Most Popular Hobbies

Favorite occupation helps to restore and maintain emotional balance, brings a sense of satisfaction and allows you to distract from worries and problems. There are hobbies for both men and women. As researches of psychologists and sociologists show, more often, people are fond of the same things.

In our today's collection collected the most popular hobby of among men and women. By the way, the researchers identify several popular hobbies that are equally characteristic of the representatives of both sexes: photography and reading.


  • The most popular female hobbies
    • 5. Pets and houseplants.
    • 4. Additional education.
    • 3. Choreography and fitness.
    • 2. Cooking.
    • 1. Needlework.
  • The most popular men's hobbies are
    • 5. Computer.
    • 4. Collecting.
    • 3. Sports.
    • 2. Cars and motorcycles.
    • 1. Hunting and fishing.

The most popular women's hobbies

5. Pets and houseplants.

Many ladies with a passion are bred rare parrots or are looking for online cuttings tabernemontany and malpighia. True, breeding animals clearly will not suit those who spend 10 hours in the office.

4. Additional education.

Some women turn into hobby learning foreign languages ​​or photography courses. But there are also those who are particularly fond of studying the holders of 4-5 diplomas on higher education.

3. Choreography and fitness.

The most popular yoga, oriental dances, swimming and aerobics. The popularity of such dances as flamenco, tango, quickstep is gaining popularity. By the way, this hobby has no age restrictions - in almost every city there are courses for those who are. .. 50, 60 and even 70.

2. Cooking.

When cooking turns into a hobby, not only borsch, patties and vinaigrettes appear on the family table, but also Blanmange, Foie Gras and Kok o Ven. Among the culinary hobby is carving - excision of intricate ornaments from vegetables and fruits.

1. Needlework.

Knitting, embroidery and sewing, popular with women several decades ago, give way to such modern hobbies as scrapbooking, decoupage, quilling, origami and soap making.

The most popular men's hobbies

5. Computer.

Someone constructs websites or deals with 3-D graphics, someone does not get out of Photoshop, and someone enthusiastically maintains his own blog. Sometimes this hobby becomes a pleasant source of additional income.

4. Collecting.

Most often, men collect models of cars, aircraft, ships, military equipment, coins, stamps, stands for beer mugs. The most secured of collectors prefer retro cars, yachts and works of art.

3. Sports.

Classes in the gym adjoin with such active and sometimes extreme sports as mountaineering, downhill skiing, diving. And many men call their hobbies team games: hockey, football, volleyball.

2. Cars and motorcycles.

Iron horse is not only a pleasure for fast driving. Surely, everyone has a friend who, for hours on end, twists gadgets, wipes the body, tops up the antifreeze, changes the oil, etc.

1. Hunting and fishing.

For someone going to the lake or to the forest - really an occasion to get a new trophy, and for someone - just an opportunity to relax and meet friends. Be that as it may, almost a third of adult men call themselves enthusiastic anglers and hunters.