The most famous brands in Russia in the world

In the era of wholesale import substitution it's time to turn to domestic products. Moreover, Russian trademarks managed to prove themselves outside the country.

Today we offer the top-10 of the world-famous Russian brands .Domestic clocks, cars and, of course, automatic weapons found their fans all over the planet.


10. Lada

  • 9. Aeroflot
  • 8. ABBYY
  • 7. Marussia
  • 6. KamAZ
  • 5. Kaspersky
  • 4. Clock "Rocket"
  • 3. Gazprom
  • 2. Stolichnaya
  • 1. Kalashnikov
  • 10. Lada

    Despite the obviously skeptical attitude of Russians to their car industry, Lada is well known outside the Russian Federation. AvtoVAZ products can be found on the roads of eastern and southern Europe and in some countries of the Middle East.

    9. Aeroflot

    The largest national carrier is a member of the SkyTeam alliance, which includes airlines from four continents. In the Aeroflot route network there are 12 transcontinental and 5 transatlantic flights, the company is one of the safest in Europe and enjoys the recognition of foreign passengers.

    8. ABBYY

    Even in Russia, not everyone knows that the most famous text recognition software ABBYY FineReader was developed by the domestic company. The ABBYY brand appeared in 1989 in Moscow. Today, the group includes 14 international companies, employing 1,250 employees, as well as 900 outsourcers. ABBYY software products are used by over 40 million users in 200 countries.

    7. Marussia

    Sportcar under the brand Marussia came up with a showman and racing driver Nikolai Fomenko. Unfortunately, the company was liquidated in 2014.But racing cars Marussia for 7 years of the brand's existence began to recognize the fans of motorsport not only in Russia.

    6. KamAZ

    Legendary Russian trucks are famous all over the world. Kamazs are known for their endurance, unpretentiousness and high carrying capacity. About 15% of the company's shares belong to the concern Daimler.

    5. Kaspersky

    One of the best antiviruses is successfully used by both Russian and foreign users. Kaspersky Internet Security enjoys well-deserved popularity, as they annually prove their effectiveness in combating the advanced development of malicious software developers.

    4. Watch "Rocket"

    This watch is produced by the oldest Petrodvorets watch factory in the country. The watches are presented at the international Baselworld exhibitions, and the most famous Russian model Natalya Vodyanova was attracted to the brand's advertising. The brand is becoming more and more in demand among foreign connoisseurs of quality watches.

    3. Gazprom

    The undisputed leader in the energy industry is one of the world's top 100 companies. The company has assets in Greece, Turkey, Germany, Austria and dozens of other countries. And thanks to sponsorship at major international events - sports championships, olympiads - the brand is one of the most famous on the international arena.

    2. Stolichnaya

    In the 1990s, the rights to the brand were registered by businessman Yury Shefler, whose Spirits International( SPI) company, registered in Luxembourg, subsequently produced this famous vodka. And only in 2015 the court in Rotterdam ruled that all rights to "Stolichnaya" should soon be returned to the Russian authorities.

    1. Kalashnikov

    The most famous Kalashnikov assault rifle in the world. In the history of the brand, about 70 million units were produced. Kalashnikov appears in films, about him write books, reproduce in computer games. And among the Arab sheiks, a special glamor is the order of a gilded machine.