Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro - smartphone chinês que não tem igual

About the brand Xiaomi know a few buyers of modern mobile gadgets. Basically, this manufacturer is known among advanced users who order novelties of the Chinese industry on specialized foreign websites. Well, recently the situation is changing for the better: Xiaomi enters the international market, offering really interesting solutions. To see this, it's enough to look at the smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro - the new generation of the acclaimed Xiaomi Redmi 3. And although the differences are insignificant, the smartphone is already wanted by all lovers of quality China.

Is it worth overpaying

As the war between the flagships of Apple and Samsung broke out, Chinese manufacturers were not in a hurry to join it, limiting themselves to the release of cheap little-known devices that copy Apple's design and the Samsung concept. However, the situation is changing rapidly and today Xiaomi has decided to put an end to this dispute. Judge for yourselves: Apple offers a budget iPhone SE, at the same time, among budget employees from Samsung can be distinguished except that Galaxy A5.

What does Xiaomi offer: a brand new Redmi 3 Pro with a decent camera, a juicy five-inch HD-display, made with ips technology and an excellent processor from Qualcomm. The list of advantages can be continued by the popular fingerprint sensor, as well as the metal case. However, if you compare phones, you can highlight one more important plus - this is an attractive price. Less than $ 150, any user can acquire an excellent modern gadget, which is released in the same factory as all the beloved Apple. Today for this money you can get only a budgetary with mediocre characteristics.

Design and Technical Specifications

If you recall the Redmi 3, you can note that the device looks quite expensive. The picture was only slightly spoiled by a brilliant frame around the front panel, stylized for metal. On the other hand, the backrest with smoothly cut edges around the perimeter was made in the style of the best Chinese smartphones( the same can be observed in almost all devices from Meizu).The only controversial issue was the diamond pattern, from which the new Redmi 3 Pro decided to get rid of.

Also in the novelty appeared a fingerprint scanner: it is located on the back of the device in the upper part in the middle. The trend began to take on a serious scale, because such a solution can be noticed in almost all new Chinese( it's worth looking at Xiaomi Redmi Note 3).

screen 5 inches, 1280 × 720
processor Snapdragon 616
main memory 32GB
anterior chamber 5 Mn
rear camera 13 Mn
type LTE network
SIM card 2, microSIM
Battery 4000 mAh
Dimensions 139,3х69,6х8,5
Weight 143 g

As for the technical specifications, it seemed that in the Redmi third there was nothing to modernize. This is especially true of the excellent new processor - Snapdragon 616. Apparently the manufacturer also decided this, so it increased the amount of RAM to excess of three gigabytes, while the amount of permanent memory was doubled: instead of 16, 32 GB became. Otherwise, it's the same Redmi 3, which could well become the leader in the rating of smartphones in 2016 among low-cost models.