The smallest cities in the world

While residents of huge megacities dream of being able to get rid of noise and bustle for at least an hour, the inhabitants of these cities lead a measured and unhurried life. With the current top ten, presents the smallest cities in the world .

Residents of any of the participants of this Top-10 are probably familiar with almost all the inhabitants of their native town. And how else, if it has one street and 20 houses?


10. Baile Touchnad( Romania, 1700 people)

  • 9. Kallaste( Estonia, 1115 people)
  • 8. Chekalin( Russia, Tula region, 994 people)
  • 7. Vatican( 821 people)
  • 6. Llanurtid(Great Britain, 600 people)
  • 5. Durbuy( Belgium, 500 people)
  • 4. Melnik( Bulgaria, 390 people)
  • 3. Rabshtein( Czech Republic, 20 people)
  • 2. Hum( Croatia, Istria, 17 people)
  • 1. Buford( USA, Wyoming, 1 person)
  • 10. Baile-Tushnad( Romania, 1700 people)

    The city was famous for its mineral springsKam. Baile-Tushnad is popular with Europeans wishing to relax amid unspoiled nature - the town is literally buried in the greenery of forests.

    9. Kallaste( Estonia, 1115 people)

    The picturesque town is located on the shore of the famous Peipsi Lake. The density of the population here is not so small, as you might think, because the area of ​​the city is only 1.9 km? .For comparison, the area of ​​the Estonian capital is 159.3 km².

    8. Chekalin( Russia, Tula region, 994 people)

    The smallest city in Russia got its name in honor of the Hero of the Soviet Union A. Chekalin. Until 1956, the city was called Likhvin, and the first mention of it dates back to 1565.By the end of the 19th century, there were 266 houses, 7 taverns, 4 plants, 25 merchant shops, a wine warehouse and a commercial jetty in Likhvin.

    7. Vatican( 821 people)

    All residents of the city-state are ministers of the Catholic Church. Get a Vatican passport is not easy - you need to prove that the merits of the applicant before the church are large enough. According to the agreement between Italy and the Vatican, losing the Vatican's citizen of Italy.

    6. Llanurtide Wells( UK, 600 people)

    The small town is known not only among the British due to the fact that every year there is a championship for an amazing sport - a bog triathlon. Among the disciplines of these competitions - scuba diving in the swamp, a spell of worms and carrying his own wife in his arms for long distances.

    5. Durbuy( Belgium, 500 people)

    The first mention of the town dates back to 889 year. In the 14th century the settlement had everything necessary to be called a full-fledged medieval city: the city wall, the tribunal and the casemate. All buildings have survived to our days, as well as a special medieval atmosphere, attracting thousands of tourists to the city.

    4. Melnik( Bulgaria, 390 people)

    The city received its name from the Cretaceous rocks located around it. Several centuries ago Melnik was famous for the production of wine and tobacco."Melnishko wine" was loved all over Europe. On the territory of the city the Bolyarsky house was preserved - the oldest building on the Balkan Peninsula, dating back to the times of the Byzantine Empire.

    3. Rabštejn( Czech Republic, 20 people)

    The Czech town was founded in 1337, today there is one street and a small area. Despite two dozen inhabitants, in Rabshtein it is always unusually crowded - after all tourists from all over the world come here. The main attraction of the small town is the 14th century Gothic castle.

    2. Hum( Croatia, Istria, 17 people)

    The small fortified city is one of the Croatian tourist centers. Of 17 people, one holds the post of mayor, another city resident is given the honorary titles of a policeman, a doctor, a fireman and a judge. The appearance of the city has not changed much since the 11th century. The inhabitants of Hum are almost all venerable age and piously keep traditions, in the subtleties of which are happy to dedicate to the guests of the town.

    1. Buford( United States, Wyoming, 1 person)

    The only resident of , the world's smallest city, is the House of Sammons, who took on the burden of the responsibilities of the Mayor of Buford. Among the abandoned buildings of the city there is a school, a gas station, a shop and a parking lot. In 2012, Sammons exposed Buford for sale, rescuing him $ 900,000 from two businessmen from Vietnam.