The cheapest payment system

There are dozens of payment systems and payment terminal networks, hundreds of banks and many mobile operators accepting payments. Each of these ways of paying for goods and services has its adherents. Someone is comfortable using WebMoney, someone is a longtime client of the Yandex Money system. Exactly the same way with plastic cards, and with payment terminals, and with cellular operators. How many people, so many opinions. And the competition in the payment acceptance market is quite high, because this market is huge.

Accordingly, the owners of online stores, in order not to lose a client, have to "screw" on their sites ways to pay for the goods more and more opportunities. But it is problematic for the seller to create a bunch of wallets and plastic cards, "chase" money back and forth and deal with a huge number of nuances, which are usually indicated everywhere in the smallest font somewhere on the back of sites, so that no one will know about the most interesting( for example, about hiddencommissions).

The connecting link is the system for accepting payments

What should I do? Special intermediary companies come to the aid of Internet dealers. Their task is to "tie" the buyer and the seller so that the buyer can comfortably pay for the goods in a convenient way, without paying additional commissions, do not run in search of a reliable bank, and do not waste time searching for a terminal of a certain network. In turn, the seller should simply withdraw the money received from the buyer to where it is convenient for him.

In other words, such intermediaries are built into the "seller-buyer" chain, and the latter is not aware of them. Of course, if the intermediary is quick and works really fast.

We compared several such intermediary services and conducted a survey among the familiar owners of online stores. The most convenient and profitable on the basis of this comparison was the services of Company .

Advantages of

payment gateways Firstly, The Business Desk cooperates with a large number of popular( and not so) payment systems, banks and mobile operators.

Secondly, the service has very flexible and profitable tariffs for both store maintenance and withdrawal of funds. The seller can easily include tariffs in the price of the final product - on it it will be reflected very slightly - the buyer will not even notice.

The business cash desk works very quickly. Declared time of transfer is an hour, and, in practice, the terms are even less than expected.

The company guarantees reliable protection of the transmitted data - all confidential information is transmitted only through secure channels, which practically excludes the interference of scammers.

is the best way, in our opinion, to facilitate the work of the seller and at the same time make Internet purchases even more comfortable for the buyer.