The most beautiful islands in the world

Walking on the hilly vegetation of hills, sandy beaches and swimming in turquoise waves - that's how we imagine rest on the islands. People for a long time have chosen for a life and rest these paradisial pieces of a land in the middle of the seas and oceans.

In today's Top 10 collected the most beautiful islands in the world .A trip to any of them is sure to be remembered for life and will bring a lot of positive emotions.


10. Boracay( Philippines)

  • 9. Fiji Islands
  • 8. Ko Lipe( Thailand)
  • 7. Langkawi( Malaysia)
  • 6. Palau Islands
  • 5. Vanuatu Islands
  • 4. St. Kitts and Nevis Islands
  • 3. La Digue( Seychelles)
  • 2. Trinidad and Tobago
  • 1. Mauritius
  • 10. Boracay( Philippines)

    The island of Boracay is 7 kilometers of paradise beaches, romantic sunsets and corals for fans of diving. Here you can relax in seclusion, and you can visit the night discos and bars right on the ocean. The beaches of Boracay are covered with soft white sand, the most famous beaches of the island are Balabog and White Beach.

    9. Fiji Islands

    The Fiji Archipelago is 333 islands in the Pacific Ocean. Romantics will be delighted with the turquoise lagoons, the purest mountain streams and tall palm trees against the background of a cloudless blue sky. It is believed that Fiji is ideal for family holidays with children of any age, and for a romantic vacation alone with a loved one, although for some reason it is also included in the rating of the most terrible islands .

    8. Ko Lipe( Thailand)

    This picturesque island in the Andaman Sea is located near Malaysia. The length of the island is only 2 km, while the width of the beach strip is 700 meters of a magnificent stove. The island can be walked around for 3 hours, enjoying the tropical scenery and singing of birds, which are a great variety.

    7. Langkawi( Malaysia)

    The length of this island is 30 km, and the entire coastline is divided into clean and cozy beaches. As a rule, local hotels are a group of small bungalows, each with its own beach. There is almost no public transport on the island, and the most popular means of transportation is a bicycle.

    6. Palau Islands

    The Republic of Palau has settled on 328 islands in the Pacific Ocean. The archipelago consists of many small atolls that grew on the tops of extinct submarine volcanoes. The abundance of corals and underwater caves make the island a paradise for diving enthusiasts. And thanks to the ring of the barrier reef, the water here is always calm and affectionate.

    5. Vanuatu Islands

    The Republic of Vanuatu is a state located on 83 islands in Pacific Melanesia. The distance to the nearest continent, Australia, from Vanuatu is more than 1,700 km. Rest here is better from May to October, when precipitation - a rarity, and the air temperature keeps in the comfortable 30 degrees.

    4. The islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis

    The island state in the east of the Caribbean offers tourists many cozy coves with sandy beaches. It is noteworthy that some of the beaches are covered with snow-white sand, and some - black volcanic. In addition to the relaxed beach holiday at Saint Kitts and Nevis Masses are opportunities for fans of water sports.

    3. La Digue( Seychelles)

    The dimensions of this island are rather modest - 4 km in length and 3 km in width. However, rich nature and magnificent beaches attract lovers of a quiet romantic getaway. On the island there are no asphalt roads, and on the gravel-strewn trails, tourists move on foot and on bicycles.

    2. Trinidad and Tobago

    To stay on these paradise islands for up to 90 days, Russians do not need a visa. The tropical nature of the Caribbean, the unique turquoise water of the local lagoons and inexpensive hotels make Trinidad and Tobago a very attractive place for those who like to relax on the islands. The archipelago is covered with evergreen forests, and the coastal strip is famous for its fine golden sand.

    1. Mauritius

    Tropical greenery, extinct volcanoes, steep cliffs and waterfalls are all on one of 's most beautiful islands of the planet .Thanks to the developed tourism industry, Mauritius has super modern hotels with impeccable service, but at the same time carefully preserved local culture and the atmosphere of exoticism.