Top 5 most expensive vodka in the world

There is an unprecedented variety of the most unusual brands of vodka in the world, but those masterpieces that we will consider today will be remembered for a long time. Today we offer you the top list of of the most expensive vodka in the world , where we included 5 of the brightest representatives.

Fifth position:

OVAL Swarovski Crystal - this vodka can captivate the most exquisite admirers of hot drinks with its inimitable purity, silky taste and delicious aroma. The creators of the design can boast of advanced developments and materials, as the bottle is poured from pure gold and decorated with Swarovski crystals in a quantity of 7,000 pieces.

Approximate cost: 7000 US dollars.

In fourth place:

Belver Bears is the official vodka of the Cannes Festival of 2011.Water from artesian wells passes 11 cleaning cycles, 4 cycles of distillation. The control sample is examined by leading experts during the tasting, and if a discrepancy is found in the company's standards, the whole lot is destroyed. This is what allowed Belver Bears to get into the rating of vodka and qualify for the title: " The most expensive vodka in the world ".

Price of vodka: 7250 $ USA

Bronze goes to:

Russo-Baltique - vodka + SUV!I must say that Russo-Baltique is simultaneously the first line of the top, though with one distinctive feature, which you will learn about later, after reading the material.

The price of this version: 740 000 $ USA

In a step from the leader:

DIVA - vodka from Scotland - Scotland. The Scottish manufacturer produces triple purification of this expensive vodka, through ice, coal and sand from crushed diamonds. But not cleaning makes this vodka one of the most expensive in the world, but that after bottling it into bottles, precious and semiprecious stones are added there, including diamonds, which raises the price of the final product to $ 1,000,000!

The most expensive vodka in the world:

Russo-Baltique - vodka from the manufacturer of armored off-road vehicles Dartz. The beverage itself is protected by bulletproof glass with a thickness of about 30 centimeters, and the cork is made of white and yellow gold. Unlike the cheaper version( which took 3rd place), an SUV with gold wheels goes into the load to this vodka.

The price of such a drink is still unknown.