The best film about the five-year plan in the USSR

At the heart of the fascinating picture of the Central Documentary Film Studio "From the Congress to the Congress" - the film chronicle of the Eighth Five-Year Plan. Preparing to work on this tape, its creators - script writers V. Belikov and E. Kozyrev, director I. Gutman - watched films and newsreels of all film studios and selected stories that could not simply illustrate the events, but also tell about people, theirdestinies. There are fewer and fewer quality documentaries on the World Wide Web, because viewers want to watch new serials online every day.

Over the years of the five-year plan, 100 GOELRO plans for the capacity of power plants have been completed. The picture takes us to the construction of hydropower giants - the Krasnoyarsk, Nurek, Sayano-Shushenskaya HPPs, the Voronezh nuclear power plant. We get acquainted with the remarkable man - one of the most experienced and oldest of our hydro-builders, A. Bochkin. In 1933, the first brick of a large construction project, the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine, was laid. And in the seventies, Magnitogorsk gave a two hundred millionth ton of metal. And all this time the blast furnace A. Shatilin works at the plant. He could already retire, but it's hard to part with your favorite deed, a matter to which all life is devoted.

One of the most important achievements of the Eighth Five-Year Plan is the discovery of oil in Western Siberia. This discovery transformed the whole extreme, demanded the expansion of the oil fleet, the birth of many new enterprises, attracted young builders from all over the country to the Tyumen region. But on the screen, the one to whom we owe Tyumen oil - the winner of the Lenin Prize geologist Salmanov. Exploration of the depths of Siberia continues - it's a land of innumerable riches. The film shows us the successes achieved in 1966-1970.on transport and in agriculture, acquaints with the cities that appeared in this period on the map of the country( there are 1091 of them), tells about our oldest aircraft designer AN Tupolev and about the youngest member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, the 34-year-old scientist A.Screen. And, of course, the picture shows outstanding achievements in the study of the great cosmos, Lunokhod, which today is the pinnacle of the knowledge of the universe, the pride and glory of the Land of Soviets, Lunokhod, in which the scientific genius and technical skill of our people have merged. This film helps us in everyday life to see the greatness of our affairs, to trace once again the path that has passed during the past five-year plan. In the film "From the Congress to the Congress" the song of the composer L. Garin sounds on the words of the poet N. Olev "Give Five-Year Plan!", Written specially for this tape.