ordinary USB flash drive. The price for a similar device varies from 2 to 15 dollars apiece.

News directly in the air

Watch iXP3 Internet Messenger able to create the effect of a small hologram. So they display time, messages from Twitter and air temperature. The iXP3 clock is connected directly to the router. In your account, you must first specify the data that you want to report. The approximate price is $ 150.

Anti-slip mat for the

The anti-slip mats are a very practical item that can be safely attributed to accessories for smartphones. Its main purpose is to protect the mobile phone from slipping while driving.
There are two types of similar mats: rubber and nano-mats. Rubber mats cost from 1 $.They are quite good at their task, when it comes to more or less heavy objects, such as a smartphone. Light objects while riding just jump, from which the rubber mat will not save.
But here's a nano-mat - the option is much more interesting. Any objects literally stick to it. The phone can be easily attached to the accessory even on a vertical surface. It is not so easy to remove an object from a nano-rug. But the special technology simplifies this process: you just need to turn the phone clockwise so that it "detaches".The price of a nano-mat is $ 15.

Gadget Anker Astro 5600

This gadget is a portable battery with a capacity of 5600 mAh. With the help of a USB cable, you can recharge almost any phone several times - just to find a special adapter( adapter).The average price is $ 25.

A case with an integrated SIM card

Digital Dualsim can be connected if you buy an iphone 5 32gb in Moscow, as well as an iPhone 4S.The case allows the smartphone to use a second SIM card. The case also protects the device from mechanical damage. You can find such a gadget on eBay for $ 30.